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Things to Make from Fat Quarters that are Eco Friendly

Are you at home want to do a sewing project? Everyone has a stash of Fabric or cotton fat quarters, what do you do with them? This is a comprehensive list of Eco Friendly Things to make from fat quarters with the help of a sewing machine and some cotton thread.

Its amazing just what you can make from some cotton fabric even if you have only a bit left. To make Eco Friendly Things is even better! You are using left over fabric and you can replace non eco friendly things in your home such as cling film and wipes. These easy quick projects are the perfect sewing makes to use up your stash.

Find out how to Learn to sew with fabric fat quarters with an online course at home.

Eco friendly things to make from fat quarters at home while sewing

What is a Fat quarter?

A fat quarter is a quarter of a yard length of fabric when cut on the width of the fabric in half first then halved again. They are cut in such a way to enable more squares of fabric when quilting. When cut this way it makes the quarter of fabric wider than longer in shape hence the word fatter. A fat quarter is 18″ x 22″.

Fat quarters come in a variety of colours and are perfect for all types of projects especially for beginner sewing as well as more fancy makes.

Check out this gorgeous bag I made from fat quarters with an online sewing class at beautiful things.

Patch work bag made from London Fat quarters

Eco Friendly things to sew that are easy

What can I make out of fat quarters? Try some of these Eco friendly makes from fabric to use in your home. You can learn to make eco friendly items such as;

  • Home made Beeswax Wraps
  • Home sewn reusable dryer sheets from fabric
  • Make reusable fabric make up remover pads
  • Make your own elastic bowl covers for food
  • Sew a Handy plastic bag storage organiser.
  • A fat quarter trivet mat
  • Reusable paper towels
  • Hand sewn reusable fabric tea bags
  • learn to make your own bibs
  • Sew your own hair accessories

Check out these things to make from fat quarters

[mv_create key=”8″ type=”list” title=”Things to make from fat quarters” thumbnail=”https://likelovedo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Elastic-Bowl-Covers-DIY-31.jpg” layout=”hero”]

Thanks for reading this list of Eco Friendly Things to make from fat quarters. Grab those leftover pieces of fabric and start sewing.


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