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Best Beach Clubs in Marbella and Puerto Banus

When planning a girly weekend, it is important to know what and where the best beach clubs in Marbella are. Where can you raise a glass of champagne under the sun and dance the day away? Beach clubs are the perfect spot for music vibes, cocktails, entertainment and cooling off. Some clubs are relaxed, chilled and graceful; others are exuberant, lively and buzzing. Whichever you choose, Marbella is the luxury party destination and the perfect holiday highlight.

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These clubs are the best beach clubs in Puerto Banus to be seen in. Not your regular beach clubs! Think club classic tunes, champagne, canapes and stylish people!

Spend a day at one of the Beach Clubs in Marbella or Puerto Banus or catch an opening or closing party on the Costa Del sol 2023

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When are the Marbella beach Club opening and closing parties for 2023 season?

The best beach clubs Marbella opening times are at the end of April and the beginning of May is when all of the beach clubs open in Marbella. Marbella clubs close for the winter around the end of September or early October. As soon as the sun reappears for the summer months beach bars and clubs open their doors, some with added spectacular parties. This makes the start of the summer an ideal time to go for a girly weekend in the party place of Spain. Puerto Banus can be a real party place! A lot of people head to Vegas for the weekend or city breaks like Barcelona, but all you need to do is check out the opening times in Banus and you will not be disappointed.

The Costa Del Sol is as a microclimate and is known for the sun all year round. It is not uncommon to be sunbathing in February during the hottest hours of the day. Having said that the sun can not always be guaranteed hence why beach clubs open their doors at the end of April and close at the end of September when the guarantee of sun is no longer upon us.

Which Marbella clubs have opening and closing and parties?

The two main clubs known for their opening and closing season party’s are Ocean Club Puerto Banus and Marbella Nikki Beach. Ocean Club are known for their spectacular White and silver opening party in April and their Black and gold closing party in September. Nikki Beach party is like no other, with a white opening party around a month after opening and a sizzling red party on closing.

What are the best clubs for a girly weekend in Marbella or Puerto Banus?

Ocean Club Marbella

Ocean Club Black and Gold closing party. Best Beach Clubs Marbella
The party is at Ocean Club Black and Gold Closing party

Ocean Club is a classy beach club in walking distance of the marina of Puerto Banus. They have a wide selection of beds some that come with drinks for different amounts of people. Anywhere you sit in ocean club will offer a good view of its large pool and the beach. 

They have a restaurant serving delicious food and seafood and you can also choose to eat inside or outside. They serve a wide range of cocktails and they are well known for their extensive champagne list. You can expect to see a variety of performers as the day goes on and the party ensues. Ocean club are also well known for their champagne spray party that should be booked well in advance. You can also pop in to ocean club for lunch so don’t forget to book a table. 

When is Ocean Clubs Opening party?

This beach club always throws a good party with a white and silver opening at the beginning of the season and a black and gold closing party at the end of the season. Ocean Clubs opening party this year will be on the 28th of April 2023. Dress to impress in white and silver.

Black and Gold closing party is in September or early October

The black and gold closing party in 2022 was in September.

Prices for both parties start at around €200 euros but these do normally work out good value for money as these normally include all drinks and entertainment well in to the early hours. The black and Gold closing party is normally held at the end of September. Tickets are around €250 euros each or you can book a table. Keep and eye on the website for a release date in events.

Prices for Ocean Club

The Prices start at around €18 for cocktails, starters and mains are around €25 to €35 euros and beds are priced from

What to wear at Ocean Club Puerto Banus?

Dress to impress with any type of swimwear, you can expect to see elegant kaftans, high wedge sandals and handbags for women and trendy shorts and polos for men. Don’t forget your best sunglasses! The specific events have a dress code i.e. Black and Gold for the closing party.



Marbella Nikki beach

Nikki Beach Marbella fun on the beach
Nikki Beach is always fun!

Marbella Nikki Beach is situated just outside Banus in Marbella and is well known for their signature opening white party and their dramatic red closing party. These parties take place late afternoon in to the evening. This year Nikki Beach is celebrating the location’s 20th anniversary in 2023! 

Nikki Beach is a slightly pricier beach club but for good reason. The classy vibe is carried throughout with gorgeous food, cool music and a people-watching guarantee. You will see the infamous Nikki beach dancers, champagne fireworks and more cocktails than you could imagine. Their most spectacular days to visit is on a sunday where a party is guaranteed.

Beds are priced differently and if you get a beach bed you will not necessarily be around the action or near the pool. Some beach beds also do not give you access to the pool.

You will also need to reserve a table for lunch if you do not wish to sit on your bed as some people visit just for lunch and it can get busy.

Opening and Closing Party Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach tends to have its opening white party a little later than it opens and this year 2023 the white party could be at the end of June. 

The red closing party at Nikki Beach this year will be at the beginning of October 2023.

What to wear at Nikki Beach Marbella

Dress to impress with stylish beach wear. Wear red for the Red Party and white for the white party.


Nikki Beach Marbella, Playa Hotel Don Carlos, Carretera de Cádiz Km 192, 29604 Marbella, Malaga, Spain

 La sala by the Sea Marbella beach club

Craig David Playing at La Sala beach Club Puerto Banus Marbella
Look out for celebrity guests such as Craig David at La sala by the Sea!

