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The Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK

Curly Girl is a combination of techniques to follow when looking after curly hair. Have you ever wanted to have soft, healthy hair and maybe even embrace your natural curl pattern or waves? Then this is the guide for you, the Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide with where to start and tips for beginners. In this step-by-step guide to looking after curly hair, we will at the techniques, curly hair types and which hair products you should use as a starting point. 

I started on my curly girl journey four years ago, before I had dry hair that was breaking and frizzy. After researching curly girl, wash techniques, drying techniques and approved products, I haven’t looked back and developed a hair care routine. These are the secrets to the Curly Girl method, a process and method of nurturing and protecting your hair to achieve its best potential.

Looking after your curls and learning how to style them can in turn enhance your hair’s natural curl. If you have curly or wavy hair, or even if you think you have curly hair, you can try these curl styling tips to boost your curls and remove your frizz. Here we will discover everything you need to know about styling and treating curly hair as well as building a curly hair routine that banishes frizzy hair.

It can be mind-boggling to start with, so here is my beginner’s guide and Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK from a professional hairdresser and curly girl herself.

The guide to the curly girl method and the secrets to transforming your curls. Likelovedo.com

Learn How to do the Curly Girl Method by trying this Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to yourself.

What is the curly girl method?

The Curly girl method is a technique and structuring ideas on how to get your hair in the best condition possible and then learn how to maintain and manage your curls. The Curly Girl method started out with expert Lorraine Masseys book The Curly Girl Handbook, a guide to Curly hair. The hairstylist Lorraine Massey having had curly hair her whole life wanted to embrace her curls and teach others how to manage them. Read on for advice on top tips for starting your curl journey right now. The whole idea behind the curly girl method is to remove harsh products and other elements that damage your hair. Your hair in good condition with a mixture of protein and moisture will curl better.

I have always looked after my hair and clarified my hair often to remove the silicones, but the improvement in condition, since I started the CG method has been amazing. In just a few weeks I have achieved bouncy curls. Curls that last days and my hair feels in the best condition it ever has.

See my Curly girl method my before and after pictures here

What is the curly girl method? Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK

You can start to follow the Curly Girl method by doing these things;

  • cutting out all harsh chemicals such as Sulphates and drying alcohols.
  • Stopping the use of products that contain Silicones and waxes. These coat your hair, weigh it down and prevent moisture from entering your hair.
  • Washing your hair by means of co-washing, which means washing with only conditioner, or use a Lo-poo ( sulphate and silicone-free shampoo )
  • No heat, or styling that will dry or damage your hair
  • Avoid brushes
  • Have curls cut dry by a curl-by-curl cut
  • Use specific products for naturally curly hair

When following the Curly Girl Method, it’s important to identify your hair type to understand better its unique needs and how to care for it properly. Here are some steps to help you determine your hair type:

  1. Wash your hair: Start by washing your hair with a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser to remove any product buildup or residue.
  2. Allow your hair to air dry: Avoid using any styling products or heat tools after washing and let your hair air dry naturally. This will give you a true representation of your hair’s natural texture.
  3. Observe your hair’s natural pattern: Once your hair is dry, observe how your hair naturally falls and the shape it takes. Look closely at the curls or waves that form.
  4. Compare your hair to curl patterns: Familiarize yourself with the different curl patterns to determine which one closely resembles your hair. Hair types are commonly categorized as follows:
    • Type 2: Wavy hair that forms loose, beach-like waves (2A, 2B, 2C).
    • Type 3: Curly hair with well-defined curls that range from loose to tight (3A, 3B, 3C).
    • Type 4: Coily or kinky hair that forms tight curls or coils (4A, 4B, 4C).
  5. Assess your hair’s characteristics: Along with the curl pattern, consider other characteristics of your hair, such as thickness, porosity, and density. These factors will help you tailor your hair care routine further.
    • Thickness: Determine if your hair is fine, medium, or thick. Fine hair strands are usually delicate, while thick strands are more robust.
    • Porosity: Assess how easily your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Low-porosity hair tends to repel moisture, while high-porosity hair absorbs it quickly but loses it fast.
    • Density: Evaluate how closely your hair strands are packed together. If you can see a lot of scalp, you may have low density, while a fuller appearance indicates higher density.
  6. Seek professional advice if needed: If you’re still unsure about your hair type or need further guidance, consider consulting a hair care professional specialising in curly hair. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your hair’s specific characteristics.

