Sunday Morning after a London Terror attack

London Bridge at sunset.

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It is Sunday Morning after a London Terror attack, another horrific incident in London which is so tragic my heart goes out to the victims and thier families. I can not imagine waking up to have lost a loved one.

We travel in to London almost every day

We were on our way home from Covent Garden when we heard the news and felt sick to the stomach. Yet I refuse to let it rule our lives, I want my children to be able to grow as happy individuals.

As you know we travel in to London almost every day with my son Harry who is in west-end shows.

I feel like I am sometimes subjecting him to risk every time we go. I want to protect him, our job as parents is to protect them and I feel like I can not.

On the same note I do not want them to be afraid, I want them to travel to different countries, go out to parties and concerts and explore cities.

I only hope I can give them enough courage and support to help them stand up to these events. Please don’t be afraid my boys live your lives, spread your wings and join together to fight these atrocities.

There are many good people in the world who love, be one of them.

More sunday Photo Love

I love Visiting the City it is a passion, each time We go I am guaranteed to take my Camera or at least one photo! Visit more Photos of my journeys around Town in My other Sunday Photos.

London scaffolding

London Lincoln Inn Fields

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  1. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been travelling home from London and hearing the news. But beautiful words and I agree that our children should be allowed to spread their wings. My daughter is going to London for 2 days on a school trip next month. Of course I will feel a little anxious at her going, but my feelings will far outweigh the fun and the happy memories she will be making with her school friends xx

  2. Oh lovely, I could not have put this better myself. Tomorrow I’ll be back at work in my office at London Bridge and I’m sure the mood will be very sombre but they must not, cannot win. We are Londoners and we will carry on. Beautiful photos X #MySundayPhoto

  3. So glad you are all safe. I do not know the answer, stay away in fear and they have won or venture out? With the risks it brings. Just be diligent and enjoy life, we only have one shot at this #MySundayPhoto

  4. What beautiful photographs. Such sad times. I worked in London for years and we can’t let it stop us from living our lives. You are so right just to carry on. x

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