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The Shambles York Harry Potter Heaven

The Shambles York Harry Potter shops are magical Heaven if you are a Potterhead! At this Harry Potter spot you can head off to platform 9 3/4, stock up on spell books and have yourself a butter beer. So for all you muggles out there who want a fix of Harry Potter look no further than a trip to York and The Shambles.

There are many places in the uk that are reminiscent of Harry Potter Books and films. In fact the Shambles Harry Potter street is thought to have inspired the cobblestoned Diagon Alley where young witches and wizards go shopping for their school equipment. If you are visiting York you can do it too with the many Potter shops in just one street.

You will transported to a wizarding world of potter themed magic such which things to buy such as butter beer, potions, wands and hogwarts themed gifts and replicas.  This picturesque part of York is the perfect place for a weekend break in the UK. 

There are so many things to do in York including this unique street devoted to Harry Potter fans. And this is just one of them! In fact scroll down for Harry Potter Filming locations in York too!

Where to Find Everything Harry Potter related in The Shamble York 2021 -2022

Updated for 2022.

Why Harry Potter at the Shambles?

The shambles in York is one of the best preserved medieval streets in the UK. It is said that J.K. Rowling was somewhat inspired by the Yorkshire Shambles and used this quaint cobbled street to recreate scenes in the Harry Potter book. The street is pretty much like what you would see in the fictional Diagon Alley with timber-framed buildings and hanging shop signs. The magical market shops from the wizarding world of Harry Potter are now somewhat familiar here with wizarding shops of their own. These iconic Harry Potter Shamble shops fit in the old street taking pride of place. The Shambles is a truly magical location with quirky stops along the way and a total of four Harry Potter shops perfect for Harry Potter fans.

Take a look at Minalima A Harry Potter shop with a difference in London!

Where is the Shambles and what is it?

The Shambles is recorded in William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book of 1086 and is in the old city of York.

You can find the Shambles at this address;
The Shambles, York, YO1 7LZ

The Shambles stands for “Shamel” meaning the stalls or benches on which meat were displayed. This means that the Shambles was an ancient street of the butchers of York technically a meat market. The shambles was mentioned in the Doomsday book and the street was rebuilt in 1400 and resembles what it is today. This fifteenth-century street would still of had many butchers until the 1800s. Today In modern times since meat-vendors are no more the Shambles hosts Harry Potter shops. 

The shambles street sign in York. Shambles stands for "shamel" The Shambles once had many meat market stalls.

What Harry Potter shops are in The Shambles?

There are four Harry Potter style shops in the Shambles York;

  • The Shop that not be named
  • The Boy Wizard Shop
  • The World of Wizardry
  • The Potions Cauldron

The Shop That Must Not Be Named

The Shop That Must Not Be Named is an official licensed Harry Potter merchandise shop. The Shambles boasts an array of Harry Potter memorabilia for sale you will find books, robes , clothes and even official Olivanders wands. This Magical gift shop in York specialises in all things Potter! It is a magic shop for witches and wizards and even Muggles in a real life Diagon Alley. It feels very much like like Diagon Alley too with staff are all dressed as wizards an witches rather than uniform. This is by far my favourite shop you can see more items that they offer on their web site The Shop that use not be named.

Where is the Shop that can not be named in York?

The Address is;

30 The Shambles
York YO1 7LX

Open daily from 10am till 6pm

The Shop that must not be named, Harry Potter shops in York at the Shambles, The Shambles York Harry Potter Heaven

The Boy wizard Harry Potter shop in The shambles York

The Boy Wizard Shop is also a Harry Potter Shop in the Shambles York. Hermione would be proud to buy her Hogworts school of magic books here. Here you can purchase your Slytherin house uniform or collectables, souvenirs and memorabilia. Hufflepuff puff collections adorn the walls and even more wands of choice. Find your Every flavour beans or your chocolate frogs here too. This shop truly is Harry Potter Magic!

