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Summer Craft Projects

Try these Fun Summer Craft Projects this summer which are perfect for lazy hot days and summer hoilday breaks. Long, lazy summer months can be quite boring if you have nothing to do. You may have some fun vacations planned, but boredom sinks in during those unscheduled moments. To break the boredom, get your DIY helmet on and try some fun crafts that also double up as summer home décor:

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Try these great Summer craft projects for in and around the Home

DIY summer craft projects and ideas for the home pin image

Hand-Dyed Napkins

Add color to your table with some watercolor napkins. Start by soaking the napkins in water then wring them to remove excess water. Using small strokes, brush fabric paint on the napkins from top to bottom and dilute the paint as you go up the fabric to lighten the shade. Hang them out to dry before you use them as place settings.

Coloured Glasses

Make eye-catching glasses with popping colors using cheap glasses and adhesive vinyl. This easy project will take no more than thirty minutes, depending on the number of glasses that you want to embellish. Just cut pieces of adhesive vinyl and stick them onto your Dollar Store glasses, you don’t want to try this on the expensive glass and then regret it. You could also use your Cricut machine to cut out a summer decal in vinyl and decorate your mugs and glasses.

Cricut cut vinyl on mugs

Bleach Dyed Napkins

Unlike traditional tie and dye where you add color to garments, bleach dyeing involves the use of bleach to remove the color from them. When creating tie-dye patterns with bleach, fold a colored napkin, secure it with rubber bands then spray the areas that are exposed with bleach. Let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. Hang the napkin to dry. 

Make a flower wall

This is one of my favourite Summer Craft Projects a paper flower template to make large paper flowers for a flower wall. Create a lovely summer feel back drop with this summer craft. They are really easy to make in a variety of colours. Perfect for garden parties and events too.

Summer crafts a Huge paper flower template for a flower wall

DIY Hanging Shelf

You are always going to need another shelf for hanging your stuff or for décor purposes. A small shelf can get so many uses in the home. It can serve functional purposes in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any other room. You will need a piece of wood, a drill, and a macramé cording to do this project. 

Make your own homemade scrub!

Luciana and Anna from on your journey have created this DIY recipe for Vanilla Coconut Lime Scrub has all natural ingredients! It’s a great way to get your skin ready for summer – and it smells so good! what an amazing way to exfoliate your skin for summer!

Homemade vanilla coco cut and lime scrub

Yarn Garland

Make a simple but fun garland for different uses around the house. For this fun piece, cut several pieces of yarn to roughly the same size and tie them around the twine. You can even do this fun activity mindlessly as you watch TV. 

Glitter Stationery

This is a wonderful adult craft idea even for people who do not have a lot of time on their hands. The result is beautiful but functional stationery. You can customize any store-bought or handmade cards with glitter to amplify their impact. All that you need is some double-sided tape, scissors, and glitter. 

Make your own Hairspray!

Why not try and make your own fragranced hairspray with this natural hairspray recipe.

How to make hairspray at home using sugar water. Orange and lemon scented homemade hairspray for the curly girl method

Wallpapered Vessels

This is a great way to recycle. You can literally turn trash into treasure with this craft. Just look for some empty cans and wrapping paper or wallpaper. First, rinse out the cans and file down the sharp edges then wrap the wallpaper around them to create statement vessels that you can use as candle holders and vases.

Try your hand at scrapbooking

Try your hand at preserving memories with this great summer scrapbooking page. Scrapbooking is easy to learn and a great craft that is so relaxing and good for the mind.

Shaker pocket scrapbook page. Free hello sunshine summer title cut file for scrapbooking
Originally designed for Ella Bonella store

Circular DIY Mirror

This project is very easy to do. You will need a circular mirror, a circular piece of unfinished wood, rope, and yarn. Place the mirror on top of the wood and attach using Gorilla Glue or mirror glue. Place something heavy like a book on top of the mirror and allow the glue to dry. Cut three pieces of rope and wrap the yarn all the way around them. Attach the wrapped ropes onto the wood with glue, all around the mirror. 

Dip-Dyed Candles

Take some plain candles and dip them in a mix of melted wax and colored crayon shavings. For a smoother dye job, use painter’s tape to create smoother lines. 

Here you have plenty of crafts to keep you busy all through the summer. Whether you choose to make dyed candles or hanging shelves, you will have fun with your project that you can use at home.

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