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Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas


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Tapas and back to basic restaurant food seems the new way to go lately. Simple interesting Asian food with small plates to share with good friends over a cocktail. Imagine a fusion of Maylasian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai all rolled in to one. Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas does exactly that.

It could be easy to walk past the understated facade of this restaurant, but you would miss the delights that have inside. Tootoomoo Pan Asian tapas is a quirky cafe style diner serving delicious food in a casual surrounding.


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas


The extensive menus consists of smaller tapas choices, plates (larger sharing mains) and signature dishes. A range of cocktails, wines and soft drinks. A nice atmosphere where you can chat with friends and share some interesting dishes. Of course if you don’t want to share that’s your choice (some of it is just too good)


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas


You will feel like you are inside a mini Street Market where Boldly coloured wooden chairs sit amongst tiled tables and concrete walls. Quirkily designed with wicker lampshades, bare bulbs and old shutter style mirrors on the walls that make the outside look like its been simply brought inside.


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas


Tootoomoo has its own story of a girl called Tootoomoo who made a variety of small dishes for a giant in her tiny village, a very story inspiring of sharing food with good people.


Asia Fusion food


Grab yourself a Cocktail or a mocktail for the non drinkers. I can thoroughly recommend the Elderflower Tootoomoo with fresh mint and or your classic Cosmopolitan. If you fancy a beer you could maybe try one of Chinese or Japanese origin or even a Thai beer, there is so much choice.

Drinks are served in Kilner jars or stylish ceramic cups with the main emphasis on good food.


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas


The range of small plate dishes is extensive. A mixture of all of your oriental delights from Tiger prawn tempura, Shichimi Squid to a range of Sashimi served with wasabi.

This really is Asian tapas, You can opt for aromatic duck served with pancakes and crudités but if you are feeling lazy you can also order the duck rolls which come ready done with delicious plum sauce to dip. We didn’t know where to start! everything was crisp and fresh not oily at all.


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas


There was so much choice for the mains, I love noodles and curry, my son loves rice so this was a mission.

Soft shell crab tempura, Pad thai noodles, thai curry and Szechuan Chilli to name but a few. We tried the Rendang curry with its mouth-watering tender beef and sweet potato. The steamed veg had crunch and the chilli was pleasantly spicy. Of course if you would rather have Chicken, Prawns, veg or tofu this is ok too. You can see the Kitchen staff cooking away with all fresh ingredients.


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas

One of the great things about Tootoomoo is their exciting way of trying menus.

The adventure menu and the discovery menu for 2- 3 people as certain times of the week is a great way to try a range of the menu on offer.

They also have a Bottomless brunch, 12- 6 weekends unlimited drinks and food you can See the website for details on these.

We tried the Simple frozen yogurt to clear our palates, The Oreo  was a must along with my favourite pistachio.


Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas Restaurant London


Tootoomoo have four different restaurants that all offer the same whole hearted exciting food. We tried Islington but we will be back to they another one soon.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas I was kindly invited to try it. This was my own personal opinion on this great restaurant.

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Tootoomoo Pan Asian Tapas Restaurant London


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  1. Oh my goodness the food looks amazing, and your photos are wonderful. I love Tapas and like that more restaurants are offering different foods as tapas dishes. We have a local restaurant that does Italian tapas and it is SO good x

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