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Harry potter studios tours! Part 1

Harry potter studios tours! Part 1, Harry turned 9 last week so we decided to visit the Warner brothers Harry Potter studio tour. I have so much to say about it that I’ll be breaking it down in to a few parts.

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We all love Harry Potter and had been wanting to go for a while and Harry’s birthday seemed the perfect opportunity. I loved the books and the films there is an unexplainable magic that you just do not not get with anything else.
The studios are situated in Leavesden near Watford just outside London so for us an hour away ! And I have to say it turned out to be the most magical day .So at the studio tours you will see it all! The props the costumes the sets the make up the animatronics and get lots of insights in how they made the films as amazing as they are.

First off if your planning on going and don’t want to see any spoilers then don’t read on, but if you’d like a few tips for the day feel free to hang around.

Most important thing is book before you go you cannot just turn up. This good as it doesn’t get too crowded and there is hardly any queueing.
We booked our slot for 12 noon as it was Harry’s birthday and we needed a little time in the morning .
If I went again I would probably book earlier as it did got busier as the day went on because you are allowed to take as long as you like once there.
So more people hang around .
Our visit took 4 hours in fact I didn’t want to leave!
We booked it online a few months ago and it cost around £89 for a family of four.
Our visiting time was 12 pm and it said to arrive 20 minutes before your slot. I really could not wait I was like a child myself and so excited.

Parking was easy they direct you to a bay and there’s plenty of space and it’s not too far too walk.  We were handed badges and Harry got a birthday badge too before we queued inside to go in, it only took a few minutes and we were ushered in to a room with posters and then in to a small cinema where we watched a short film on all of the different Harry Potter films.

I was already  beside myself when they asked who was celebrating a special day and if they would like to go up and open the doors to the great hall! Well I nearly launched from my chair to announce its mothers day and it really should be me! but that really didn’t Count. So Harry got open the doors to great hall and believe me he was chuffed!

Harry potter doors to great hall

How wonderful! I spent most of the first part of the day with tears in my eyes .

Harry potter great hall
This  is Harry entering the great hall. It truly was magnificent!  As you can see it has no ceiling and there are lots more pictures but more about that in a separate post.

We didn’t realise that the kids should of received passports to walk round and collect stamps and find different items but we didn’t have them so one of the staff for us a couple.

There was a short talk on the great hall before we were left to our own devices and to tour at leisure .

Part of the makeup and special effects .

It was huge! So many different things to look at and read and of course take pictures.
The first section was all different indoor sets and clothes the actors wore.

Above is the gryfindor common room.

Professor dumbledors office was filled with all sorts of curiosities including the memory flasks cabinet.

One of my favourite pictures , a selection of wands used in filming which we’re sitting amongst some random props.

The Wesley’s kitchen which had moving items like the knife and chopping board ,  knitting and washing up in the sink.

The boys practising their wand skills.

The amazing hagrids hut!
Stay tuned for more pictures !
Thanks for looking!


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