Creating your own personalised desk space


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Put your stamp on your own workspace with some personalised desk pieces


Just recently I visited the Buckingham Palace State rooms during the 20 year anniversary of princess Diana’s death. In the staterooms they had a desk owned by Diana set up with some of her personal belongings. Diana loved to write thank you letters by hand to many of the people she met during her service as the Princess of Wales . Her sons chose personal pieces that she loved to have on her desk to display. Including photos of the Princes her old faithful type writer and her personal writing paper.

This really touched me and I thought since I have decluttered my house I have no place for the little things I love.

This inspired me to make my study/ craft room a bit more fun and my own Personal space. I have recently noticed that I found myself surrounded in pretty pink and girly things. Having had two boys there has never been much pink in my life so when Pen Heaven kindly sent me some bright happiness in the way of a new note book and pen it spured me on to actually get organised in my craft room.


Like Love do create your own personal desk space ikea desk next lamp


 A personalised pen and notebook is a great idea for gifts too


My scrap room has finally been decorated and I have purchased two rather large white desks from ikea. I needed plenty of space workspace as I love crafting, art and making things. That must be where my girly mess comes in, note the obvious spelling mistake as in mess not ness. I am not the least bit organised, I do one hundred things in my head and forget very quickly. A note book for me is essential! I can write far quicker than I can type therefore my creativity is not stalled.

I also adore books so a leather book for me is like a precious object. You can not imagine my excitement when I opened my new book to find it was embossed with my blog name Like Love Do.


embossed gold leather journal personalised desk space pen heaven


Pens also have a bit of a story in my house they seem to have a life of their own. Twenty pens turn into one broken pencil overnight! I’m sure someone is eating them. Now I have my own personal pen in a nice bright pink complete with my initial’s engraved on it, I am hoping to keep tabs on it.

The amazing personalised pen and notebook have also given me some great ideas for Christmas presents. Get me I am getting organised!

Note the glasses! Yes I am now officially a glasses wearer. The finer close up work and reading now needs the assistance of some glorious rose gold Kylie Minogue glasses from Specsavers.


Gold and Pink desk personalised space kylie minogue glasses


So with my new desk set up and my notebook and pen I am ready to design the rest of my study.

There are some fabulous pin boards and desk organisers online excellent for organising. I am thinking of keeping the pink and gold vibrant theme and adding a few more touches.

The Gold wire letters from Next are perfect for adding touches to your personalised desk space. In fact I  have to get more in the way of my blog name and hang them on the wall.


desk space flat lay pink gold glitter embossed leather journal


I used a plate stand to display my scrapbooking pages and my used Look fantastic subscription boxes double up as storage.

Floral fragrance in the way of a gold reed diffuser and a simple white task lamp make the area fresh and light.



create your own personal space with pink and gold desk theme


The notebook and pen was kindly sent to me to review and this is my own personal opinion. Cushion, Lamp, gold D and reed diffuser purchased from Next.

Thank you for reading Creating your own personalised desk space.

D x


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