Remember that hair can have multiple characteristics and may vary in different sections of your head. Understanding your hair type will help you choose the right products, techniques, and styling methods to embrace your natural curls and achieve healthy, beautiful hair with the Curly Girl Method.

Steps and methods to promoting curls and easy UK products to find

Curls need moisture to retain their curl. The better condition your hair is the better your hair will curl. The way to keep your curls bouncy is to get your hair into the best condition you can and then lock the moisture into your hair by various methods.

Read these 10 steps to the curly girl method here!

Here we will look at these steps to the curly girl method;

  • Final Washing
  • Deep conditioning masks
  • Co-washing
  • Building a wash routine
  • Clarifying your hair and removing build-up
  • Conditioning
  • Clumping curls together
  • Plopping Hair before drying
  • Choosing styling products
  • Styling techniques
  • Drying and diffusing your hair
  • Creating a cast
  • Learn about transition time when doing the curly girl method

What is the final wash?

Do one last wash with a final wash shampoo such as baby shampoo. You need a silicone-free shampoo but a shampoo that contains sulphate to cleanse any silicone left on the hair. Once you have done your final wash, you will start with a routine of Co-washing ( washing with conditioner) and Lo poo ( sulphate and silicone-free shampoo) washing instead.

The final wash is not stated in the Curly Girl Handbook If you want to religiously follow Lorraine Massey’s book you can leave this out. In my opinion, it will ensure hair is completely on a clean slate by removing any access built on the surface just like a clarifying shampoo would do. For instance, if you have build up you will need to try removing this. For more advanced information on build-up removal read my post on Clarifying here.

Johnson’s new packaged baby shampoo is now CG-friendly and is considered a LO-poo Shampoo now.

Take a look at my 25 curly girl hair hacks here!

The curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK final wash shampoo
Final Wash Tresemme Deep cleansing shampoo or Baby Shampoo

Deep Condition and repairing hair

After your final wash, you should restore your hair with a silicone-free deep conditioner. This should be done once a week on damp hair. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag or cap and then cover it with a towel to keep in the warmth. leave for 10 to 30 minutes or even an hour before rinsing. After this, you can apply a normal silicone-free conditioner as well and comb through to remove to detangle.

The curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK Deep condition with Ultimate blends silicone free or try Shea Moisture deep treatment masque
Ultimate blends silicone free or try Shea Moisture deep treatment masque

Build a routine with your hair by Co-washing it with conditioner, Lo poo and Clarifying.

Your Curly Girl routine will be made up of a mixture of washing with conditioner (co-washing) using a Lo poo shampoo ( chemical free ) and an occasional clarifying shampoo.

When you are in the shower, wash your hair with conditioner as you would a shampoo. Massaging the conditioner into your hair and scalp to remove residue. Do this a few times to remove any dirt particles and cleanse your hair. This is the time to comb through your curls while they are wet and slippery and coated in conditioner.

You may not want to co-wash every time as this does not suit everyone. Too much conditioner can also weigh the hair down and certain ingredients can still build up. Instead, use a Lo poo shampoo in between and be guided by how your hair feels.

lo poo is a shampoo or “low poo” which means a sulfate-free shampoo that still contains cleansing ingredients (called “surfactants”). This is not strictly CG either, but over time I have made some changes to my curly girl routine that have worked!

Do I wash, lo poo or co-wash each time using the curly girl method?

How do you know when to lo poo, co-wash or even just refresh? If your hair is;

  • Thick and greasy weighed down? clarify it
  • Needs regular routine was Co wash with conditioner.
  • Not feeling fresh try a general wash with Lo poo.
  • Needs moisture feels dry? Deep condition

How to clarify your hair and remove buildup

Clarifying your hair with a non-silicone shampoo in-between washes can help make your hair feel light again. If you may find that your hair starts to feel heavy with conditioner or in fact dry you must clarify it. I am using a chelating shampoo which removes hard water build-up and build-up from natural oils. If you want a curly girl approved Clarifying shampoo, you need one with these ingredients;

  • sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate or
  • sodium lauroyl sarcosinate

Products with these ingredients are not a lo-poo shampoo but more of a gentle cleanser. These are not a sulphate and are used to help remove impurities and build-up. Do this maybe every 3 to 4 weeks or when you feel it needs it. Noughty does a detox shampoo which does just this.

I am using one from the US right now Kinky Curly Come Clean chelating shampoo or you could try this one from savers such as the KHC banana shampoo.

