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Simple Self-care Tips for Weary Travellers

Try these Simple self-care tips for weary travellers

When we’ve been on the road for a while, we all start to miss the comfort of home – or even just a decent hotel bed! Just a simple flight to your holiday destination can end up taking its toll, especially if you have little ones in tow and you’re flying overnight. Travel is wonderful and it’s something everyone should experience but it can be exhausting sometimes, both mentally and physically. It’s worth taking out some time to relax while you are travelling.

So, what can you do to look after yourself whilst you’re on the road? Well, I’ve gathered some simple self-care tips for weary travellers. Discover them below.

Not having worries in the back of your mind such if you are safe and covered where you are will help. If you’re worried about holiday cover then you should take out travel insurance for frequent travelers to give you peace of mind! There are many things you need to considered if you are a frequent traveller when you consider life insurance too. So always check your policy before you go.

Plane aerial view above London simple self-care tips for weary travellersSimple self-care tips no 1-Avoid plane food

Plane food is dull, bland and incredibly salty. Our taste buds become dull when we’re at a high altitude, which is probably why aeroplane food is produced with so much sodium – so you can taste something! We also tend to reach for the snacks on flights simply because we’re bored and have nothing else to do, movement is also limited and when dehydration kicks in you’ll find that you start to bloat, feel sluggish and then utterly dreadful. The answer is simple: avoid plane meals and snacks – bring your own food. Alternatively, eat a good meal before you travel. Enjoy some fruit and a light meal to give your body a break whilst you’re enduring a high altitude.

 Self-care Tips no 2 – Take time to gather yourself

When you arrive at your destination, it’s normal to want to cram your itinerary with as many activities as possible, after all, you want to make the most of your time away. However, if you don’t give yourself a little time to recuperate after your travels then you’re setting yourself up to fail. So, when you arrive, take some time to unpack, enjoy a hot shower, something to eat if you’re hungry and move your body. You’ll then feel physically and mentally ready for your break.

Visit a spa

Whether you’re on holiday with the kids or you’re backpacking across Australia, set some extra money aside to enjoy a little indulgence at a local spa. Sweat it out in the sauna, appreciate the bubbles in the hot tub or enjoy a spa treatment like a massage or facial. You’ll feel refreshed, re-energised and get to relax your body and mind. What more could you want?

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Don’t forget to drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated is something we should all be prioritising. But when we’re away from home it seems to be even more difficult to get those 8 glasses a day. Cocktails, alcohol, tea and endless cups of coffee – it’s easy to neglect your water intake. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated, your skin looking good and you’ll also have more energy. Invest in a reusable water bottle so you can fill it up as you go.  


If your holiday involves a lot of relaxing by the pool, then that’s great. But moving your body and maintaining your fitness levels will keep you feeling good and full of energy. Try a simple hotel room workout, complete some lengths in the pool or go for a walk! 

Hope you like our Simple Self-care Tips for Weary Travellers!

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