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My Sunday Photo, Rubbish.

I’ve been meaning to take a photo at Piccadilly Circus for quite some time but there has always been a reason not too, I’ve either not had my camera, its been raining or to too far to walk.

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piccadilly circus

So this Wednesday armed with my Camera I trotted off to Piccadilly to take some shots. It had been raining and I love the reflections you get from the bright lights. Im not that much of a fan taking pictures at night I prefer the natural light and no flash but I got some nice pictures of the rain reflections on the pavement.

There are so many people milling around they are quite hard to take, So whilst I was waiting for people to move I spotted this water bottle abandoned on a traffic light.

piccadilly circus water bottle

I spent the next few minutes crouched down on the floor looking like a lost child before I got some interesting pictures. I got a few strange looks and but even a few nice comments from people who were interested in the camera.

Doesn’t even look like piccadilly circus does it?  I have lots of ideas now for some more, Didn’t think I would start taking pictures of rubbish!

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