Where is the Boy Wizard Harry Potter shop York?

The Address is;

23 Shambles
York YO1 8BL

The Boy Wizard Harry Potter shop in York

The World or Wizardry, The Shambles

Another Harry Potter inspired shop for Harry Potter fans is the World of Wizardry! You will also find Plenty of Harry Potter paraphernalia in here.. I even spotted a few dragon eggs in Game of thrones section of the shop.

Where is the World old Wizardry York?

The Address is;

27 The Shambles
York YO1 7LX

The world of wizardry Harry Potter shop in Diagon Ally the Shambles York.

The Potions Cauldron 9 3/4 Shambles York

The Potion Cauldron is an amazing shop which is actually a coffee shop. You can purchase a flat witch coffee, hot chocolate frog or a shot of magic!

You can also get your hands on Phileas Phials power of a wizard potion, tonic of truth potion or even a camouflage potion. If you fancy a bottled potion of glittery magic in your cocktail such as unicorn essence or basilisk blood you have come to the right place!

Secret Door in the Shambles! See if you can find no 10 the Shambles!

Also The Potions cauldron is found at 9¾ the Shambles, who do you think lives at no 10? Spot the door below!

Where is the potions Cauldron York?

The Address is;

The Potions Cauldron
9¾ Shambles
York YO1 7LZ

The Potions cauldron Shop in the Shambles York Harry Potter shop. Secret Door in the Shambles! See if you can find no 10 the Shambles!
Secret Door in the Shambles! See if you can find no 10 the Shambles!

Where can I get butter beer on the Shambles?

You can also get your fix of butter beer at the potions cauldron on the Shambles in York. Not only do the Potions Cauldron sell dragons eggs but they even sell Butter Beer! Don’t forget to pop out the back and look for the Harry Potter lego castle and other activities to take photos too.

Where can I get Butter beer from Harry Potter in York? at the potions cauldron The shambles

Other Magical Harry Potter spots in York

There are other Magical Harry Potter spots in York such as these:

York Railway station – Platform 9 ¾

The original Platform 9 ¾ or not as it seems! Although famous as being associated with Harry Potter as the bridge at York Railway Station It is said to appear in The Philosopher’s Stone when Harry and Hagrid walk across it on their way to a famous Platform. However the real bridge was in London at Kings Cross and now lives in Surrey just near Farnham station.

The Structure was dismantled and installed at Ropley station, Farnham Surrey.

The Goathland Railway Station

The Goathland Railway Station on the North York Moors was used as Hogsmeade in the The Philosopher’s Stone film. It is not particularly close to York almost 2 hours way in fact but it is a must do day trip to visit the Hogsmeade Station from the Harry Potter films. 

Malham Cove

Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales was where Harry and Hermione hid from Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows.

Other UK Harry Potter locations

There are many Harry Potter Locations in the Uk here are few more ideas on where to go in the UK to see Harry Potter sights.

Gringotts Bank Australia House filming location

Gringotts Wizard bank is located on the Strand London.

Minalima Book Shop

MinaLima Book shop Greek street London is an amazing shop with all of the illustrations from Harry Potter and the Fantastical Beasts films. Designed by MinaLima

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Uk

Warner brother studio tour UK is another great place to see filming props and a the whole history of Harry Potter

Where to Stay in York in a Harry Potter themed room

The Enchantment Chamber is a unique Harry Potter styled self catering room with an authentic wizarding world bedroom. Sleep in a four poster bed with an open fire and magical artefacts all around from the wizarding world.

The Enchantment Chamber is Located in a traditional mill building within the walls of the historical city of York and a stones throw from the magical setting of The Shambles.

I hope you enjoy heading off to The Shambles York Harry Potter for a bit of a pottered Heaven fix. York is a fascinating place to visit with many other places of interest and plenty of great restaurants, pubs and bars.

D x

The Shambles York Harry Potter Heaven. The shamble shops in York a Harry Potter street just like Diagon Alley


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