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Easy packing with kids and travel roll up pen cases!

I have to say packing for boys must be easier than girls and packing for older children too as they need less stuff!

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In trying to prepare for the plane I found these pencil and pens rolls. Which stop the pencils all rolling out of the case and all over the floor! 
Pencil roll was from derwent , pencils from whsmiths. Pens stabilo.
So armed with a pad and an ipad loaded with films all good to go. 
We are travelling to Spain for just over a week there will be a washing machine onsite and the weather should be ok for shorts during the day but cooler in the evening .
I like to take enough for some change of clothes but colour coordinate them so that my two boys can just grab and go.
They hate getting dressed in the morning even now !

I also like to pair up there clothes so they have the same ie two navy t shirts and two grey. I always used to like seeing them in matching clothes but think Owen is getting a little old for this now. But matching colours makes for nice photos .

I then like to prepare for any event.  Hot , cold , smart or casual, So I have 3 long trousers –  jeans , joggers and chinos and 3 shorts – jeans , joggers, chinos .Then it’s done, easy peasy.
just the last bits like ,
Flip flops
Swim shorts
On the day of travel I get the kids dressed in layers of the heavier items , so hoody , jeans and trainers .
Same for me really I wear things I can wear whilst there. I thought I’d pop on my new next bright blue jeans as they are so comfy!
And new stripey cardi which goes with any colour vest.
And don’t forget your kindle!


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