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Gardening Stickers for Scrapbooking

Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos is sharing her printable sticker project which is cute Free Downloadable Gardeners Stickers for garden-themed crafts. We are so excited about sunny days and getting back into the garden again. We love any time of summer craft and these Gardening stickers are full of all things relating to the garden including wellie boots and watering cans.

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Last year we spent all year on a big garden project, it took so long that by the time we finished summer was over. However, this year will be a year of pottering and planting in the garden a little more. 

But we did create many happy memories, which gave me the idea of creating these gardening stickers for gardening journals and capturing those happy memories in scrapbooking layouts. These are perfect for summer scrapbooking pages and scrapbook projects and you can print them yourself.

Free Printable Gardeners Sticker Template for Cricut Print and cut Gardening themed crafts and scrapbooking-3

How To Download And Print Your Free Downloadable Gardeners Stickers 

What Can My Printable Gardeners Stickers Be Used For?

  • Gardening Day Planner Layouts
  • Bullet Journals
  • Gardeners Journals
  • Gardening Scrapbooking Layouts
  • Cards
  • Themed Gardeners Gifts
  • Vision Boards
  • Gardening crafts or projects with Kids

You Will Need 

( The following are needed only if cutting and printing)

How To Get The Templates For My Free Printable Garders Stickers

Simply click here or the image below to get your free Gardeners stickers and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio. Don’t forget to turn off any pop up blockers.

You will be taken offsite to Extraordinary Chaos to sign up

What Comes In My Printable Gardeners Stickers Download?

2 sheets consisting of 49 gardening-themed stickers in a png and pdf format.

How To Cut Out My Printable Gardening Stickers?

Cut Your Stickers Out By Hand

Use a guillotine to cut each sticker out into squares, or free hand and cut around every sticker individually.

Gardeners planner stickers

Or Alternatively, Cut Your Gardening Stickers As A Print And Cut Project On Your Cricut Machine

Uploading The PNG File

To do this click new project and upload your gardening stickers in the left-hand bar at the bottom.

Click on Upload image and select Browse.

Choose your PNG files; there are two separate sheets, and you will have to do one at a time.

Select a complex file, then continue. The next window allows you the take the back of your file, but I have done this for you.

Select “Save as a print and cut image” and click Save.

Choose your garden sticker sheets and press insert; the images will upload quite large; simply drag the right-hand corner smaller to image size 6.553 by 9.237. This was the largest I managed to get mine to fill more printing area.

You can now send your gardening stickers to print, before cutting on your Cricut. For the glossy sticker paper, I use the printable vinyl sticker setting and find this is perfect to kiss cut the top sticker layer and leave the backing layer intact.

When your sticker sheets are printed the black line around the edge can smudge to avoid touching it. 

Also, I use a standard grip cutting mat and gently apply my sticker sheet by smoothing around the edges. This sticks it to the mat enough, but not too much; thus, it is easier to peel off afterwards; if the mat is too sticky the stick paper can crease when pulling it off the mat.

To weed simply lift away the outer area of the sticker paper.

Free downloadable Gardening themed stickers for crafting and scrapbooking

A Few Useful Tips And Hints For Using Cricut Print And Cut

  • Calibrate your printer before connecting to your Cricut; this will save time and effort.
  • Load your paper the correct way into the printer. Obviously, I know, but I have made that mistake many times.
  • If you use a lot of darker or black ink (darker images) slide the guide rollers to one side to avoid ink smudging.
  • Avoid smudging the black guidelines; they are quite wet when they come out of the printer.

And that’s it, happy gardening-themed scrapbooking and planning.

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