For clarification if you wish you can use a shampoo with no silicone but one that still has sodium laurel sulphate; this is not a strict curly girl rule and bear in mind it can dry your hair. This can however work for many wavy hair people making it feel light again. Remember to do a deep condition after though!

You could also try Cantu Cleansing shampoo which is a great shampoo and is available in the UK. Or the Noughty clarifying shampoo Detox Dynamo

For the full Lo down on Co -washing see this post here!

Ultimate blends organ oil conditioner has no silicone. Soap and glory microfibre towel from Boots for plopping
Ultimate Blends organ oil conditioner has no silicone. Soap and glory microfibre towel from Boots for plopping

Do I use Conditioner and or leave-in conditioner when doing the curly girl method?

After washing your hair, you need to leave some moisture in your hair by using a leave-in conditioner. This is a very important step and the best way to make your curls spring into life. Alternatively at this step, you could opt for a curl cream. For lighter thinner hair choose products that are not heavy. These normally contain ingredients such as shea butter.

Gently squeeze out access water but not too much; you want your hair to be wet to lock the moisture in. With your head upside down, apply a generous amount of a suitable leave-in conditioner so that you can see it and gently brush through. Again brushing is not to be done in the strict main curly girl method. Use fingers to detangle or a comb instead.

How to Brush hair to clump curls together

The idea of brushing through when really wet is to get all of your hair to stick together and then slowly separate into larger clumps. Many curly girls now use this method. This achieves a larger curl rather than lots of separate stringy curls. You need to use a brush with close-together bristles such as a Wet brush or a Denman brush.

Once you have done this with your head still upside down, gently scrunch the leave-in conditioner in. You will notice your curls start to clump together again. Then plop in a towel for 10 minutes.

See some of my recommended leave in conditioners here.

Shea Moisture strength and restore leave in conditioner.
Shea Moisture Strength and restore leave in conditioner.

What is plopping your hair?

Plopping is a method used to promote a natural curl pattern and remove some dampness.

Using a micro fibre towel or a t-shirt, position your hair wet upside down and gently wrap. Let your curls sit in the towel gently and wrap the towel around before putting your head upright again. Let this sit on top of your head for about 5 minutes before drying. Do not use a harsh fluffy towel that will disturb your curl or cause frizz.

Plopping your hair for 5 to 10 minutes in generally enough. Plopping for 30 minutes is ok but apply the gel after plopping on this occasion. Alternatively, Plopping may not work for you so you can also gently scrunch out access water with an old t-shirt or microfibre towel.

How to plop curls with a T-shirt

When doing the curly girl method, you can plop your hair with a cotton T-shirt. Fold the t-shirt down to make it a bit shorter and lower your head into the shirt. Wrap the straight end around your head then bring up the sleeves to tie it up. You can see how to plop with a t-shirt in this video below.

What styling products do I need for the curly girl method?

You can start with either a mousse or a gel to keep it simple. There are lots of products you can use such as;

  • Gel
  • Curl Cream
  • Curl custard
  • Mousse
  • Hairspray

Each product will be different and work in different ways. A gel, custard, hairspray or a mousse will create hold. Curl creams act like conditioners and smoothers.

Cantu define and shine custard, Boots curl essentials is good but has some slightly drying alcohols so should not be used excessively
Cantu Define and Shine custard,  or Boots Curl Essentials is good but has some slightly drying alcohols so should not be used excessively.

Styling products

There are two ways of adding styling products to your hair before you plop your hair or after. I would not advise leaving your hair wrapped up for too long if putting the product on first. Try both ways to see which way works best for you.

After plopping remove your hair from the towel and get ready to add styling product still with your head upside down. You can use Mousse, gel, or curling custard to add definition to your hair. There are even cg hair sprays on the market now which are curly girl friendly. You can even make your own curly girl hairspray too!

Apply the gel with either your head upside down or upright to arrange where your parting is first. I have found applying my gel upright leaves the top section and parting with a better curl formation; again this is trial and error and everyone will be different.

Styling techniques for the curly girl method

Squish to condish

Squish to condish is using the scrunching method of squeezing in conditioner and promoting a curl.

Praying hands

Use these techniques when styling your hair and doing the curly girl method. Remove the towel and gently swipe gel or curling custard over your hair using praying hands. Praying hands means keeping your palms flat and gently going over the hair’s surface to distribute product. Scrunch this in and get ready to diffuse. You can layer different gels or use one or two products together.

You need to apply a generous amount of gel or mousse you will want your hair to be sticky and wet. 

