The Best Puerto Banus Bars and Clubs

What Nightclubs are in Puerto Banus?

There are many Nightclubs in Puerto banus and Marbella are famous for being the place to be and are all completely different. If you are heading off to the beautiful port of Banus for a hen night, stag night or a night out with friends you will want to know where to have a drink and a good dance. With so with many clubs, beach clubs and bars to choose from it can be hard knowing where to go and where to avoid.

Some bars and clubs you have to book a table or have a minimum spend. If you have to book a table before you go you may not like where you end up. Some night clubs are along the front harbour of the port and some are along the back strip. There are so many things to do in Puerto Banus such as clubs on the roof as well as bars with fantastic views of the port.

If you do not want to book a package for a night out In a bar it will cot you. I would suggest first time taking a walk around the first night if you are not worried and peruse the bars and clubs. Some of the larger bars and clubs will charge an entry free. Most of the clubs offer a free drink for the ladies. Some of the classier bars do not.

The Best Puerto Banus Bars and Clubs to Dance and drink in Puerto Banus

The Best Puerto Banus Bars and Clubs to Dance and drink in Puerto Banus

When looking for where to go for a night out in Puerto Banus it’s essential you do your homework on what types of clubs they are and where they are. Tibu is a typical large nightclub with good music but you will need to book a table if you wanted to sit ( based on personal experience ) Seven nightclub, Buddha Bar and Linekers are on the back line. Pangea is a roof top nightclub and Joys is the place to be. There are several clubs aimed at men only and drinks can be very pricey.

THE BEST Puerto Banus Bars & Clubs Cocktail on the beach front

Take a look at where these night clubs are situated in the port;

I would also advise on doing your own research on booking certain bars and clubs as some can be a little rowdy. Generally bars along the front are a bit more classy than the back line.

  • Tibu ( in town )
  • Pangea ( Front line )
  • Babilona Banus (front line )
  • Sinatra’s Bar ( front line known as the place to people watch )
  • Buddha Bar ( back line )
  • Joys ( front line )
  • La Sala Banus ( across the A7 a 15 minute walk from port )
  • The Sky Lounge ( second line with great views)
  • Portside ( front Line )
  • Seven ( back line )
  • Linekers ( back line )
  • Newscafe Banus front Line )
  • Astrals cocktail bar ( end of the port )
  • The Navy Bar ( back line )

Puerto Banus night clubs ( where to dance )

This is a full list of night clubs and bars with the low down on what they offer;


Tibu is a classic night club in Puerto Banus. It is situated around the back of the port by the main square. It is very busy in here and they do promote their packages for table service. You may not get a table if you walk in, and if you do want to sit down, you will have to pay for a package. Their two bottle package for six people starts at €500 the largest bottle package for 12 people is €1250. They also do packages with champagne that go all the way up to €1350.

Bear this in mind when booking because if you don’t like where you are you kind of have to stay if you have spent that much money. This club plays a range of music such as funk, garage, R&B and is aimed at the younger audience. It has a large open-air roof top for outside dancing the night away


Pangea is a open air night club in Puerto Banus. This is the ultimate place to be seen and great for hen nights and group bookings. There is an entry charge and you need to book a package if you require a seating area.

Pangea nightclub sits on the corner of the harbour is great for sipping cocktails and having a dance on the roof. Booths are bookable and it is advisable you book in advance.

Packages cost similar to the nightclubs in the area they all so hold Sinsillate Marbella nights.

Babilona Banus for dancing

Babilona Banus is another funky bar which is always busy with music in the centre of the port. Great and stylish for all ages it is situated on the front line. There is no entry fee for Babilona Banus and might be able to get a free drink from a tout outside. If you want a seating area you will need to book a table and a package depending on the time of the year.

Babilona packages start at €300 for two, but a package for six people. Up to 5 bottle package of €750 for 15 people maximum. You can turn up if you just want to go in for a drink, I’ve never been turned away.

Babilona Banus for dancing View of the road and yachts outside

Sinatra’s Bar

Want to know where to people watch in and spot fast super cars in Puerto Banus? Sinatra’s is the first stop for drinks in the port on a night out and the place to be seen. Sit and people watch during the day with a nice glass of cava or a beer. You will see the yachts pulling in and out of the port as well as the super cars driving past. If you come in the evening expect to see large groups of people spilling out in to the road. Sinatra’s is open until the early hours of the morning and also has a DJ playing throughout the night.

This is not a night club however they do have music later in the evening. You do not need to book a table in fact you will probably be standing outside as it gets so busy.

