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Interior Furniture Ideas

Favourite Interior Furniture Ideas to brighten up your home

Sometimes you feel like your home needs a little extra something and a lick of paint just won’t do. Here are my favourite Interior Furniture Ideas to instantly brighten up your home. With these ideas you can transform your home in just a few easy ways.

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Take a walk around your home and see what’s empty or lacks interest. Do you have a messy corner that could do with a clear out? Could you just reorganise your home or try a few bigger purchases such as furniture? It may be easier to spread the cost of these larger items by using pay monthly catalogues to enable you to do this is.

Want to go one step further? why not make a big home improvement?

Add a feature to a room

Add a feature to a room and make a new corner space by adding a chair or a simple side table.

Making a reading corner has always been a favourite of mine to update a room interior. A cosy chair table and lamp is all you need to make an interesting corner of your home. Dont forget to put a few of your favourite books on the table too.

I recently tried making an upholstered footstool in Essex, I had been wanting to try some sort of upholstery course for a while. The footstool is bang on trend and chic for todays interior design and a perfect project to ease you in to upholstery and interior design

A new Bed

The bedroom can often be one of the least interesting rooms to decorate and can sometimes get neglected. The bedroom should be a relaxing safe haven and there is no reason why it can’t be interesting as well as modern room too. A new bed will instantly transform your bedroom but there are some even better bedroom interior furniture ideas too. One of my favourite interior furniture ideas for the bedroom is to simply add a new headboard.

Headboards come in all shapes and sizes and can be made in an array of colours and fabrics to instantly update a dark room. Throw on a few new cushions to add some colour and you are ready to relax in your new safe haven.

grey and lilac theme bedroom and velour headboard interior design

Dining Table

The dining room table is a necessity of your home. Food is at the heart of a family and brightening up the space where you eat can be a great feel good idea to update an interior. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a new table but maybe a new dinner service or new place mats may be all you need to add instant colour.

Denby crocery on table


Lights can make a dramatic difference to your interior. You can go with high tech modern lights or even just some minimal lighting changes such a different colour bulb to change a mood. Add a floor standing lamp to a dark corner of a room or a modern lamp to a lonely side table.

Grey table lamp in side table

Picture walls

Photos and paintings add instant interest to your home. You could use your travel photos to add a feature to your home or simply frame a large painting. If you are feeling creative you could even have a go at painting one yourself.

I like to add large pictures in big open spaces it looks need and tidy and adds a splash of colour. Hall ways often have lots of spare wall space which you can add photos or pictures too. There is also lots of space on the walls of your staircase. Even better than just adding frames why not paint the walls a bright or dramatic colour for instant impact.

Add Colour with a Feature Wall or Wallpaper.

Painting a wall freshens up any room but what about using wall paper? Wallpaper can be used to make dramatic feature in your house. Choose one wall in your home to make a feature out of. Add an interesting pattern or something that adds a bit of colour to the room.

This wall paper Muriel was added to a kitchen to instantly brighten up the space.

Thank you for reading my interior ideas, This post was in collaboration all thoughts and opinions are my own.

D x

 kitchen wall Muriel feature wall bright mustard chairs

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 kitchen wall Muriel feature wall bright mustard chairs


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