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What is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl is a method of washing, styling and drying your hair to promote your natural curl. The Curly Girl Method was created by Lorraine Massey who wrote the original Curly Girl handbook which is a guide to how to manage Curly hair. Trying to style curly hair and resist the urge to straighten it can be a challenge. So what is the Curly Girl Method? Lets find out how to do it in 4 Easy Steps.

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Many people have embraced the method but it can be quite complicated to understand. Over the years many people have also changed the rules by adding in thier own routines and taking other rules out. The Key is to the Curly Girl method is to be able to understand and manage your curls hair easily yourself.

What is the curly girl method? how do you do it? Find out in 4 easy steps to curly, wavy or coily hair

What Is The Curly Girl Method and how do I do it? Find out how to begin in 4 easy steps!

The Curly girl is an approach to understanding your curly hair and it is a brilliant place to start understanding how your curls work.

The curly girl method is made up of a variety of steps to help you achieve perfect curls. These steps can be broken down in to 4 easy steps;

Step 1: Cleanse your hair

Avoid ingredients in your products such as sulphates, Silicones and parabens that can dry out your hair. Instead choose a natural shampoos or even better still wash with conditioner by gently massaging your scalp with your fingers to lift off product, sweat, and oils

Step 2: Condition your curls

Next use a curly girl approved conditioner to smooth over your hair. You can choose to use a deep conditioner also so your hair thoroughly moisturised.

Step 3: Style your curls

Choose styling creams, mousse or gel that do not contain harmful ingredient’s to style your hair. A lot of the curly girl method is about learning to style you hair to achieve less frizz and more volume.

The original method advises to avoid using brushes or combs that pull your hair and fluffy towels which may cause frizz. However many people have adapted their curly girl routines to include a wet brush to help style and clump hair together to produce chunkier spirals and curls.

Step 4: Dry your Curls

Dry your hair using a diffuser or try to let your hair air dry. If you use a diffuser use a low heat and power so you do not blow your curls or cause them to frizz.

The best thing about the Curly Girl Method is that it can be customised to suit all hair types.

Curly: Curly hair may benefit from lighter conditioners, styling with a wet brush and drying hair upside down with a diffuser to create volume.

Wavy: Wavy hair may not need as much conditioning as it is more likely to be oilier than curly hair. Wavy hair also may need extra help when styling with lighter products and using a diffuser when drying to help create more waves.

Coily: Coily hair may benefit more from deep conditioning and using less heat when styling.

How long does it take for Curly Girl Method to work?

The curly girl method can be achieved in a matter of weeks. It may take a little while for your hair to adapt to its new routine of washing especially if you are Co washing. But soon you will be able to get the hang of the styling and achieve better curls.

Is the Curly Girl Method healthy for your hair?

Yes the curly girl method is better for your hair and much healthier. By using less harmfull ingredients and looking after your natural curls your hair will thank you for it. That is after all is why Lorraine Massey devised the method to help people maintain healthy locks.

What is the Curly Girl Method of cutting hair?

Lorraine Massey originally devised the Deva Cut which is a method of cutting curly hair. The main idea is to cut hair dry allowing the hair to be in its most natural position. This stops wet curls shrinking up too short. This method of cutting curly hair is called a curly cut

Does the Curly Girl Method make your hair curlier over time?

Yes! The method can make your hair curlier over time as you hair will become more moisturised and more used to being in its natural state. It does not however change your natural curl pattern that you are born with but it definitely does improve it.

Take a look at these before and after curly hair photos to see how your hair can improve by trying out the curly girl method.

Before starting the curly girl method and now
Before and during the start of the curly girl method
Embrace your curls With the 10 step Curly Girl Method Guide to gorgeous curls and waves. Curly hair photo Curly / Wavy Hair 3 years in to the curly girl method
Curly / Wavy Hair 3 years in to the curly girl method

Is the Curly Girl Method good for wavy hair?

Yes the curly girl is great for wavy hair but you may need to adapt your routine. It may be oilier and need less conditioner and may need a helping hand when styling. You can finger coli your hair whilst styling to help encourage curls and dry hair with the help of a diffuser on your hairdryer to enhance your natural waves.

Take a look at my curly Girl section for more information on maintaining a curly girl routine.


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