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How to Scrapbook for beginners

If you have always wanted to be able to do something crafty and artistic as well as record precious photographic memories then scrapbooking is the hobby for you. If you want to know how to scrapbook I will take you through a guide on how to scrapbook from start to finish.

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Lets learn how to scrapbook for beginners with a list of scrapbooking essentials

Learn how to scrapbook an easy beginners guide

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What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a method of storing photos in a beautiful way and preserving them with written memories and embellishments. Storing photos is often overlooked, and now we have digital cameras it is even more important that we actually print them off and use them. We take more photographs now than ever before but we often do not print them or get them off of our cameras.

Not only can you use photos in your scrapbooking page but you can incorporate used ticket stubs and other memorabilia from your travels straight onto your page.

A section of scrapbooking images , How to scrapbook, Scrapbooking at Theobalds Park
A section of modern scrapbooking layouts

The history of Scrapbooking

The History of Scrapbooking dates back to as early as the 15th century when it was in the form of personal diaries but it really became popular as photographs started to become available around the turn of the 20th century. Victorians loved to decorate albums with postcards, decoupage and photographs.

In later years with the popular hobby of genealogists researching family trees scrapbooking started to become popular again to preserve these precious memories. 

The first scrapbooking shop was founded in Utah in 1981 called Keeping Memories Alive. Originally scrapbook pages were any size but particularly 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Now the popular size is are 12 by 12 inches to adapt to fitting up to 6, 6 by 4-inch photos.

There was a great surge in scrapbooking in the 1990s with magazines such as Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers teaching people how to scrapbook. 

Since then the hobby of keeping and making scrapbooks has gone from strength to strength and is a paper crafting hobby that is seen worldwide.

Old photos and memorabilia How to scrapbook

How do I start scrapbooking and what supplies do you need to start scrapbooking?

When you are learning how to scrapbook there are a few scrapbooking essentials that you will need. What do I need in my Scrapbooking starter kit? Your starter kit should consist of a few essential tools such as scissors, paper trimmer and cardstock. There are lots of pretty little extras you can purchase too. Check out these essential steps of getting started on learning how to page a scrapbooking album.

Step One; choose your scrapbooking size.

A scrapbooking album is used to hold your scrapbook pages that you have made. What size are scrapbook albums? Scrapbook albums come in a variety of sizes;

  • 12 x 12 inches
  • 8 1/2 by 11 inches
  • 6 x 8 inches
  • 6 x 6 inches
  • planner books
  • mini albums
  • Or any size you choose!
  • You may even decide to do digital scrapbooking all on the computer.

Decide on what size you would like your scrapbook to be and get some card to start. 

You don’t even need the album at first you could buy a small planner book and embellish it. 

Scrapbooking photo albums, How to scrapbook
Scrapbooking photo albums

Step two; use the correct adhesives and papers

Starting scrapbooking is easy but there are few things to bear in mind. You will want your photos to last the test of time so it is imperative that you use archival-quality materials and acid-free glue. Glues and tapes should all be acid-free to stop the corroding or discolouration of your photos.

Your precious photos need to be protected and saved for years to come. 

Step three; gather your scrapbooking tools.

To make a scrapbook you will need various tools depending on what you would like to achieve.

You will need these basic scrapbooking essentials;

See my full list of paper glues for craft and scrapbooking here.

As well as the basic supplies you may want to get some extra things;

Scrapbooking tools and essentials, including glue and tape, How to scrapbook
Scrapbooking tools and essentials, including glue and tape

Different Types of Scrapbooking Styles

There are several types of scrapbooking, each with its unique style and purpose. Here are some of the most popular types of scrapbooking:

  1. Traditional Scrapbooking: This is the most popular type of scrapbooking, and it involves the use of acid-free paper, stickers, embellishments, and other decorative items to create a scrapbook page. The pages are usually arranged chronologically and tell a story or capture a specific event or memory.
  2. Digital Scrapbooking: Digital scrapbooking involves creating scrapbook pages using digital software like Adobe Photoshop, where you can use digital papers, embellishments, and fonts to create your scrapbook pages. Digital scrapbooking offers more flexibility than traditional scrapbooking and allows you to create pages quickly and easily.
  3. Pocket Scrapbooking: Pocket Scrapbooking is another term for “Project Life” type of scrapbooking involves the use of pocket page protectors, which have pockets of different sizes to hold photos, cards, and other memorabilia. Pocket scrapbooking is great for documenting everyday moments and is easy to put together.
  4. Travel Journal Scrapbooking: As the name suggests, travel scrapbooking is all about documenting your travels. This type of scrapbooking involves using photos, maps, and other memorabilia to create pages that capture your travel experiences. These are normally in smaller journals to easily carry.
  5. Modern Theme-Based Scrapbooking: Theme-based scrapbooking is typically used in Modern Scrapbooking and involves creating scrapbook pages based on a specific theme, such as a holiday, birthday, or wedding. The pages are usually designed to reflect the theme, and the colors, embellishments, and other decorative elements are chosen accordingly.
  6. Artistic Mixed Media Scrapbooking: Artistic scrapbooking is all about creating unique and visually stunning scrapbook pages. This type of scrapbooking involves using mixed media techniques, such as painting, stamping, and collage, to create pages that are truly one-of-a-kind.
  7. Heritage Scrapbooking: Heritage scrapbooking involves creating scrapbook pages that document family history and genealogy. This type of scrapbooking often involves using vintage photos and other memorabilia to create pages that capture the family’s heritage and traditions.

