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Best Curly Hair Subscription Boxes

Best Curly Hair Subscription Box Ideas around the World we love!

Subscription boxes are incredibly popular nowadays. From beauty products to sweets from around the world, scuba gear and even video games – you can get just about everything in a box. As you might expect, there are also Curly hair subscription boxes.

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These cover almost everything, from care products to accessories, and more! It is a great way to discover new hair products and brands you have not tried before. However, there are a few things that some do well, some do better – and some don’t do at all.

Curls Allowed Curly hair subscription Box in the UK
Curls Allowed Curly hair subscription Box in the UK

See the content table for curly girl method selection of boxes.

This is the ultimate list of Hair subscription boxes that you can get your hands on. From curly girl products to hair bobbles and even Vegan only take a look. These are great subscription ideas for both existing and ones we’d like to see someone use!

Curly Girl Method Subscription boxes

Curly girl method subscription boxes are popping up all over the world and offer a multitude of curly girl method approved products monthly or bi monthly. Here are a few faves Curly hair subscription boxes. Being curly girl method approved means no sulphates, silicone or harsh chemicals are in them.

Curls allowed curly girl method subscription hair care box in the UK

The Curls allowed are a hair care subscription box aimed at curly hair in the UK. Curls allowed send 4 curly hair products per month which are a combination of travel sizes and up to 3 full sizes from well known and up-and-coming brands.

Each box includes a product information insert, giving you a brief introduction the product and where to buy the full size version with a discount code. You can choose from a normal hair care box or a curly girl friendly box which is every other month. They also add in any as well as additional samples where available.

A curls allowed box is £17 plus £3.95 p & p and currently are only shipping to the UK

Example Curls Allowed Curly girl hair subscription box in the UK
Example Curls Allowed Curly girl hair subscription box in the UK

Curlee Box in the UK ships worldwide

The Curlee Box are a curl subscription box company in the UK that ship worldwide. Curlee Box offer an easy, affordable, and convenient way to try out new hair products every month. They have a waitlist to subscribe to either their curl box or their “free from” box which is curly girl friendly and rotates on a bi monthly system.

Curlee Box costs from only £20*/month+ p&p.

Bosscurl curly Hair product box Western Australia

Bosscurl kits are “Curly Girl Approved”. boxes shipping in Australia only right now. You can choose from a Curly girl beginners kit, a Frizz off kit, Cruelty free kit, Refresh kit and a Quickie kit! Perfect for finding your favourite curl products for all occasions.

Boss curl products and our kits are all CG approved Curly hair subscription boxes however due to people adapting their methods these may il include shampoo and oil for scrunching out the crunch!

Prices differ depending on the box you wish to buy.

Boss Curl Curly hair subscription Box in Australia
Boss Curl Curly hair subscription Box in Australia

Curly Box in Austria

Curly Box in hair subscriptions in Europe offer a subscription box based on a 3, 6 or 12 month duration. You can have a choice of a cg approved box for thick of fine hair. They also do a choice of starter and beginner boxes for newbies to the curly girl method.

A monthly subscription is €35 and Shipping is free within Austria and Germany (minimum order amount 30 €) and shipping to all other EU countries for only 8.90 €.

Curly hair subscription boxes that are not always CG

Curlbox in the US

Curlbox are popular hair subscription box in the US. Subscribers can look forward to extraordinary products curated by Curlbos experts which include established brands as well as introducing new and up and coming brands. They send out a subscription each month which you can sign up to on their email waitlist. Curlbox is $20 a month.

Curly queen Kit

Curly Queen kit are a curl subscription box full of amazing products for all types of curls. You will receive 6-10 natural, curly girl approved hair products, accessories & tools to your doorstep monthly and keep yourself looking like a Queen. They also ship internationally with a flat rate cost of $25. 

CurlKit Curls by Nature in the US

Curl Kit want to make it easy for you to find try the right products for curly hair. They choose between 6-9 samples and full size products especially curated by their team for just $25 a month.

Curly girl method hair subscription boxes pin image

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Natural Hair subscription boxes

We live in a time where animal cruelty and unethical practices are one of the quickest ways to get your products and brand rejected. Vegan and animal friendly practices have become especially relevant in the beauty industry. In fact, there are entire brands built around those concepts.

According to the Human Society, more than 500,000 animals still die from cosmetic testing every year. Many popular hair care brands also continue to test on animals, but the number of brands that don’t are growing with many cruelty free brands added to the list.

See above for Bosscurls cruelty free curly hair subscription haircare box.

We’d love to see more hair subscription boxes that focus on providing natural, cruelty-free products. 

Check out my Vegan approved products post here

Other hair subscription boxes that are Type/Color Focused

We don’t have the same hair types or colors, and not all products will work for everyone. Several different subscription boxes cater to unique needs, colors, or hair types, as you might expect.

How To Be A Redhead, for example, makes fantastic recommendations for how to take proper care of your auburn locks. On the other hand, the Regrowth Club is perfect if you’re struggling with thinning or hair loss.

Getting something that caters specifically to our individual requirements is a great way to feel utterly spoiled!

We would love to see more Hair Accessory subscription boxes

It’s not all about hair care – sometimes, we just want to look beautiful! Some subscription boxes treat us to accessories only, like Braid Box at ScrunchiesAtYourDoor. However, we don’t necessarily want to be limited to one or the other.

A hair care box doesn’t have to focus on products alone. We wouldn’t mind seeing a few care boxes that include the occasional hair accessories. It would also be a great way to try out new combs and brushes, too! 

For example, Baby Your Hair did a great job with their natural coconut care box. As part of your goodies, you also get a scalp stimulator, which is a fun and useful addition.

Travel sized curly girl hair products or full size?

Do you get full size products in Curly girl Subscription boxes? Yes you do but you can also get full sized products too depending on the box. Some boxes come with both and it will state it on the boxes website. I love receiving travel sized products as well as full size as they are perfect to try a product or take away with you.

Check out this guide on Curly girl Method travel sized products to try.

Do you get Free Gifts and Coupons in subscription boxes?

Yes, little perks like discount codes are a great way to get new folks to sign up for a subscription box. Some of these subscription box services also include little surprise gifts or coupons inside the boxes to buy more products in the brand if you love them.

When we talk about free gifts and coupons, you’re probably thinking about first purchase rewards. These are things like getting a discount on the first box or getting a gift by entering a code.

Want to start your own Beauty box with a Custom Design?

Nothing makes us feel quite so special as getting our goodies in a beautiful box, or with a unique card. While custom packaging used to be ridiculously expensive, many kinds of exclusive boxes, bags, and labels are now a lot more affordable.

The package has become almost as important as the goodies inside! With so many influencers and YouTubers doing unboxings, it’s no surprise that subscription services have started to dress up their packaging slightly.

Some are even reusable, like the custom drawstring bags made by Deepking. Getting a subscription box isn’t just about what’s inside anymore – the outside counts, too!

Why buy a Hair subscription box?

We’re always excited to see hair subscription box services get creative and try out new things. These boxes let us try out different products, new styles, and even give us little free gifts. It’s certainly a less expensive way to spoil yourself to something a little special.

However, some features make a subscription stand out amongst others. Unique packaging, gifts, focused themes, and cruelty-free products are just a few great ideas.

That said, extra features or not, the joy of unboxing your goodies and trying them out for the first time will always be a fun and exciting experience!

Add your hair subscription box to this list!

If you would like your Curly hair subscription box added to this list please get in touch;

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Thanks for reading my round up off Curly hair subscription boxes I hope you find the right one to treat yourself.

Donna x

Curly girl pin subscription boxes all over the World


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