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Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Do you have a Potter head in the family? As it approaches your Harry Potter Fans birthday or even Christmas, you may want to start thinking about the gifts you can give them. If you know they love all things Harry Potter, you can tailor your gift accordingly. There are a number of Harry Potter Gift Ideas you could choose that your friend may love. Knowing their favourite characters, or even their Hogwarts House could help to make that gift even more special. You could even opt for a tailor made Harry Potter trip such as in London Or York to make it extra special.

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Making it magical: top gifts and days out for a Harry Potter fans

Have a Harry Potter trip to London to shop or just go sightseeing

Harry Potter shopping in London

Sometimes, you may be uncertain as to what merchandise they already own. Buying something for the sake of it can lead to disappointment on both sides. Instead, you could contemplate taking them to one of the many Harry Potter shops in London for a day. This could allow you to give them a budget to pick out their own gifts. While it may not seem like much on the day you can add on some extra specila things to.Tthis can allow them to have something they genuinely love, while still giving you time to spend together. You could even combine this with one of the tours to really bulk out your time and make the most of it. There are so many Harry Potter shops in London to choose from!

Minalima London Harry Potter store

Go Harry Potter Sightseeing in London

London is full of Harry Potter themed activities, Shops and even statues! You could follow the route of some of the film locations or even book a trip to Warner Brother studios. Here are a few must visit places for Harry Potter in London;

kings cross platform 9 and 3/4

You could even take a trip down to York and the Shambles

If you are further North or even if you fancy a UK break to York you should go and visit the Shambles for Harry Potter shops and a Diagon Alley vibe. The Shambles is truly a Harry Potter Heaven and well worth a visit for Potter fans.


Make a Harry Potter gift

While there are thousands of Harry Potter-related items for sale, you may want to put your own artistic talents to good use. A homemade gift may be better received than something you bought, especially if your loved one appreciates the time and effort put into things. Painting them a scene, or even crocheting a doll, could show them just how much you love them, as well as that you acknowledge the things they like. If you have a Silhouette or Cricut Cutting machine you could look for some free SVGs and make a shadow box or create scrapbooking memory pages of all of their favourite Harry Potter things they have done

Due to the nature of these types of gifts, you may want to consider starting weeks, or even months, before the day they’ll be given. This can allow you adequate time to plan, gain materials, and work at a steady pace. Some of the patterns of designs you may need to purchase can be relatively cheap, and you may already have a number of the materials in your tool kit.

Harry Potter free scrapbooking cut files potions, scrapbooking Free potion bottle png Echo park witches and wizard paper
A Harry Potter style potion cut file for a scrapbooking memory gift

Book a Wizarding experience

There are a number of wizarding experiences that your friend might enjoy. While some of these are endorsed by Warner Brothers themselves, others are more independent. One such idea could be to take your friend for wand making and potion brewing over a wizarding afternoon tea. This could allow your friend to feel like they’re in Ollivanders picking out their wand or sitting under Snape’s icy glare making some advanced potions. To really fit the part, you could also opt to dress up in Hogwarts attire. There are many events all over the country for wizard cocktail making, afternoon teas and events.

Being a fan of Harry Potter isn’t for everyone. However, if someone you care about genuinely loves everything to do with the Wizarding World, these Harry Potter Gift Ideas might give you some easy choices. Considering some of the more abstract ideas could be helpful if they already own a lot of merchandise, especially if it also allows you to spend some more quality time together.


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