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Veuve Clicquot Gourmet Odyssey Discover South Tour

As part of the London Restaurant Festival we took part in the Veuve Clicquot Gourmet Odyssey Discover South Tour. Which involved three separate restaurants for starter, main and dessert paired with champagne all whilst being escorted by a London route master bus!

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The london Restaurant Festival runs for the whole of October and hosts a variety of different tours and unforgettable events. From restaurant hopping to over 250 different restaurant menus to try.

Choosing the South of London was different for us as we spend a lot of time in the west end, The South side is somewhere we haven’t ventured and something different to try.

Our first stop was the amazing Brunswick House cafe for a Champagne reception. Brunswick House is an wonderful  place full of interesting piece’s that you can actually buy.

Veuve cliquet Gourmet Odyssey tour An reclamation yard in itself each piece has a hanging price tag, a great idea after a drink! We tried the Veuve Cliquot Yellow label here downstairs in the private function rooms which are available to hire.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour

All of the walls are covered in pictures, mirrors and neon signs waiting to be purchased. I must say the champagne went down very well and I purchased half of the house in my head.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour

Next stop by escort on the route master for our next destination was May The Fifteenth in clapham.

The route masters are a marvellous sight to see in London and I was thrilled to get the chance to ride one. These can be hired for all sort of events from Arriva London. I’m just trying to dream up why I need to do this it was great fun boarding the bus and I even took the cheek of ringing the bell at the end.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour

May The Fifteenth is a quirky Bistro style restaurant in a residential area  Abbeville road. A very pretty little place serving some interesting dishes, We had Octopus, Cicerchia, Tomato and Olive oil which was pretty amazing an not something I would normally choose.

We sat at random tables and chatted with the others guests, we met some lovely people with similar interests, food! The whole time we were served more champagne, pure bliss!

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour

It wasn’t long before we were back on the bus to be taken to our starting point again for lunch! I must admit the champagne was starting to take effect now, and I’m sure I could eat anything!

Lunch was served underneath the huge chandeliers and disco balls of Brunswick House. The house has many more rooms with reclaimed items for bathrooms kitchens and all part of the house, its worth a visit alone to see this and maybe find some quirky pieces for your home.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour

Lunch was Turbot, Cornish Potato, Dulse, Carabineiro butter and pound farm leaves.

The accompanying champagne was the Verve Cliquot Rose which was introduced by a spokes lady from Cliquot.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour brunswick house Since its creation Veuve Cliquot has an instrumental role in establishing and evolving the the champagne industry. The motto of Veuve Cliquot is “Only one quality the finest” And I must say I adore the rosé Champagne it certainly one of my favourites.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey souths tour brunswick house

Lets not forget that its back on the bus again for our final destination The manor A quirky Bistro in Clapham also.

The dessert captured the conversations of everybody with Jerusalem artichoke ice cream , Comice pair and Sprouted Wheat we were all left wondering! I have to say I loved it! an unusual flavour with just enough sweet to be washed down with the beautiful Verve Clicquot Demi-sec.

Veuve Cliquet Gourmet odssey South tour the manor

This restaurant is such an interesting place in itself even without the outstanding quirky menus. the whole place is covered in Graffiti.

The manor Clapham

The toilets were crazy I spent far too long reading the walls and laughing! a must visit anytime of the year.

We jumped back on the bus for our lift home and hoped off at nearby Stockwell tube station for our journey home.

I wish the London Restaurant Festival was on for longer, A lot had sold out. We have booked a few more restaurants throughout the rest of the month to try some new places. I wish it went on for longer!

D x

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Veuve Cliquot Gourmet odyssey tour


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