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Craft Room Ikea Pegboard

Transform your craft room with an these Ikea Skadis pegboard decorating ideas

Use these Craft Room Ikea Pegboard ideas to transform your craft room and give your art space a makeover. Whether its a pegboard for scrapbooking, Knitting, Sewing or even painting. A pegboard can be a useful way of utilising your craft space. This is the ultimate guide to organising your Skadis peg board and the low down on what each accessorie can do to help you clear your space.

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The Ikea Skadis pegboards have a variety of different accessories to beef up your board and make the most of your craft space. The Skadis pegboard has hooks, pegboard containers, shelves, bungee clips as well as pegboard clips.

It took a long time for me to decide on actually purchasing a pegboard as I really wanted things in cupboards out of the way. However the more I though about it the more I liked the idea of having what I wanted right there in front of me. The Ikea Skadis pegboard is a great way to makeover your craft room and also it looks great.

Amazing Ikea Pegboard Ideas for craft room

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How to hang an Ikea pegboard

The Ikea pegboards are easy to hang and come with one strip to place across the top of the board. Insert the other two round headed white screws in to the bottom of the board to stop the board moving back against the wall. You can also hang pegboards with command strips however you must take in to account the weight you will be putting on the pegboard and distribute it evenly. Be sure to leave enough space between the bottom of the pegboard and the desk for things to hang freely. I left 6 inches of space from the desk up to the pegboard.

Where can I use an Ikea Skadis peg board?

The Ikea Skadis pegboard is perfect for organising tools in many different places in the home. You can also use a pegboard in;

  • Your kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Utility room
  • Childs room
  • Teenagers room
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Craftroom
  • Home Office
  • Hall
craft room Ikea skadis Pegboard

Ikea pegboard accessories for a craft room

The great thing about the Ikea pegboard is the fact that it comes with so many different add on options. Ikea skadis containers, ikea skadis shelves, hooks, roll holders and bags. The list is endless but how do you make the most of the wall space and what do you use each piece of Ikea Skadis for? 

To get an idea of how many Skadis pieces you need to purchase here are some ideas for their usage in a craft room. This Ikea pegboard is set up for use with scrapbooking as well as paper crafting products in the craft room.

Craft room Ikea pegboard ideas;

What can the skadis roll holder be used for in a craft room?

  • Sellotape
  • Washi tape
  • String
  • Ribbon reels
  • anything with a hook
  • Cropadile
  • scissors
Ikea Skadis Roll holder on Craft Room Ikea Pegboard with washing tape

Ikea also do another roll holder which is ideal for storing Vinyl rolls or wrapping paper rolls.

What can the Ikea Skadis shelf be used for in a craft room?

The Ikea Skadis shelf can be used for lots of craft items including;

  • Paint tubes
  • Nuvo dot tubes
  • Craft tools
  • Glue
  • Pots of embellishments
  • Plant pots for display
Ikea Skadis shelf on pegboard filled with Nuvo dots tonic studios in rainbow colours
Ikea Skadis shelf on pegboard filled with Nuvo dots from Tonic studios in rainbow colours

What scrapbooking tools can the Skadis container be used for?

The Ikea Skadis containers can be used for lots of craft items including;

  • Pens
  • Brushes
  • Pencils
  • Tools
  • scissors

What can the skadis clips be used for on a pegboard?

The pegboard clips can be used for;

  • Photos
  • Pictures
  • Notes
  • Small embellishment packets

Skadis Storage bag uses;

Use the Skadis storage bag to keep lots to things in place in the craft room as well as;

Ikea pegboard Hooks in the craft room

Ikea pegboard Hooks are so versatile they can be used for;

  • Hanging frames
  • pots
  • Clocks
  • Scissors
  • Tools
  • Cricut tools
  • Paper pads
  • photo frames

Ikea Container with lid uses on the pegboard

What can the Ikea Container with lid be used for in the craft room?;

  • Loose embellisments
  • Paper flowers
  • Flair Badges
  • Small acrylics
  • sequins
Ikea Skadis containers with lids on pegboard in craftroom filled with buttons, flowers and scrapbooking embellishments.
Ikea Skadis containers with lids on pegboard in craftroom

Uses for the pegboard Letter holder from Ikea

The Letter holder is really versatile in the craft room and you can also use it for;

Letter Holder on the Ikea Skadis Peg board with 12 x 12 paper in it in. craft room

Long Hook scrapbooking uses on Ikea Pegboard

The long hook from Ikea Skadis can also be used for;

  • Thickers letter stickers
  • Sticker packs
  • Embellishment packs
  • Enamel dots
  • Tools
Long hooks on the Ikea pegboard for hanging scrapbooking embellishments in craft room
Long hooks on the Ikea pegboard for hanging scrapbooking embellishments, small hooks for the metal pot

What can the Skadis elastic cord be used for?

Use the elastic cord for lightweight items such as;

What else can you hang on an Ikea pegboard?

Look for items with holes in that you can hook ok the pegboard such as;

  • Metal pots
  • Metal letters
  • Hanging mirrors
  • Hanging frames

How many accessories do I need for the Skadis pegboard in my craft room?

Buy the accessories according to how may pegboards you will need.

Ideally Two shelfs, three containers, three lidded containers, two packs of hooks and one letter holder would fit on one Skadis pegboard.

Once you have decided how big your pegboard area is you can purchase different pegboard options to suit.

The only thing I could not purchase at this time were the Skadis containers. So I have instead opted for the time being to hang pots off of my Raskog trolly with pens and brushes in. There are are also many other Ikea items that work well in the craft space.

Thank you for looking at my Craft Room Ikea Pegboard ideas I hope you find lots of ways to transform and organise your space.


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