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The Key Technologies for a Minimalist Home

The key technologies for a minimalist home, what do you need for smart living?

The Key Technologies for a Minimalist Home white table and chairs

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There is a growing trend for living simpler, cleaner and more minimalist lives. The extraordinary success of Marie Kondo, the Japanese author and TV star who has dedicated her life to helping people eradicate clutter and make their homes tidier, has shown that there is undoubtedly an appetite for such an approach to living.

 However, living in a minimalist manner does not mean reverting to how people lived hundreds of years ago; it is possible to get rid of unnecessary tat while also living in a house that is technologically advanced.

 So, if you are looking to turn your living space into a minimalist masterpiece, what pieces of Key Technologies will help you create the house of your dreams?

 Let look at options.

 Invisible entertainment systems


table and chairs in a minimalist white room


Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you own. However, if you want to give off that impression, why not cleverly hide things such as TVs, games consoles and stereo systems so that they aren’t immediately on show when you enter a room?

 By installing a motorised system that allows a thin door to slide across your wall, you can keep your flatscreen TV hidden away until you actually want to watch something. And, if you really want to add to the effect, why not adorn said thin door with a minimalist print that matches the rest of the room?

 Multi-room speaker systems



Whether you’re a fan of music, podcasts or radio, your house will benefit from the installation of a multi-room speaker system. An array of companies have now designed speaker systems that follow you through your home. So, if you’re playing a song on Spotify in your living room but then head into the kitchen to make a drink, your living room speaker will mute, and your kitchen one will take over the duties. It is incredibly simple, effective, and (because the speakers tend to be small yet powerful) it won’t clutter your house.

 Smart lighting



Sitting on the sofa, but don’t want to get up to turn the lights off? Well, if you install smart lighting, you don’t have to. Such systems allow you to control the lights in all the rooms in your house at the touch of a button, or the simple navigation of an app on your phone. And, while this is a bit of a time-saver while you’re in the house and feeling a little lazy, it also has practical benefits for keeping your home safe. Some smart lighting systems allow you to control the lights in your house even when you’re thousands of miles away, so you’ll be able to pretend you’re at home, and therefore put off any would-be burglars.


Alarm systems


The Key Technologies for homes stop break ins key and lock photo


Of course, if you’re filling your house with all of this tech, you want to ensure that it’s safe at all times. Smart lighting can help, but having the right alarm system in place gives you an additional layer of security and peace of mind. If you’re going to invest in a house that is utterly festooned in key technologies for a minimalist home, you should really ensure you have the best security system money can buy to keep your dream home in perfect condition.

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