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Curly Girl Method Steps

Do you have frizzy hair that never looks nice curly? Do you want soft healthy hair springy ringlets or soft natural curls or waves? These Curly Girl Method steps will bring your natural curls back to life.

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This Curly Girl Method step by step Guide is a method of nurturing your natural hair pattern and protecting your hair to achieve its best potential. This in turn enhances your hairs natural curl, improves moisture and sets you in good stead to adapt your own curly hair routine.

If have curly, coily hair or wavy hair you can get the best results for your hair texture by choosing the right leave- in conditioner or even a dry shampoos.

If you think you have curly hair you can try this in-depth guide on the best CG method tips to boost your curls and remove your frizz.

Curl development and hair growth from 4 years of doing the curly girl method Photos
Curl development and hair growth from 4 years of doing the curly girl method

Embrace your curls with these easy steps guide to the Curly Girl Method to achieve gorgeous curls and waves

 It can be mind boggling to start with so here is my Curly Girl Method step by step Guide for beginners from a professional hair dresser and curly girl herself.

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Embrace your curls with the 10 step Curly Girl Method Guide to gorgeous curls and waves Pinterest image post curly hair

What is the Curly Girl Method?

The idea behind the Curly girl method is to get your hair in the best condition possible and then learn how to maintain and manage your curls. The Curly girl method started out with Lorraine Masseys book The Curly Girl handbook a guide to Curly hair. Lorraine having had curly hair her whole life wanted to embrace her curls and teach others how to as well. Read on for advise on top tips for starting your curl journey right now. It is a method of using the right products and also choosing the right styling methods.

The whole idea behind the curly girl method is to remove harsh products and other elements that damage your hair. Harsh ingredients in hair products are Alcohols, Silicones, Parabens and waxes. If your hair is in good condition with a mixture of protein and moisture your hair will curl better. Here in this post of Curly Girl Method Steps we discover exactly what you need to do to achieve great looking hair.

Embrace your curls With the 10 step Curly Girl Method Guide to gorgeous curls and waves
Embrace your curls With the 10 step Curly Girl Method Guide to gorgeous curls and waves

What to avoid when doing the curly girl method

  • Avoid all harsh chemicals such as Sulphates and drying alcohols.
  • Stop the use of products that contain Silicones and waxes. These coat your hair, weigh it down and prevent moisture from entering your hair.
  • Wash your hair by means of co-washing which means wash with only conditioner, or use a Lo-poo ( sulphate and silicone free shampoo )
  • No heat, or styling that will dry or damage your hair
  • Avoid brushes
  • Have curls cut dry by a curl by curl cut

Curly Girl Method in 10 Steps to promoting curls

Step 1 find some curly girl approved products

You will need to use curly girl method approved products that are free from Silicone, Drying alcohols, parabens, Wax and sulphates. These ingredients are drying and damaging to your hair.

To start your curly hair journey you need to be aware of what is in your hair products by checking the ingredient lists. Ditch the traditional shampoo. hot tools, heat tools, and use low heat and clean ingredients instead.

Start with a conditioner a deep treatment mask and a styling product such as flexible hold gel that are free from these ingredients. Look for products that include ingredients such as shea moisture, coconut oil, natural oils or mango butter. If you do step 2 you will need a silicone and sulfate-free shampoo which contains gentle cleansers instead.

Products to get you started in 10 steps of th Curly Girl method;

Deep conditioner such as Imbue Restoring deep conditioner

A conditioner like Ultimate blends conditioner

Curl cream such as- Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream

Hair Mousse

Gel such as Umberto Giannini curl jelly pink tube

A low poo conditioner such as Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Step 2 final wash

Do one last wash with a final wash shampoo such as baby shampoo. You need a silicone free shampoo but a shampoo that contains a sulphate to cleanse any silicone left on the hair. Once you have done your final wash you will start with a routine of Co washing ( washing with conditioner) and Lo poo ( sulphate and silicone free shampoo) washing instead. 

Note: The final wash is not stated in the Curly Girl Handbook if your want to religiously follow Lorraine Masseys book you can leave this out. In my opinion it will ensure hair is completely on a clean slate by removing any access built on the surface just like a clarifying shampoo would do. For instance if you have build up you will need to try and remove this before.

Step 3  of the Curly Girl Method steps -Co wash

When you are in the shower wash your hair with conditioner only (this is called Co washing) as you would a shampoo. Massage the conditioner in to your hair and scalp to remove residue. Do this a few times to get rid of any dirt particles and cleanse your hair. This is the time to comb through your curls while they are wet and slippery and coated in conditioner.

You may not want to co wash everytime as this does not suit everyone. Too much conditioner can also weigh the hair down and certain ingredients can still build up. Instead use a Lo poo shampoo in-between and be guided by how your hair feels.

