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TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea

Twid Has Now Closed

Enjoy Opera, food and wine in your own royal box at TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


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Everybody feels special when they get to sit in the Royal box and that’s exactly what everybody gets the chance to do at TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea

In the heart of battersea is the most interesting restaurant I’ve come across. TWID which stands for “that’s what I do” is full of opera boxes. Cosy booths on different levels with winding staircases, gilded decor and atmosphere. When I first entered the restaurant I was amazed, I’m not sure what I expected but to be led up a small flight of stairs to our own two seater booth was quite magical.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


Then as if by magic a waitress appeared up an adjacent stair case and popped two menus in to our booth. I was still getting over the awe of the restaurant itself with it beautiful golden ornate decorations and draping curtains. Painted booths, cushioned chairs and intimate seating area.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea

For the love of food.

With an extensive wine list and cocktails priced at just £7 we enjoyed a peach Bellini and lovely bottle of pinot noir with our meal. Twid prides itself in its food and offers a small plate menu so that you can make the experience more intimate by sharing.

Of course you do not have to share, I mean the food is so good you may not want too. With a choice of fish, meat, raw, vegan and vegetarian there is something for everyone. A recommendation of two to three plates per person is perfect to enjoy the wide range of food on offer. Small plates are priced between £6 and £12.50. They even do a roast on a sunday!

It is probably the first time I have seen raw food on the menu. Raw food being a healthy option promoting good digestion and for some a lifestyle choice.

We chose to share our courses, I simply could not choose one over the other so my husband and I enjoyed all of them.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


We chose the hand picked crab with apple, fennel, basil and the cod with Jerusalem artichoke. Both were delicious. Dressed with edible flowers it looked too good to eat, no disappointment here and the opera is definitely not put on to detract from the food.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea

TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea starter


We opted for two meat dishes, venison medallions with a port wine jus and duck with pickled cauliflower apples and raisins. The port jus was so rich and sweet and everything was cooked to a very high standard.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


We even finished off with a cheese board and some traditional Greek baklava which is one of my favourite dishes.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea


For the love of opera.

As the restaurant started to fill you could see the look on peoples faces as some experienced Twid for the first time. Being escorted to boxes for 2, 4, 6 or even 8. Cosy boxes underneath or cute boxes up above over looking the entertainment.

I had been looking at the main table below wondering why it was so large? With candles and luxurious place settings I soon found out. The live entertainment was indeed our own personal opera singer,  parading from booth to booth and even standing on the table to sing to his audience.


TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea

Singing full blown opera to songs from the theatre such as les miserables it was certainly a spectacle. This makes it great choice for couples as it is quite romantic and you are not overlooked. It is also ideal for larger groups and special occasions also as the entertainment is very good as well as funny.


With food, wine and Opera what more could you want for an evening out? TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea is definitely worth a visit. We loved it.

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D x

Twid Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea.


I was invited to try TWID restaurant and this is my own unbiased opinion.



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  1. Wow this looks fab, and what a wonderful concept – totally different and I love that. 🙂 x and there is nothing like a Bellini….:)

  2. This looks like SUCH a cool place for a night out – I’ve been hunting for something a bit different but still retaining the ‘special’ factor for a night out for two; so many ‘theme’ restaurants lose the personal touch, but this looks just perfect!

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