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Orchid festival kew gardens.

After hearing there was an orchid festival at kew gardens I thought it would be worthy of a visit .

The school pick was arranged for hubby and I packed my camera and umbrella and headed for the station.
Kew gardens station is situated at the end of a pretty little London street with some beautiful shops and cafe’s there’s a book store some quirky clothes shops and of course a florist.
It cost £16 for the entrance fee I did wonder if I had done the right thing when the rain started pouring and Gail force winds blew my hair across my face but I persevered and headed straight for the orchid show.
Upon entrance there were lots of school children on trips , partners and friends and plenty of people taking photos. There was me on my Todd perfectly happy though!

Here is a picture of the cactuses in the first entrance. Some stunning varietys I love a cactus!

The orchids were arranged beautifully with lots of information on how orchids were collected by people that travelled the world on far off adventures.
A few varietys mainly phalenopsis arranged in a crate.
Phalenopsis Bee sting.

The stunning Diamond sky phalenopsis previewed at kew for the first time, ( of course I just had to buy!)
Some stunning slipper orchids.



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