The La Sala by the Sea is a relaxed beach club which hosts great parties and is located a short walk from Puerto Banus. It is a Great beach club with an electric vibe,  club classics by the pool with cocktails galore. The restaurant is an Asian fusion menu with delicious Thai food dishes, I would really recommend the Thai tapas; it’s our favourite. La Sala is a slightly more reasonably priced beach club but no less luxurious and offers great food and cocktails to match. This makes La Sala the perfect place for hen do’s, girly weekends, golf holidays or party getaways. Look out for different events with celebrity DJ’s and VIP’s.

Which pool beds are best at La Sala By the sea?

You have a choice of beds at La Sala, from single beds to large cabana beds. The single beds around by the pool are good value for money (€50), perfect for sunbathing and come with a towel, fruit and bottle of water on arrival. If you sit here be aware as the pool gets busier you will be in the heart of the action. 

The larger beds around the pool are great for sharing as are the cabana beds. Check the prices on the website as they normally offer a bottle of fizz thrown in however, these may not be comfy for a large group if you want to lie down.

The jacuzzi area is quieter and situated at the back of the bar and restaurant area. This area is normally presented as a private area but it is close to the toilets and you may miss a lot of the action and the DJ ( if you look at the drone video on their website you will see this ) They also offer quieter beach beds on the beach front but these are not inside the club although you will have access to it.

Do not forget to book a bed for lunch if you wish to eat at a table as this can be booked with out a bed reservation so it and can get very busy. 

La Sala by the Sea opening and closing parties and events

 La Sala by the sea will be opening this year on the 26th of April 2023. Although it doesn’t hold an opening party, the annual White and Gold Party is normally held in June.

Dress code La Sala by the Sea

You can wear almost anything at La Sala, including swimwear. Dress to impress and be cool it is not uncommon for heels and glamorous beach cover-ups to be worn with a bikini.

La Sala by the Sea Location

La Sala by the Sea, Av José Banús, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, Spain

Puro Beach Club and Beds

Unfortunately, Puro beach is closed due to a fire which wiped out Laguna Village.

Pure Beach pool beach club Estepona Malaga
Pure Beach is a classy chilled club

You will find Puro beach club in a bit further down the coast near Estepona just outside of Banus in the chilled resort of Laguna village. This is the choice for a much more relaxed, classy beach vibe.

Laguna Village is a unique beachside setting with shops, restaurants and beach bars. You can expect a relaxed, chilled and stylish funky vibe here with exclusive restaurants that get booked up quickly. It’s not cheap but definitely a classy option if spraying champagne is not your scene. This venue is perfect for people of mixed ages and is true class with comfortable pool and beach beds with umbrellas.

A table for lunch as this restaurant can get busy with locals and people visiting, so if you would like to escape your bed for lunch, it is advisable to book a table.

Opening times for Puro Beach Marbella.

Laguna Village is being rebuilt

Pure Beach Marbella location 

Laguna Village . Playa el Padrón, Crta. Cádiz, km. 159. 29680, Estepona – Málaga

Sisu Boutique Day Club

Unfortunately, Sisu Boutique is closed due to a devastating fire.

Situ Boutique Hotel Marbella day club
Situ Boutique Hotel Marbella day club

If you are not already staying at stylish Sisu Boutique hotel then you may want to attend one of the parties here. Although not technically a beach bar it is a day club with a decked jacuzzi area and a few minutes away from the port. Sisu boutique lives up to the hype and has the formula for parties just right. This is the number 1 party hotel in Puerto Banus. You will be guaranteed a day with entertainment, vip DJ’s and a host of glamour.

You can expect living bikini vibes here and events not to be missed. This place is ideal for hen weekends and girly breaks as well as lads holidays. Expect to have cocktails poured for you and dance all day, as these can be full on parties.

Sisu Boutique opening and closing party events.

Permanently closed

The Location of Sisu Boutique.

Sisa Boutique Hotel, Ctra. de Cadiz, Puerto Banus, Marbella. 29660, Málaga, Spain 

Champagne prices at Marbella Beach Clubs for comparison.

Champagne Veuve Clicquot

How do the champagne prices compare in the Marbella beach clubs?

A good gauge on value of the different Puerto Banus beach clubs is what different places charge and mark up their wines and champagnes on. Here is a guide to compare the prices of the different clubs and what they charge.

Laurent Perrier Rośe  Champagne 75cl

Ocean club-  €265

Nikki Beach- €250

La Sala by the Sea- €159

Puro Beach – €155

Sisu Boutique -€350

what are the Cheapest Champagne’s on the menu at Marbella beach clubs 75cl

Nikki Beach – Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut €150

Ocean Club- Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label €195

La Sala by the Sea- Laurnet Perrier Brut €95

Puro Beach- Moet chandon Brut €80

Sisu Boutique- Moet Chandon -€200

Be Aware and stay safe in beach bar clubs

Although these clubs are safe with security always be aware of your surroundings especially after you have a glass of bubbly. Anyone can walk in to many of the beach clubs via the front or rear doors, so never take valuables or leave your bag unattended. Watch your drinks at all times, and don’t forget to wear sun screen!

Thank you for reading My Best Best Beach clubs in Marbella and Puerto Banus you can also find more information about Malaga over on the blog. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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