Umberto Giovanni Curl Jelly or Vo5 wet look are curl friendly as is Pantene defined curls.
Umberto Giovanni Curl Jelly or Vo5 wet look are curl friendly as is Pantene defined curls.

Drying your hair and how to diffuse.

One of the best ways to dry your curls is to let them dry naturally; this is healthy and non-drying. This is however not practical for everyone and for some with hair that is not as curly it may not work as well.

Try both leaving your hair to dry and diffusing and see what works for you. For wavy girls diffusing can help create a bigger curl with more volume.

Diffusing works better for me. Also, I use a diffuser to dry my hair promoting its natural wave and lift it from the root. Thick wavy hair can need some support whilst drying and diffusing on a low speed and low heat can help.

Keep the diffuser close to your head and do not touch the hair. Let your hair sit in the diffuser cup and slowly dry. This can be a long process and my hair and can take up to an hour to dry. In fact, I am typing this while I am in the drying process. It is worth taking the time to dry slowly as my hair can stay perfectly curled for days. This process is called pixie drying.

For extra root lift, you can clip up your roots with small metal hair clips while it dries.

You can dry your curly hair until at least 80% dry then leave it to air dry.

How to create a cast when doing the CGM method

Crunchy is good! After your hair is 100% dry, it should appear crunchy. This means you have held your curl and locked in some moisture. This is called a cast, and I have found this is the most important component of creating a frizz-free curl.

When your hair is 100% dry, you can scrunch out this crunch with your hands by gently squeezing the hair and scrunching out the crunch. You can also use a t-shirt to scrunch with to stop any fries. Gently take your hands through the roots of your hair and shake to soften the look. You will be left with soft curls or waves.

If you feel your hair never gets a cast, there may be reason for it. Read my post on How to get a curl cast to find out the reasons why you can’t get a gel cast.

If you are not keen on a cast ( crunchy hair ), alternatively you could try a cream such as the Noughty Wave Hello taming cream.

Defuse hair, with Cast and clipped roots, after cast has been scrunched out.
Defuse hair with Cast and clipped roots after the cast has been scrunched out.

Trial and error with maintaining your routine and transitioning.

Everybody’s hair is different and it will be trial and error a lot of the time. Wavy hair with get greasier quicker and may find product heavy. Very curly hair will need more moisture to tame it. If your hair has a low porosity (shiny, greasy, smooth ) with closed cuticles, it may need less conditioner. Therefore high porosity hair ( coloured, damaged or dry) may need more conditioner to absorb into the cuticle.

It can take a long time for your hair to adjust and transition. Your hair overtime has become used to silicone and sulphates drying the hair. So in turn your scalp had been producing more sebum to make up for this. Now you are not drying your hair out with harsh products your scalp will need time to adjust. Hence why you may find your hair slightly greasy when you first start; combat this by using a lo-poo shampoo more than a co-wash conditioner whilst it transitions.

Take a look at my hair now and how it has changed. You can also read about some of the curly girl rules I have since changed here too

curly girl hair four years in ringlets
curly girl hair four years in ringlets curly girl method changes and why you do nt stick to the rules.

Trying a rice water rinse

Curly hair needs protein and moisture to maintain a good structure. Rice water is known to strengthen hair from within flatten the cubicle and promote hair growth. With regular rice water treatments, you can enhance the condition of your hair. Check out my post on how to do a rice water rinse when you have curly or wavy hair.

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions here and some tips on porosity here.

Where to buy products curly girl method products in the UK?

Check out my ultimate curly girl product guide for UK drugstores and supermarkets!

Where can I buy curly girl products in the UK? As part of my Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK, I have listed in the above photos products that can be found in UK supermarkets and drugstores like Boots and  Superdrug. There are also some websites and new brands that are cropping up in the UK. I am always excited to try new products as I go along. Take a look at these products and websites for more help.

Here is some of my favourite products that I purchase from Amazon; always check as prices can fluctuate. You can sometimes buy some of these in Superdrug or Boots.

For more Curly Girl-approved leave-in conditioners see here.

More Curly Girl reading

How to follow the wavy girl method

Bentonite Clay wash Do’s and dont’s

Easy guide to the Rice water rinse

Curly girl product reviews for further reading

Naturalistic Products stock a wide range of Curly girl approved methods not available in the UK.

Curly Girl method products in Savers

Christophe Robin Curl Cream

Noughty range of curly girl products which are 97% natural.

Cantu Review here these products are all available in the UK.

Only Curls a London-based company whose mission is to ditch the chemicals and help people have healthy hair and embrace their curls.