Ferrari Portafino parked outside outside Sinatras Puerto Banus
Ferrari Portafino parked outside outside Sinatras Puerto Banus

La sala Banus

La Sala Banus is a restaurant and bar with live music and DJs in to the early hours. They have the mix just right here with a selection of European, Spanish and Scandinavian food at reasonable prices. There is live entertainment in the bar and different bands in the live lounge. You can sit inside the restaurants main bar, live lounge or outside on the terrace. 

They even serve a Sunday lunch in the cooler months, also look out for ladies processo lunches. It is advisable to book in advance here all year round.  La Sala also have a wonderful outside ski lodge at christmas with outside heaters.

La sala Banus
La sala Banus by day

Joys Live Piano bar in Puerto Banus for live music

Want to know where to dance in Peurto Banus? Go to Joys its known as the place to be! If you want to go somewhere with a slightly older crowd Joys bar is the place to go. Expect to see a mix of people here generally of the ages 30 and up. Joys Live bar sits proudly in the front line of the port of Banus and is open until the early hours. This bar is the place to go for live music including singers, electric violin players and piano singers. The atmosphere is buzzing with lots of dancing and Cocktails. Joys does not get busy until at least 12.30 am so eat dinner late! Joys is open to the early hours of the morning.

Joys Live Piano bar in Puerto Banus for live music Cocktail on table

The Sky lounge

The Sky lounge is in the Benebola apartments on the corner of the port. This cocktail bar with the best views of Banus by rooftop and is open from 12pm to midnight. The Sky Lounge in Puerto Banus is the perfect place to go just before sunset for beautiful views over the port. This bar is perfect for couples or familes. Ask at reception for a keycard to the roof! At busy times booking may be necessary its a mellow place for a drink and not for dancing.

The Sky lounge view of Puerto Banus At the Benebola Hotel
The Sky lounge view of Puerto Banus At the Benebola Hotel


Newscafe is a bar and nightclub which sits front line right in the middle of the port. More suited to a night on the town and slightly younger generation but great views over the port form the roof none the less. There are often touts in the port offering a free drink on entry to Newscafe. Suitable for groups and party people.

The Newscafe Bar and nightclub in Puerto Banus front view outside

Portside bar Puerto Banus

Portside Cafe in Puerto Banus is a bar halfway down the port and is great for some pre-party drinks and people watching. This bar links the main marina which is great for people watching. The back links to the road behind which can get a little busy and rowdy. Sit outside the back of Portside with a drink and watch people in and out of Linekers and the many other bars and clubs. Sit out of the front for something a bit quieter during the day. Drinks are quite reasonably priced here.

The portside cafe in Puerto Banus view from the port

Havana Hemingway

Havana Hemingway in Puerto Banus is a lively bar at the end of the port. It is known for late night dancing and cocktails. This also has a lovely restaurant called the Lounge La Habana which is my go to restaurant for catching the last few hours of the sun especially in winter. Beautiful food with a view of the port

Astrals Coctelería bar

There are many places for cocktails, but the best place for cocktails in Puerto Banus is Astrals cocktail bar at the end of the marina. Astrals looks like a wooden ship and is an outdoor open air bar. You may be lucky enough to sit on the large revolving table whilst you sip cocktails made with everything imaginable. Astrals get very busy and there is normally a short queue to get in. They do all types of freshly made cocktails with lots of fresh fruit! This is is a casual bar and not a night club for dancing.

Astrals the best place for cocktails in Puerto banus shaped like a ship front view
Astrals Cocktail bar

Casino Marbella

The casino is a nice place to go for an evening out you will find it just over the Ap-7. This palm fringed casino has all your regular slot machines and poker tables. The Casino located next door to what was the H10 hotel ( soon to become Hard Rock Marbella Hotel ). It is easy to visit with good parking. It is a modern and well furnished casino with the latest gaming tables.

Linekers Bar Puerto Banus

Linekers Bar Puerto Banus is in the back line of Puerto banus. It is a nightclub for dancers and has a younger crowd and is situated on the back line. It is a well-known sports bar during the day and becomes a DJ dancing nightclub at night. They offer packages are Procscce four bottles for 16 people at €200 and packages of 20 beers for €120 for 10 people. 

The Navy Bar Puerto Banus

The Navy Bar club sits around the back strip of Puerto banus. It promotes itself as a classy club and it serves an array of cocktails and drinks. It promotes Hen nights and stag night in its club but you may get more than you bargained for.

Please note the Navy club says this on its website “NAVY LIBERAL: for sexually liberal minded adults” and in the small print “Navy Liberal is not a sex club. It is a nightclub for liberal-minded people” take that however you wish.


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