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Paddington’s Finest Hour review with Harper and Collins summer tour


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Fall in love with Paddington again with Paddington’s Finest Hour


This summer I had the pleasure of teaming up with Harper and Collins as part of their summer reads book tour. Myself and 10 other bloggers are sharing some of the best books to get your children inspired and reading over the summer holiday. We were delighted to be reading Paddington’s Finest Hour by Micheal Bond. This beloved bear does it again with a run in with the local police, a stint on a TV cooking show and an appearance on stage with a hypnotist.

Sadly Micheal Bond the creator of this famous little bear passed away just recently at the age of 91. Micheal came up with the idea for Paddington on Christmas Eve whilst shopping in London. He saw a bear on a shelf in Selfridges store and he felt sorry for it. He took him home as a present for his wife where he was named Paddington as the couple lived near Paddington station at the time. In 1997 Micheal Bond was honoured an OBE for his services to children’s literature.


“Please look after this bear, thank you” Micheal Bond


 Paddington's Finest Hour review with Harper and Collins summer tour Paddington's Finest Hour review with Harper and Collins summer tour


“Bears always fall on their feet”

Who does not have a memory of Paddington from there childhood? Everyone I spoke too has said “I love Paddington” from old and young alike.

Myself as a small child had a Paddington bear, he had a little suitcase with felt sandwiches in and red wellie boots. Everybody knows the tune to the TV series and remembers with laughter the crease of his hair when he removed his hat.

In fact one of my friends said she used to rush home from school for the show in hope he would take his hat off!

My Nan had a beloved Paddington bear and we took him out for a trip to London. Whilst nestling him amongst the telephone boxes I thought I would get some strange stares much like Paddington would give, but no! everyone proclaimed how sweet ” I love Paddington ” and joined me in taking photos.



paddinton bear in london



Paddington’s Finest Hour

From the first book ” a bear called Paddington” to “Paddington’s finest hour” not much has changed for Paddington . This cute little bear still has his same quirky little way’s, his cute outfit and his witty way of thinking. The books are written with such humour it is hard to not to fall in love with this little bear from Peru.

On running an errand to post a letter for Mr and Mrs Brown Paddington looks very suspicious and get in to a bit of bother with the local police.

” The word ‘marmalade’ kept cropping up” added by someone else “It could be a code word of some kind”

I love the way Paddington is so eager to please, helping Mr curry in the garden was no mean feat. His conversation with the neighbour Mr Curry had us in fits. He is just like a small child not getting the right end of the stick and always putting his foot in it.

His stint in the TV cooking show is so funny but somehow again Paddington is a success.

“A marmalade sandwich” repeated Sir Percivel. “whats it doing on the top of your head?”

Paddington even goes on a trip to the dry cleaners where he is bemused by the trend of holes in jeans. ( so am I ) Next stop a he pops to Portobello Road to stock up on Buns.

Lastly a trip to the theatre that sees him on stage with a hypnotist. When Paddington gives him the best of his darkest Peru stares, you will be rather surprised at the results.

“Bear’s stares last for a long time, but they don’t last forever”


Paddington's Finest Hour review with Harper and Collins summer tour


Follow up on a trip to London and visit Paddington himself

After reading Paddington’s finest hour you could have a day trip to London’s Paddington station. Under the clock tower on Platform 1 you will find a bronze statue of paddington where the Browns met him in the film. You could always pop over to the Paddington bear shop on the lawn too for some Paddington souvenirs as well.

There are another 9 other great books on the tour this summer, check out the other blog’s or use the #HCSummerReads to find more reviews.

Paddington's Finest Hour review with Harper and Collins summer tour



For your chance to win the summer reads book bundle which includes Paddington bears finest hour, enter the competition below.


Paddington's Finest Hour review with Harper and Collins summer tour



The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and closes on the 30th of July at midday

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Happy reading

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This was a review  collaboration with Harper and Collins, all opinion’s are my own.

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  2. I loved Rosemary Manning’s Green Smoke series, Susan Cooper’s The Dark is rising, Anne of Green Gables, the Famous Five, and so many others.

  3. Mallory Towers series by Enid Blyton. Read them over and over…and now bought them for my kids. 😀

  4. I loved The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, and all the series. I would spend hours pouring over the pictures and words.

  5. Alice in Wonderland was always my favourite, but I really liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…must be all the escapism?

  6. Peter Pan! It’s just so magical, and full of adventures, and there’s new things every time you read it!

  7. My favourite book was the Tale of Georgie Grub, but there are so many wonderful children’s authors around now. Kids have never had it so good!

  8. I loved Enid Blyton books when I was young and The Chronicles of Narnia when I got a bit older.
    Loved Paddington too

  9. My favourite was Roald Dahl – The Witches, I remember loving it but being terrified st the same time, always looking out for women with purple eyes!

  10. I used to love the Faraway Tree series it was so exciting. I even bought the set for my daughter to read 😁

  11. My favourite childhood book was Alice in Wonderland. What an amazing story. It definitely sparked my love of reading.

  12. I loved the Faraway Tree series as a child! The more fantastical the story, the more I seemed to enjoy it as a young child. When I got a bit older, it was all the boarding school series like Mallory Towers that I devoured.

  13. I really loved the Milly Molly Mandy stories as a small child. They’re just so gentle and idyllic.

  14. my favourite book was Matilda, I still love it now and always wanted to be able to move things like her!

  15. Noddy holds a special place in my heart as my Grandma bought some Noddy books at a jumble sale and taught me to read from them before I started school.
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  16. I just love reading to my nephew, he’s learning so fast, running out of material for him lol!

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