The Curl company here

Naturalistic Products stock a wide range of Curly girl approved methods not available in the UK.

Kiyo Beauty is another website which are  in the Uk ( funny enough just down the road from me ) they ship in the Uk. Many of the harder-to-find products can also be found on Look Fantastic.

An easy way to check your curl product ingredients!

Always check your ingredients are chemical-free first! you can check by popping your ingredients into this handy tool on the Curlsbot website.

Take a look at what my friend Sarahs favourite Curly Girl products are in the UK here.

Your hair will love you even if you are curly or not! 

I hope this Curly Girl Method Quick Start Guide in the UK has helped you. Stick with it and take pictures as your hair will change over time and improve.

Please note these may not be all strictly the original curly girl methods (i.e. I use a hairdryer) but they work for my thick wavy hair. Remember the CGM Method is trial and error and what works for some people does not work for all. Experiment with different applications, products and ideas.

All reviews and opinions are my own. This page does contain some Amazon affiliate links. These are at no extra cost to yourself unless of course you can find them cheaper elsewhere.

If you have enjoyed this post and found it useful, here are some ways you can say thanks and support Likelovedo, I appreciate all your support

D x

Curl Help learn how to love your curls. How to curl your hair naturally and keep your hair in good condition. Try the curly girl method to get bouncy curls


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  1. Its taken me so long to get my head around it all, this post is fab I could have done with it a month ago. I am not as far as you with the curls but am getting there and so pleased with the results x

      1. Where do you go for colour and haircut in the uk? Is it curl by curl technique you have used or is it colour at any good hairdressers where they apply colour using usual methods for all hair types i.e. using foil and applying colour on wet hair.

        1. I am a hairdresser so my friend and I do it.
          Any colour can damage your hair. For the best possible moisture and less porosity you would aim to not colour your hair.
          If you want to then less is more. Semi permanent would be best then permanent. Bleach or high peroxide would be the most damaging and should be avoided.
          I colour just my roots at little as possible.
          Foil is fine it is a technique of application.
          I have layers cut in when wet as I am more wavy than curly. I do sometimes cut curls individually for shape and defininition. I hope this helps x

    1. Brilliant! It’s so exciting once you get started, each time I wash it I try something different and can’t wait to see the results. Can’t wait to see how you get on x

  2. LOVE this! I have naturally wavy hair and have been plopping and using body shop ginger shampoo and conditioner, so no silicone. My curls have never looked better. I may need to get some styling products now though 🙂 sodium laurel sulphate

    1. I thought the same, but started this method to improve the condition of my hair. Lo and behold! I have curly hair.

        1. I used to have my hair perked in the 80’s and 90’s! It wasn’t until Frizz-ease came out that I realised that I’d been curly all along

        2. Hi, thank you so much for all the info that you’ve provided. I’ve lots of questions about UK products. Where do you suggest I visit for info. I’ve tried searching on curlsbot.com but I just can’t get any replies from it.Even my more tech savvy husband is at a loss!

  3. I wish I had curly hair, I have kinky afro hair which spends more time in knots that curly otherwise. Love the products you’re using, I love Cantu products.

    1. Hi, the main thing is moisture, regular deep treatments, I love shea moisture for this. If your roots get greasy then just do mid lengths and ends. Also check your ingredients if there is silicone in the products it will coat your hair and stop the ,moisture and shine. Some products that say they are silicone free are not.x

  4. I have naturally very VERY (sometimes out of control hair) curly hair and have spent years straightening my hair. In July I turned 40 and decided I was going to go natural. After reading some reviews online I brought a range of Cantu products and couldn’t believe how amazing it looked and felt after only one wash! It looks so healthy and I get so many compliments. I can’t say I never straighten it now, I do but to have the choice of beautiful curls or straight is amazing.

    1. That sounds like me! Although I’m not quite as curly. I can not believe it took me this long! I love cantu and I love the fact they do a cleansing shampoo too so my hair never feel weighed down. Thanks for the comment x

  5. Hey I am super excited to try this but have a fringe I want to keep striaght! How would I stop this from going greasy? Can i use dry shampoo on it and can I straighten just my fringe?

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  7. This is amazing! I’ve recently come across this method and want to try it out on my wavy hair but I’m confused about the routine.
    So I would start off with the baby shampoo as a deep clean and then deep condition after with the Garnier mask?
    Then I am looking to get the kind natured shampoo as a co wash, what would I need to do after this co wash? Would I condition with the same conditioner? And what will my routine be after this?

