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Pretty Woman Musical

Pretty woman the musical review Savoy Theatre London 2021

If you didn’t already know Pretty Woman Musical is playing at the Savoy Theatre in London. There are quite a few films I have loved over the years but this is one of the true classics! The musical version of the 1990 hit romantic comedy is a must for all movie and nostalgia lovers. I have watched the original movie so many times, I know the words and love the romantic side of it. Ok it is a little cheesy and it does have a slightly risqué storyline but as an iconic film of the 90s it was a must to see!

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Pretty woman musical theatre review London Savoy

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Pretty Woman Musical Review.

So you may of heard that pretty woman the musical has just taken to the stage of the Savoy theatre! The Musical has received mixed reviews from critics after its debut in the West End. So I thought I would actually go and find out for myself if it is worth the ticket price and just how good is it? 

Who is musical suited to?

If you grew up loving the film pretty woman then this is for you! It’s for all those old romantics out there and it’s perfect for a girls weekend, hen night or even a night out with your hubby.

Everybody knows the story of Edward and Vivian and the awkward way in which they met. Pretty Woman Musical follows this story to a T. This is most definitely a heart warming retelling of the film and is pretty much accurate to the film in many ways. This I was pleasantly surprised about, the snail shell did not shoot across the restaurant table but that was probably the only thing it missed. 

Pretty Woman the musical
Pretty Woman the musical credit Helen Maybanks

The songs 

The biggest change was obviously the songs, as pretty woman has been adapted in to a musical. Songs have been added such as “Something About Her”, which is Edwards main song and is typical of that of a stage musical song. Vivians song “I Can’t Go Back” is a real musical show belter and really gives the lead actor Aimee Atkinson a chance to show off her voice.

How much like the film is Pretty woman the musical?

Much of the film is like the 1990 film. The Costumes were very much like that in the film very accurate which was nice as it brought back great memories. Thigh high black boots, red jacket and the iconic blonde wig were donned by Aimee who plays Vivian.  The classic spotted dress worn at the polo event did change colour but it was just as classy. In fact the costumes were all stunning classic dresses with an 80s and 90s vibe. Loved Vivians infamous laugh just like the film too!

View from Row E 26 and 27 Dress circle of the Savoy Theatre
View from Row E 26 and 27 Dress circle of the Savoy Theatre

Do they play Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman at the show?

Do you hear the Roy Orbison song pretty woman at the show? Yes you do! Fear not! You will not be disappointed when a sing-along to Roy Orbison’s title song comes along at the end! So be prepared to stand up and sing. 

Nothing is mistaking the feel good factor that pretty woman gives! I loved it, my husband loved it and I know my friends will love it. After all everyone loves a bit of nostalgia especially if it reminds you of the 90s. Let’s not forget this is a classic romantic clique film which should be on everyones list of London musicals to see.

Pretty woman the musical is playing at the Savoy and booking until December 2021.

I purchased my tickets for only £25 through Todays Tix com. To find out how take a look at my London Theatre lottery guide!

About the Savoy Theatre on the day

Entrance to the show was well organised. You needed to show proof of a double vaccination or a negative lateral flow test. The queue was long but it was outside and moved quickly.

We sat in Row K seats 26 and 27 of the dress circle and we had a very clear view of the stage.

Queue outside the Savoy theatre getting in to Pretty Woman musical
Queue outside the Savoy theatre getting in to Pretty Woman musical

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