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Like love do new beginnings

So after some consideration i decided to reinstate my blog, move on and up and start new and fresh. Its like love do new Beginnings blog.

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I am very lucky to have many opportunities in life such as travelling to some amazing and exotic places which I would like to share and in the mean time create a fabulous memory archive for my children.

So with this in mind i googled the words to inspire me,

How very thought provoking that was. I was hit with a barrage of different topics and fantastic new starts, such as new births , weddings and nursery schools, to a rather sadder side of life which includes rehoming orphans in Uganda, rehoming former racehorses, a charity for helping refugees and therapeutic service for helping children that have been sexually abused.

Wow! and that was all on the first page! So trivial when here all i  was worrying about was a new start for my little piece of the world wide web?

It  just shows you  that we are not all so lucky and while one persons new beginning can mean something liberating, exciting and fresh, for another it can mean simply surviving.



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