    1. The kind shampoo is a lo poo. Then condition.
      Over the next few weeks you can either wash with conditioner or lo poo. Be guided by your hair. Some wavies can not use too much conditioner and still need to shampoo every now and then to keep it light and not greasy.
      Il be doing another post very soon withmore info x

  8. Your blog is amazing, so happy I found you. Currently doing my research to start my curly hair journey. Your products list of use and where to buy is going to be a massive help…. You have pointed me in the right direction. Thank you x

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  10. I co wash & use silicone free conditioners but want curly girl friendly styling products to eliminate frizz & define curls ….. available on the high street preferably……any recommendations

    1. Try the noughty range the curl taming cream , the vo5 gel, Pantene mousse. Cantu custard are my go to at the moment. I just hope more manufacturers get the point that we want more natural products x

  11. I am waiting for my cantu bits to be delivered and have been and got the garnier mask and VO5 gel. I have been straightening my hair for 18 years!!! I have VERY curly hair and have never liked it curly it goes out not down and always frizzes but I’ve decided after turning 40 last year I’m going to try embrace the curl! I had a baby last year and do not have time to sit straightening my hair so I’m hoping I can get on with curly hair 🤞🏻.
    What I wanted to ask was how often do you co wash? Thanks! Your post has really helped me get my head round what I need to do I can’t wait to get started!!

    1. Hi Sarah, glad I could help.
      I co wast every other wash at the moment. You will gradually be able to go longer or always co wash. Your hair will adjust. I still find I need to lo poo in between. Some people do a apple cider vinegar rinse instead of lo poo. I tablespoon to a cup of warm
      Water to rinse the hair of any build up. X

  12. I’m just about to start my curly journey. I swim 3 times a week and wash my hair with shampoo after this. I try not to wash it any other time. Do you think that a lo poo would be able to remove the chlorine from my hair? Have you any other suggestions? Thanks

    1. You should have no problem with chlorine if you rinse it straight away after swimming. Many curlys just do a lo poo or a co wash after swimming. Your problem is not so much getting it out but more the drying effect it will have on the hair. So a lo
      Poo and a deep conditioner or a co wash to add moisture should suffice x

        1. I’m thinking that if I saturate my hair in the shower just prior to swimming it won’t take up as much pool water too

    2. If you are going swimming and know you will be in contact with chlorine. make sure you rinse your hair until it s super soaking and then the cortex will soak up less chlorine. think of it as a sponge. if its wet it cant soak any more liquid up.

    3. I have a similar issue. What seems to have worked for me is saturating the hair while I shower before getting in the pool, then applying a leave-in conditioner before donning my swim cap. I thought the cap might slip off, but I have a chillswim cap that hugs the head nicely and doesn’t budge. Then, when I leave the pool, I rinse, co-wash or lo-poo, condition and style. The concept of wetting the hair prior to going into the pool, also applies to the skin. If you wet and saturate your skin everyone before going into the pool, you will suffer less skin drying effects from the chlorine 🙂

  13. Thanks for this article. It’s very clearly explained using the minimal products.
    I am using cg method from past 2 months but it’s not showing any results. I had my hairs chemically straightned so I am in a transition stage. The problem is some of my new growth is curly and the other is straight. I am not sure whether I should continue with cg method or shall I quit.

    1. You are welcome, I would really try and carry on. Your hair will start to feel better soon. Keep trimming the ends and condition regularly. Once it grows out you will probably find it really curly x

      1. Hi. What lo poo would be suitable for my daughter, shes 6. I was going to use Cantu or kind natured as I thought they were lo poo but reading your review it seems they are clarifying shampoo

  14. Hi, thanks for the article. You mention that there are CGM friendly hair sprays on the market and I wondered if you could say which ones?

  15. Thank you so much! You have done all of the hard work for us! Am so grateful for your recommendations and I found I could get everything I need in Superdrug!

  16. Thanks so much for this brilliant post- really helpful. I wondered if you had any tips on finding a hairdresser who specialises in cutting curly hair? I’m in London. I did find an amazing hairdresser who trained with devacurl, but she only visits London occasionally and it’s really hard to get an appointment with her. Thanks

    1. I’ve been using Fourth Floor, between Holborn and Clerkenwell for about fifteen years – I occasionally try another salon if I’m working away and hard to get there, but never with much success, always go back!

