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What can a Cricut machine Cut? Lets Find out

 Design and crafting possibilities with A Cricut cutting machine, So what is a Cricut? and what can a Cricut cut?


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I had been told how amazing the Cricut machine was, so when I got an invite to try out the Cricut on a craft afternoon tea, I was excited to find out more. I had the chance to play with a few different machines , try out some different techniques, create some items for the home and find out what can a Cricut cut?

The event was held in the trendy and kitsch Drink, Shop & Do at London’s Kings Cross. I was like a kid in a sweet shop surrounded by Cricut machines, coloured vinyl, pretty fabrics and creative people. We also had the most spectacular cream tea with cakes and scones galore. I really did not know what to do first.

The event was held in the trendy and kitsch Drink, Shop & Do at Kings Cross. I was like a kid in a sweet shop surrounded by Cricut machines, coloured vinyl,pretty fabrics and creative people. We also had the most spectacular cream tea with cakes and scones galore I really did not know what to do first.

What is a Cricut Cutting Machine?

If you do not own a Cricut or do not know what it is then you have come to the right place! The Cricut machine is a high end die cutting machine with its own computer design space. What can I do with a Cricut maker? You can create and cut text or images, design endless projects including items for household styling, fashion and fun.

How easy is the Cricut Cutting machine to use? The desk space is easy to use even if you are not tech savvy. The Cricut interface is simple and clear and comes with many cutfiles.

What can a Cricut cut?

So what can a Cricut cut? The Cricut can cut around 100 different materials, depending on the model. It can cut almost anything up to 2.7mm in thickness including; vinyl, card, fabric, foam, cork, felt, oil cloth, tissue paper, wood and even leather.

You could also design your own images to cut by tracing an image, drawing your own image on an iPad or in illustrator and bringing it in to the design workspace.

What can a Cricut cut? The Cricut can cut around 100 different marierials including Vinyl, Card, fabric, foam, cork, felt, oil cloth, tissue paper, and even leather. It can cut almost anything up to 2.7mm in thickness.

Contemporary in design

Not only is the Cricut machine totally high tech you can create modern projects with it too. I love the idea of the contemporary edge that Cricut are bringing to modern crafting as crafting can sometimes be seen as old fashioned or too fiddly. That is not the case any more. This cutting machine is designed with the latest technologies and has an easy design space. If you can handle a computer you are good to go.

Think clean lines, bold print, crisp colours and unique icons that you can incorporate into everyday home life.

Things to make with the Cricut Maker

Make Household items that are bang on trend

There seems to be a movement at the moment of labelling with the inspiration on instagram from the likes of Hinching to Kon Mari.

The cleaning motivation trend is bang on at the moment thanks to Mrs Hinch. You could cut your own labels for your own Mrs Hinch inspired spray bottles or even caddy boxes to carry all of your cleaning essentials.


Label storage Kon Mari style

If you are into the Kon Mari method how about labelling all of your storage boxes or putting inspirational quotes inside the trays? You can also label toy boxes for organising the kids toys. The list is endless.

What about personalised named laundry bags with trendy icons? Or label drawers in your craft room? I have just used the Kon mari method to organise my kitchen. How about creating vinyl labels to organise it further and name your spices?


Pretty Home trends

Make your own Leather topped cork coasters with an initial on. This would look amazing on the coffee table alongside your own designed monogram candle holder. You can create other household items too such as tea towels or bathroom guest towels.

You could create an entire wall of shadow boxes with your cricut alone. They could be personalised or bold and make a statement the choice is endless!

Christmas decorations.

Plates and mugs can even be adorned. What about unique hot chocolate mugs or treating Santa to a personalised cookie plate at Christmas?

Mums at home

If you have teens you can update their tech!

What teen would not want a personalised phone case or laptop decal? Beats a swimming bag!

For smaller kiddies you can personalise P.E bags, school bags, dance wear, water bottles and even lunch boxes.

Cricut cut tote bag


Design a patterned vinyl on a table top, jazz up drawer fronts or make your childs desk more magical with unicorns or dinosaurs.

Don’t even get me started on garden furniture! I am sitting imagining all sorts all summer tropicals going on!


If you are an avid sewer or dressmaker the Cricut machine can be incorporated in to your craft there too. Sew your own jersey tee and add a perfect slogan. Design your own clothes, create custom shaped pockets on garments such as Mickey ears on baby joggers or heart print fabric pockets on your favourite shift dress. 

Take the pain out of cutting unusual shapes for quilting with special blades that can glide through fabrics. Quilting has never been easier.

You can co-ordinate your own gym wear, on the Cricut cutting machine, as well as your gym bag and water bottle.

Card and paper crafts

Of course if you are the classic crafer you could not find a better machine. You can make your own stencils or masks for use with paints and mixed media. It will even score your cards for you to get perfect folds. It can use pens to design an image so why not incorporate all methods?

The print and cut designs are endless and perfect for card making. You could even cut your own pop up cards too!

Memory maker and Disney ideas with the Cricut

Scrapbooking your memories with the Cricut can unfold a world of options. Design any font, picture, or emblem you like.

For the Disney enthusiast in you, what about making your own Disney ticket holder with faux leather and one of the many licensed Cricut Disney cut files, or make your own felt door badges for your next Disney cruise? You could even design a Disney hanging travel bag!

The Cricut keeps you motivated to do more!

After I had made a mug, a tote, a leather coaster, tea towel and consumed my entire months worth of cakes I trotted of with my tote bag with its own bit of advertising on it. My mind was buzzing with creativity and ideas and the event had opened up more opportunities than I had ever thought possible!

So now you know what a Cricut machine can cut you may be feeling like I am now, with too many crafts and too little time to do everything I love. So if you ask me is it worth getting a Cricut? I would say yes! with the endless craft, decor and fashion possibilities it gives you it would definitely get lots of use.

If you are anything like I am when you see something and think “I can make it.” You can! It is entirely possible with the Cricut!

D x


I would like to thank Cricut for inviting me to try out some of the things that Cricut can do. All personal opinions are my own.

What can a Cricut cut? ideas and tips for the Cricut maker . Ideas for what you can make, design and cut with your Cricut which can be used for all of your sewing crafts, paper crafts and scrapbooking








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