How to scrapbook a basic scrapbook page step by step

Scrapbooking a page is normally done in a fairly straight forward process starting with your photo. Take these steps to create a beautiful scrapbooking page.

  1. Choose your photo, one photo or as many as you like
  2. Choose some patterned paper that matches or compliments your photo
  3. Create a background with Cardstock and cut patterned paper
  4. Mount your photo onto paper or a card using archival glue
  5. Position your photos on the page and glue them in place
  6. Add journaling about your photos with a pen or cut from printed paper
  7. Embellish your page with eye-catching pieces for a visual effect
  8. Put your page into a page protector
  9. Pop your page into an album
Scrapbooking layout how to scrapbook, Using dear Lizzy paper
Scrapbooking layout using dear Lizzy paper

How to scrapbook tips

Bear these tips in mind when you are making your first page.

  1. Choose one moment in time in your photos to scrapbook.
  2. Scan old heritage photos or use photo corners to keep them safe.
  3. Try using watercolour paints to create a mixed-media background.
  4. Use stamps and ink pads to create background patterns.
  5. Print clip art out at home and cut it out for extra embellishments.
  6. Pick a colour scheme for a more uniform look.
  7. Tell a story; what was happening in the photo?
  8. Add old tickets and maps into pockets on pages.
  9. Draw, paint or doodle on your page.
  10. Don’t forget to date your page.
  11. Where were you? make a note of where the photo was taken.
  12. Crop photos don’t if the background has access landscape or space.
  13. Use ribbon, paper flowers or thread to decorate your page.
  14. Add texture to your page, tear corners of paper or distress edges.
  15. Use wet glue to attach tiny items such as sequins.
  16. Use double-sided tape or repositionable tape for photos and paper.
  17. Don’t worry about how your page looks, It is your own personal idea.

What are scrapbooking embellishments? Things you can use to embellish your page

Try these things found around the home to embellish your scrapbooking page

  • Buttons 
  • Ribbon 
  • Paper brads 
  • Cut out items from patterned paper
  • Computer clip art
  • Sequins
  • Badges ( flair Badges )
  • Embroidery thread
  • Paint
  • Stickers
  • Print your own stickers
Photo of a range of scrapbooking embellishments and mixed media items
A range of scrapbooking embellishments and mixed media items

Supplies you can splash out on for scrapbooking

If scrapbooking becomes your go-to hobby there are many other scrapbook and paper crafting gadgets out there that can enhance your scrapbooking even more!

Cutting machines for scrapbooking

Cutting machines take the hard work out of designing your pages. Many companies design scrapbooking cut files specifically for scrapbookers. Here are a few of the most popular cutting machines on the market.

Inks, Stencils and stamps for scrapbooking

Inks, stencils and stamps play a great role in decorating your scrapbooking page. Try a range of inks to hi light the edges of the card or create a colourful background.

Stamping can be fun, and images can be restamped time and time again.

Sewing on a scrapbook page

Sewing on a scrapbook page is a great way to add texture to a page. Try using a sewing machine to add interest to your scrapbook layout.

Creating your own dedicated craft space to scrapbook

Some pages and albums can require some time so finding somewhere to scrapbook and leave out your treasured craft items can be tricky. Find somewhere to scrap where maybe you can leave out your supplies. A small corner of the kitchen or even a hobby crafting lap tray can come in handy.

A dedicated scrapbooking desk with Silhouette and Bigshot on the desk. Scrapbooking craft room how to scrapbook for beginners
A dedicated scrapbooking desk with Silhouette and Bigshot on the desk

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Thank you for reading my How to Scrapbook guide have fun creating memories.

D x

Scrapbooking for beginners a complete guide, How to scrapbook along with the history of scrapbooking. All essentials tools for scrapbooking start up


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