  17. Thanks for this. I’ve noticed a (2a) wave commming back into my fine, poker straight hair over the last 3-4 years, and have been trying to cultivate this. My mum says I born with curly hair until she cut off th over tangled ends so as not to hurt me detangling them when I was 1yrs old, anI’ve had straight hair since. The wave is comng along and I stumbled across your blog a few days a go, and have started researching and buying products to give this method a try, but I have a couple of spare bottles and I’m reluctant to throw them out, so will be using them first.

    I wanted to ask, if you no longer comb/brush throught your curls when dry (like on the second/third day), how do you protect them frizz (through rubbing on the pillowcase) when sleeping? Also, do yo refresh your curls on a non wash/cowash day? Would really appreciate yur take on this.

    1. I wear my hair in a high pineapple on top of my head. A lot of people use a silk pillowcase. I refresh by wetting my hands ( sometimes with a bit of gel or whatever I used to style it) and gently use praying hands to de frizz the top. I don’t tend to wet it too much. But as your hair gets used to it it gets easier. I’ll add these questions to my next post which will be available soon.

      I always make sure it’s properly brushed through with conditioner when I’m washing though. Glad I can help good luck xx

  18. Hey,

    So I have naturally curly hair but I definitely don’t pay that much attention to it other than wash/condition, put a mousse on and diffuse depending on however long I have. I’ve been researching more about what I can do to maintain my curls for longer and have more defined curls so your blog was super helpful, especially as you’re UK too!

    I’m just curious, at the beginning of your blog where you do your final wash and then you say to do a deep condition once a week, how long do you do that for and is that in addition to beginning your co-washing routine?

    Sorry if this is a silly question or if I haven’t read it properly!

    Thanks xx

    1. Hi no problem at all glad to help.
      I deep condition once a week. I either co wash then deep condition or shampoo then deep condition. Basically keep deep conditioning to add moisture to your hair.
      I deep condition by applying treatment then a plastic bag and towel. I leave it on for about 30 minutes. Let me know if you have any more questions x

  19. Really useful guide. I’ve been using Cantu products for the last three years or so – couldn’t live without the co-wash and curl revitaliser!
    Luckily there’s quite a lot of shops in London catering for black hair – generally a lot cheaper than Boots/Superdrug or online – as my hair gets whiter, it’s also become increasingly dry and frizzy.
    Any reccomendations on microfibre towels, or are they all much of a muchness?

    1. Hi, to be honest I use a large T-shirt most of the time now, any microfibre Towel would be good just check the size if you have a lot of hair. Which shops do you go to in London? Would love to know more x

    1. Hi Gemma , my hair is not too long so I put it in a satin scrunchy high on top of my head.
      That way only the underneath is on the pillow. Lots of people use buffs which are like a huge tube on your head but I haven’t tried this. Could be useful if your hair is long x

      1. Thanks! The other thing I was wondering is when I use the Pantene mousse I find my curls go crunchy which i don’t like…I read about the lube but I felt a bit weird with that! Haha! Do you use anything else to stop curls going crunchy? Xx

  20. Every photo I have seen regarding the CHM shoes people with thick hair. I have fine curly hair (3a) and also Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. Will this method work for me?

    1. I would say yes, a lot of people with fine hair achieve really good results with lots volume because the hair is lighter. Also any products with less chemicals are good for your hair and skin. Look for lighter products not heavy like ones with coconut in. Do you have prescribed products for you alopecia? I am
      Currently looking in to more natural products at the moment with less preservatives x

      1. I’ve recently had a patch test for allergies in regards my Alopecia and I’m allergic to perfume, fragrance and Linalool! I have seen a couple of American brands used for the CHM but they either don’t deliver to UK or they’re extortionate prices!

  21. It’s the Devocurl range! I have looked at the products you have put on the site but most have the ingredients in I’m allergic to 🙁 but will have another look just in case I’ve missed any! I’m currently using a gentle fragrance and Linalool free shampoo/conditioner but my curls seem to have disappeared! What a dilemma it is having curly hair 😱

      1. You have been so helpful! 🙋🏻 I will take a look at the Faith in Nature range and double check your list you have given me for the website.

        Thank you.

