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How to cut mens hair at home

So how do you use clippers for men’s hair? This is how to cut mens hair at home a simple step by step guide.

How to cut mens hair at home? If you are stuck at home and you don’t want to know how to cut hair with clippers like a number one all over, you can use this guide to blend it in and fade it to make it look less harsh.

Cutting hair at home can be hard to do but if you can’t get to the hairdressers or barbers you may want to try it yourself. Lets look at how to cut hair at home with the help of some clippers and a video tutorial.

If you want to do a number one hair cut or a number two hair cut at home you would only need one clipper foot in that size. If you want to shave all your hair but leave it longer on top you can use a variety of clipper sizes to create a different look.

How to clipper cut mens hair at home

Here are some easy tips for blending in your crew cuts using the clipper foot alone. This may not be the perfect cut but might be better that taking to using a number one all over.

Want to experiment with your hair at home? have you heard of the Curly Girl Method?

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What tools do I need to cut hair at home? 

What do I need to clipper men’s hair at home? You will need a few tools to be able to cut hair at home. 

You can get away with no scissors and do it all with the clippers if you do not have any.

How to cut mens hair at home, Cutting hair  around mens ears
Cutting hair around mens ears

What clipper attachments can I get for my hair clippers?

Clipper attachments come in many different sizes. The bigger the number on the foot the longer the hair will be when cut. The shortest is a number 0 which basically skims the hair. A number 1 is quite hard to blend in to a number 2. I would recommend using a number 2 and up for cutting mens hair at home.

These are the lengths that a clipper attachment will cut the hair to.

  • A Number 1 clipper attachment; cuts hair to the length of 1/8″ of an inch or 3 millimetres
  • A Number 2; cuts hair to the length of 1/4″ of an inch or 6 millimetres
  • A Number 3; cuts hair to the length of 3/8″ of an inch or 10 millimetres
  • A Number 4; cuts hair to the length of 1/2″ of an inch or 13 millimetres
  • A Number 5; cuts hair to the length of 5/8″ of an inch or 16 millimetres
  • A Number 6; cuts hair to the length of 3/4″ of an inch or 19 millimetres
  • A Number 7; cuts hair to the length of 7/8″ of an inch or 22 milimetres
  • A Number 8; cuts hair to the length of 1 inch or 25 milimetres

So if you want your hair to be short on the sides but longer on top you could use a number 3 then use a number 8 on top. Inbetween you could use a 5 to blend it it in.

Tips for cutting mens hair at home

  • If the top of the hair is not too long you can leave this or trim it slightly with scissors.
  • If the hair is very long you can leave it to hang over or cut it short with one of the clipper foots.
  • Use the next size clipper foot to blend. For instance blend a number 2 in to a 3 or 5 in to a 6.

Tutorial Video for cutting mens hair at home number 2 to 4

Here is the full You tube video tutorial on how to cut mens hair at home using clipper feet number 2, 3 and 4. In this video of a clipper hair cut we see how to graduate the hair from a number 2 attachment to a number 4 attachment using clippers only.

Blend a number one in to a number 2 using clippers

This is a video tutorial of a haircut blended from a number one clipper foot attachment up to a number 3 attachment. The hair is left to over hang on top.

This shows the number one clipper foot being used.

Blend the number 1 in to the number 2 using clippers and a comb.

Disclaimer, This is a tutorial for helping you to cut hair only when you are desperate at home. All thoughts and opinions my own. I am a qualified Hairdresser, Barber and Assessor. This tutorial in no way should take the place of a qualified person.

D x

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Monday 18th of May 2020

Amazing Video! Definitely going to give this a try!!

Baby advisor

Tuesday 21st of April 2020

Wow, i will try it. Bit hard but i will try. having stuck at home people can do this type of activity which can be useful.

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