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Want to add to your saving pot? Discover 5 simple saving tips here

If you’re already working to a tight budget, the idea of being able to save can seem a little extreme. You simply don’t have the means to save, right? All your money is being put towards bills, fees, rent, food and of course, some for your own fun and entertainment. You may be even trying to get your foot on the ladder and want to find some spare cash.

Despite being on a tight budget, there are ways you can save money. In most cases, a complete change of attitude is required in order to pinch every penny and find new ways to save your hard-earned cash. Here we’re going to look at some simple ways you can save money and change your attitude towards your spending habits.

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Open an ISA

Before we go on, have you got an ISA? An ISA is a simple, yet effective way to save money each month and have that money invested for the future. Click here to find out more.

Negotiate new rates (the easy way)

How long have you been putting this off? The good news is that if you’re dreading making that phone call to your utility supplier, you no longer have to worry. Thanks to online comparison sites, you no longer have to do all the chasing. You simply put in your details and your current rates and consumption levels and the website will do it all for you. If you do choose to switch then your new supplier will contact your old one, and you won’t have to do anything – except save money!

No more mid-week trips

We all do it regularly. Head back to the shops later in the week because we’ve either forgotten an ingredient or no longer want to eat the meals we’ve planned. Before we know it, that one thing you went in for has spiraled out of control and you’re stunned at the price at the till. The easiest solution? Avoid those mid-week trips! Stick to your guns and eat the meals you’ve pre-planned if you have to pop in for an extra item, be blinkered and don’t put anything else in your basket! Plan your weekday meals and only buy what you need for dinners and lunches.

Be wary of your mileage

When you’ve got errands to run, it seems logical to spread them out as the week goes on. However, taking one trip into town to complete all your errands is much more economical than several little ones. You’ll save money on gas and reduce the possibility of stopping for lunch somewhere every time you venture to the shops. In fact going out after lunch instead of mid morning will stop you buying snacks when out or popping in the supermarket.

Go out for lunch

If you like to eat out regularly, or you want to treat yourself, consider eating out for lunch rather than dinner. Lunchtime menus are much cheaper than dinner menus, regardless of where you choose to eat. We have many fine dining local restaurants that during the day do a set menu. It is often the same menu but half the price!

Save on your clothing

Fast fashion is killing the environment and our bank balances and if you want to save some money then reducing your clothing spend will certainly help. Instead of binning that blouse that has a button missing, try to get it fixed. Have your boots re-heeled rather than buying new or head to charity shops to see what you can find! I love a vintage shop or a charity shop for a clothing bargain. You can even learn to sew and alter dresses or make them.

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