  22. Hi, I own a small salon and would love some info on how you bring this into the salon I.e products used and if you are allowing this to be rolled out into salons. (Don’t want to poach your ideas😊)

    1. Hi Charlotte, I hope I can help, These are not all my ideas its a method that has been around a while. Lorraine Massey divised it in her book the Curly girl method handbook.But it is also a lot about looking after your hair almost opposite to how we were taught as hairdressers. The main problem being silicone build up which stops any natural moisture being absorbed and good ingredients penetrating the hair. To enable this to be rolled out in the salon you would need cg approved products. There are a few salons now offering Deva cuts ( curly girl ) and you can have training by Devacurl. Devacurl may be a good professional brand for you to introduce. If I had a salon this is something i would look at as there is a high demand at the moment. I hope that helps you? any more questions please fire away xx

  23. Hey there. I wondered if you could recommend hair dryers/diffusers. My current one is not great! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi sorry for late reply I’m in sunny spain.
      I use a parlux which really good quality. I have a babyliss universal diffuser. I also like babyliss hairdryers or wahl. I am just about to do a round up on here of best hair diffusers and dryers should be up soon x

  24. Thanks for your blog it’s so helpful, I’m just about to dive into the method. I have a few questions tho, how many times a week are you washing your hair? I have hair very similar to your before photo but very long, it touches the bottom arch of my back maybe longer. Also as I am beginning what is the best way to style help less frizz and rectangle on day 2+ hair? Thanks 😁

    1. Hi, I wash mine about once a week but you may need to do more to start.
      I use a tiny bit of gel in my palms and wet my hands I lightly add some water and scrunch i then diffuse a bit . I am writing a post on this at the moment. X

  25. I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair and really want to try this! But I wondered, down the line if I did want a change and wanted to straighten my hair as a one off, would I have to start all over again?

    1. Hi, not necessarily. Your hair will
      Start to develop a curl pattern so it may not go as curly straight away after straightening. Any thing you do to your hair will help the condition. Using straighteners though may damage the hair which can be irreparable. You may find you don’t want to straighten once you have started x

  26. What a great post! Thank you for clarity of it. I’ve started CGM about 2 months ago and felt overwhelmed with the amount of information out there! I will definitely try the rice water rinse as my hair has started to misbehave a bit and not wanting to curl as much. 😁

      1. Thank you. I do clarify about once a month. Think my problem is that I haven’t quite figured the right moisture/protein ratio.
        Also-and this is probably a silly questio- how do I keep my clumps after plopping when I put my hair from upside down to the right way down? Especially the back of my head gets all messy? X

  27. Thank you so much for that post, such a clarity. I’ve started the CGM about 2 months ago and been overwhelmed by the sea of information out there… will definitely try the rice water rinse as my hair has started to misbehave a bit and not wanting to curl as much as before.
    Also, can you recommend any curly hairdressers? 😊

  28. Hi! I’ve loved the blog and used it over the last few months on my wavy/curly hair. Initially I had amazing results, but in the last few weeks it’s been really dry and frizzy! I had been using the Shea leave in conditioner (which is now out of stock everywhere!), but switched to another of your recommendations. I’m only ‘washing’ once a week and this is because of the frizz not grease! Any tips? I’ve a feeling I need to up the conditioner, but should I be washing more often to do so?! TIA xxx

    1. Hi, Oh no Its out of stock! I love that conditioner! Your hair does transition over a few months and it look like your hair likes the heavier rich conditioners.These types of conditioners are cantu, Asiam and shea. Are you using another Shea one? It could be that your hair lacks a bit of protein or moisture. It can make it feel crunchy and dry for either. I try to do a healthy balance of both protein and hydrating conditioner. For when it feels dry I try to use an Aloe Vera conditioner such as garnier hair food which hydrates more.

  29. No matter how many places I post this question, I have never had any answer to the following question; why when I use hair gel on my just below the shoulder length curly hair do I end up sticky all over my neck, back of my neck and chest?
    It doesn’t matter how much product I use or cut down on it’s the same every time I wash my hair and I try to be careful not to get my hair near my body, It’s driving me mad.
    I used As I Am Curling Jelly this time and although it’s not as bad I am still sticky!! Is it me or is this a common problem? If others don’t get this, what do you do to avoid it?

      1. That’s what I do, but after diffusing the top of my hair while I hang my head upside down, I stand up to diffuse the rest and the gel on the rest of my hair transfers to my skin. I even tried putting my spare fine microfibre towel around my shoulders to cover me up but still managed to get some on my neck and chest!!

  30. after reading loooads of stuff and watching loooads of videos this is like the best all-in-one-place guide I have found!
    I love how important things are highlighted and the link opens up in a new page , so that the main page is not overloaded with information.
    bumped into the blog when looking for clear instructions for the rice water rinse which I will be doing shortly for the first time ever!
    and I am thrilled to have found a curly pal who has got a straight fringe! I feel so weird at times! LOL how do you style that?

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