Step 4 Deep Condition and repair

After your final wash or once every a week you should restore your hair with a silicone free deep conditioner. This should be done once a week on damp hair. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag or cap and then cover by a towel to keep in the warmth. leave for 10 to 30 minutes or even an hour before rinsing. After this you can apply a normal silicone free conditioner as well and comb through to remove to detangle.

Step 5 Curl cream and leave in conditioner

After washing your hair you need to leave some moisture in your hair by using a leave in conditioner. This is a very important step and the best way to make your curls spring in to life. Alternatively at this step you could opt for a curl cream. For lighter thinner hair choose products that are not heavy such as products containing shea butters.

Gently squeeze out access water but not too much, you want your hair to be wet to lock the moisture in. With your head upside down, apply curl cream or leave in conditioner and gently brush through. Again brushing is not to be done in the strict main curly girl method. Use fingers to detangle or a comb if you prefer.

Step 6 styling  with products 

Brushing to clump curls together as part of the Curly Girl Method step by step Guide. The idea of brushing through when really wet is to get all of your hair to stick together and then slowly separate in to larger clumps. Many curly girls now use this method but its not strictly CG. This achieves a larger curl rather than lots of separate stringy curls. You need to use a brush with close together bristles such as a Wet brush or a Denman brush. 

You can use Mousse, Gel or curl custard to lock in curls. Brush through the product to evenly distribute. Then gently scrunch your hair in your hands, you will notice your curls start to clump together again. 

Step 7 plop hair in a microfibre towel

Plopping is a method used to promote a natural curl pattern and remove some dampness. Using a micro fibre towel or a t-shirt, postition your hair wet upside down and gently wrap. Let your curls sit in the towel gently and wrap the towel around before putting your head upright again. Let this sit on top of your head for about 5 to 10  minutes before drying. Do not use a harsh fluffy towel that will disturb your curl or cause frizz.

Step 8 Drying your hair and how to diffuse.

One of the best ways to dry your curls is to let them dry naturally, this is healthy and non drying. This is however not practical for everyone and for some with hair that is not as curly it may not work as well.

Use a diffuser to promote more of your hairs natural wave and lift it from the root. This will also speed up drying time. Thick wavy hair can need some support whilst drying to promote curl. Diffuse on a low speed and low heat.

Keep the diffuser close to your head and do not touch the hair. Let your hair sit in the diffuser cup and slowly dry.

Step 9 scrunch out the crunch

When your hair is 100% dry it may be crispy with product this is called a cast. You can scrunch out this crunch with your hands by gently squeezing the hair in your hands. You can also use a t-shirt to scrunch with to stop any frizz. Gently take your hands through the roots of your hair and shake to soften the look. You will be left with soft curls or waves.

Step 10 trial and error

The final part of the Curly Girl Method step by step Guide is triall and error. Everybody’s hair is different, Wavy hair may get greasier quicker and you may find product heavy. Very curly hair may need more moisture to tame it. If you hair that has a low porosity (shiny, greasy, smooth ) with closed cuticles it may need less conditioner.

Curly girl method routene, sometimes no two wash days are the same! Photos of curly hair two different methods
Curly girl method routene, sometimes no two wash days are the same!

Therefore high porosity hair ( coloured, damaged or dry) may need more conditioner  to absorb into the cuticle. Practise with styling too and different styling products remember expensive products are not always best.

Curly girl method tips

There are also other points to remember when doing the curly girl method.

How you wear your hair and look after in during the day and night will effect your curls too. Use these tips to help your curls stay frizz free.

Sleep on silk

Sleeping while preserving your curls can be a real challenge. Use a silk or satin smooth pillowcase to reduce the friction on the hair while you sleep. 

Give it time

The curly girl method can over whelming when you first start. The damage to your hair has been don’t over time therefore it will not resolve itself over night. If you have chemical damage or heat or sun damage you will need to slowly work with your hairs condition. With a little trial and error, some deep treatments and a little patience you will start seeing results. Remember its not an over night fix.

Tie hair up with a satin scrunchie

Chuck the hair bands out that damage your hair and try using softer satin scrunchies instead to preserve your curls. Put your hair high in a ponytail for sleep.

Try one product at a time

When trying out new product only try one new product at a time. This way you can work out what works for your hair. Keep your wash day routine consistent and change one thing such as the styling product so you know which products are working and showing improvement in your curls

Don’t compare your curls to others

Everyone’s hair is different! We all have different textures and different hair conditions. Your hair may be wavy and fine or coily and thick! Embrace your hair only! Take photos as you go so you can see just how far you have come! This is your journey and every curl on your head is different too.

Thank you for reading my Curly Girl Method Step in 10 

Thank you for reading my Curly Girl Method Step in 10  Pinterest image


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