You may have come across this page if you have curly or wavy hair and don’t know where to start. The Curly Girl Method is a concept of looking after your natural curls and waves in the healthiest way possible. On this page I have all of the Curly Girl Method archives you need to explore some tips and tricks of curly hair.

Curly Girl method Step by step

Curly Girl Information

Take a look here for information on lots of different aspects and how to’s of the Curly Girl Method. How to do a rice rinse a clay mask or even just some help with managing your curls. Find lots of info here in this section.

All Curly Girl Method Hair Tips and Tutorials

Where Can I Buy Curly Approved Products?

I have taken some of the hard work out of looking for curly girl friendly products for you. By researching different brands of all different price ranges and checked their ingredients I have compiled extensive lists for you to explore. Many have also been tried and reviewed by myself. Everybody’s hair is different so it is important to know whether your hair suits certain ingredients first before you go buying lots of expensive so called miracle workers.

Curly Girl method product

Uk Curly Approved products post

This post is a comprehensive list of UK drugstore products that are CG approved from the likes of Superdrug, Tesco, Boots, Savers

Curly Girl Approved Product and Reviews

What Hair Products are CG friendly?