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Craft Gift Ideas for Children 

When a child you know loves art and crafts you may want to find ways to help nurture that passion. This may be especially important if it is your own child or grandchild or if you both share common interests. Take a look here at the benifits for crafting with kids and these Craft Gift Ideas for Children.

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Getting your children involved in arts and crafts  allows them to express themselves in a different way, and even help them as they grow. 

When buying gifts for other people’s children , you may want to seek permission from their parent or carer first, especially when contemplating messy kits or those that may require supervision.

Craft gift ideas for children

Try encouraging art in kids with these ideas for gifts for a crafty child

How to choose a gift by considering the different craft gifts available

Buying a craft gift can be welcomed by many adults and children alike. Unlike some items, you may be able to find craft toys for boys aged 9 that they love using for months or years to come.

Picking out an age-appropriate gift can be important. An older child might not want to take part in crafts more suited to younger ages. Likewise, a younger child may not have the dexterity or patience to sit for hours and complete a craft project that is better suited to a teenager or adult. Consider easy projects for young children and maybe more complex projects such as learning to crochet for older children.

Looking into the gifts available, considering the age of the child, and even the space available within their home and garden could greatly improve the receipt of the gift.

Painting watercolour box

Consider how their skills may benefit

Depending on the age of the child you’re buying the gift for, they may actually get more than just excitement out of the crafts. Babies and toddlers, in particular, may be able to greatly improve their motor skills through drawing, painting, and engaging in other types of art. Something as simple as holding a paintbrush or pen could help them improve the way their fingers work. This could greatly assist them when they start school. Even trying some new pens or pencils for some free printable colouring pages can encourage creativity.

At the same time, art can help to boost their creativity, as well as language and other development. This could equip them with the skills needed to be able to process what they see in the world and gain a greater level of understanding.

Improve mental health with mindfulness

Wellbeing can be an important focus for parents. More and more effort may go into looking after a child’s mental health needs as well as physical ones. Arts and crafts may be a good way of boosting your child’s mental wellbeing. It can act as an outlet, enabling them to let out negative emotions such as anger or sadness. Many crafts are good for Mindfulness such as paper crafts such as scrapbooking.

Alongside this, filling a canvas or engaging in crafts could be rather cathartic, enabling a child to process their emotions and thoughts, as well as to calm down. Some children might also find that they are able to sleep better and reduce their anxieties after partaking in a craft session. Older children and teenagers may also enjoy mindfulness colouring, especially once they have reached an age where they can colour within the lines.

Art projects can be fun for everyone involved. Buying a gift that helps a child to express their creative side, or even lets them complete a task with other members of the family, could result in a number of great benefits.

Craft Gift Ideas for Children 

Craft Gift Ideas for Children they will love include;

  • Learning to sew projects
  • Learn to crochet projects
  • Learn to knit projects
  • Embroidery projects
  • Coloring pages and pens
  • Painting with watercolor
  • Papier-mâché ideas
  • Sculpturing with clay or playdough
  • Papercrafts such as SVGs for cutting
  • card Making
  • Vinyl craft projects
  • Building such as lego
  • Pottery painting


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