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The Mouse Mansion Miniature World in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there is unique miniature world just for toy mice!

On our recent visit to Amsterdam we stumbled on a corner shop in Eerste Tuindwarsstraat. From outside of the Mouse Mansion shop we saw miniature mice in a miniature fairground riding a mini roller coaster. Little did we know what we would find instore! Whats more you and your children can make these beautiful houses in the comfort of your own home! The perfect activity for children to do at home.

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Inside the shop was a complete world of mini houses, rooms and structures to home a world of wooly mice. There were theatres, school rooms, harbours, shops, restaurants, Vehicles, and even a circus.

The Mouse Mansion Amsterdam

What is the Mouse Mansion?

The Mouse Mansion is a creation by Karina Schaapman in Amsterdam. Karina wanted to write a children’s book about mice so she decide to build a whole mini world to photograph for her books.

The mouse mansion mouse book shop

The Children books tell the adventures of best friends Sam and Julia. Each story book pictures the houses and homes of the little mice. Not only can you purchase one of the books you can even make your own mouse mansion! This is the perfect activity to keep kids entertained at home by making their own miniature world.

How to make your own Mouse Mansion miniature world.

At the Mouse mansion in Amsterdam you can buy your own furniture to make. GetThey have Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Kits, kitchen and living room kits and shop kits. The kits has been designed by Karina and Tom Schaapman, the actual builders of the Mouse Mansion. The kits include over ten items including paint, a brush and sanding paper.

Printable wallpaper and mini books

There are also printed sheets for wall paper and mini prints to make smaller items for the houses such as kitchen products and books. You can cut out bedroom pictures and board games all in miniature size.

The Mouse Mansion also have a you tube channel with tutorials to learn how to build the pieces and how to decorate them.

Many of the room sets are made using paper mache and use regular cardboard boxes. You can also make paper mache and wooden sticks form Mouse Mansion to make your tiny homes.

Mouse Mansion information

The Mouse Mansion ship internationally and the shop is open at these times;

Wednesday – Sunday: 11AM – 6PM
Monday and Tuesday – closed

It is currently closed due to Covid-19 until further notice but they are taking orders.

The Mouse Mansion corner shop

You can find the Mouse Mansion’s at:
The Mouse Mansion
Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 1-hs
1015RT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is my own personal opinion of this beautiful shop, do pop in and say hello.

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Donna x


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