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Christmas Gift of Sleep TEMPUR® Pillow

Give the gift of sleep this Christmas with a TEMPUR® Pillow. It may be just the thing your loved one needs for a good night sleep.

With the Christmas just around the corner you may be wondering what to buy relatives or you may even want to treat yourself. Have you thought of giving the gift of sleep with a TEMPUR® pillow this Christmas?

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With recent unusual events across the world spending time at home has become even more important and valuable than ever. We also spend over a third of our lives at home in bed! However it is not that relaxing if you are not a good sleeper. Why not give the gift of sleep this Christmas to the one you love. It may actually help you sleep too!

There is nothing worse than waking up grotty and tired and trying to go about your day feeling exhausted. Do you know someone who has this problem? A comfortable cushion would be the perfect gift for that very person this Christmas to help them sleep better, longer, deeper.

What’s so special about a TEMPUR® pillow?

TEMPUR® pillows are memory foam, but a memory foam like no other! The formula is a well kept secret and it is the only mattress and pillow officially recognised by NASA for improving quality of life!

TEMPUR® created the material based on a memory foam that was designed by NASA to absorb G force pressure during a space flight. TEMPUR® material is visco-elastic which means both fluid and spring-like this is achieved by many of sensitive open cells existing between a solid and a liquid state. Each Cushion is filled with billions of these micro-cushions that are patented. These visco-elastic cells actively and uniquely mould and adapt to your body.

TEMPUR® Classic Cushion with visco-elastic NASA memory foam
TEMPUR® Material is visco-elastic which means both fluid and spring-like

How can a TEMPUR® cushion help me sleep?

You may think that one of the most obvious things to help you sleep is having a good pillow. But many people suffer aches and pains in the morning or constantly wake up due to being uncomfortable (This was me!) Some people never change their pillows or have pillows that are light and fluffy and unsupportive ( this was my husband! )

I’ve always been a bad sleeper and have gone through bouts of not sleeping on and off throughout my life. I have also always wanted a supportive pillow and I like one that is firm yet soft, TEMPUR® has just this. In fact my husband is also a TEMPUR® convert he has used feather pillows for years and did not realise the way that a memory foam cushion hugs your head much better than feather would do. A TEMPUR® pillow helps you sleep in so many different ways.

How to design a bedroom for your children for work or play?

photo of A TEMPUR® pillow holds its shape and needs no plumping up
A TEMPUR® pillow holds its shape and needs no plumping up

What does a TEMPUR® pillow feel like?

The TEMPUR® Original pillow and the Cloud pillows are different to regular pillows. They feel heavier to hold so not what you expect of a regular pillow. The great thing about this is that it is sturdy. It does not move on the bed, stays put and supports your head and neck in a natural position. No matter how much you toss and turn your pillow will stay in place. You may also only need one cushion as it is far more supportive than a regular cushion. If you love to read in bed they are perfect for supporting your head and shoulders when you read too.

TEMPUR® Memory foam moulds to your head and shoulders. reading in bed with a supportive cushion

How does a memory foam pillow work to help you sleep? 

A memory foam Cushion provides cushioning for your joints and supports your head and neck in a natural position. Memory foam such as the Visco-elastic cells found in TEMPUR® actively mould and adapt to your body staying at a neutral temperature. The foam relieves pressure points and moulds around you softening up under your head. Memory foam pillows such as TEMPUR® pillows also return to their original shape when you move meaning you can move in bed seamlessly and undisturbed. 

The same goes with a TEMPUR® Mattress. The mattress moulds to your body but springs back when you move in to a new position. There are also no springs so movement by a partner in bed is felt far less. This in turn means you are not waking each other up.

What are the other benefits of having a TEMPUR® Pillow?

The TEMPUR® pillows have a removable zipped outer layer cushion cover. This soft fabric cover is washable to keep the pillow staying fresh and clean. The covers of the TEMPUR® pillows can be washed at 60°C. You can also order spare covers or pillow protectors which are washable too. If you are looking to try out a TEMPUR® pillow or mattress they come with a 30 night trial. This means you have total peace of mind that you will get a good nights sleep.

TEMPUR® pillow on a christmas bed and give the gift of sleep

Your Unique Gift of Sleep TEMPUR® Discount Code

Use this unique TEMPUR® discount code TEMPUR3591 should you wish to purchase a gift of sleep TEMPUR® pillow this Christmas.

Using the TEMPUR® discount will give you;

  • Extra £5 off any full sized pillow.
  • Extra £25 off any single sized mattress.
  • Extra £50 off any double+ sized mattress (includes mattresses in outlet)

Discount code is valid until the 26th November 2020

Try these relaxing ways to help yourself sleep better at night

Invest in a new TEMPUR® mattress: If you wake up with aches and pains, your mattress may be keeping you awake. A TEMPUR® mattress is cooler and is designed to help you sleep better for longer.

Invest in a new TEMPUR® pillow. Being comfortable is the most important thing to help you sleep at night.

 Try a Herbal tea can help you relax before bedtime. Teas contains herbs such as Chamomile are known to reduce inflammation and anxiety 

Reading a book can help you relax before bedtime. Wind down by picking a good book to lose yourself in.

Don’t use an electronic gadget or phone in bed. The blue light from a tech devices makes your mind think it’s day time so turn off gadgets before bedtime to let your eyes and mind relax.

Try a healthy bedtime snack or a warm drink this may help induce sleep. 

Exercise can help you relax if you try some stretch exercises of maybe try some pilates to relax your body as well as your mind.

Try some Meditation clear your mind and try some calming exercises which will  help you drift off easier.

Make sure your room is dark by using black out curtains. Hide the light from electrical items such as alarm clocks. 

Try taking a warm shower before you go to bed this can help you relax and unwind.

Have a lighter dinner earlier, sleeping on a full stomach can make you uncomfortable and indigestion can wake you up in the night.

Try some essential oils such as Lavender or tea tree oil are add a few drops of these essential ols to your sheets or try a reed diffuser in your room

De stress before going to bed. Worrying keeps you up at night try writing a list of what is worrying  you so you can’t tackle it the next day. 

Avoid alcohol before bedtime. Alcohol lulls you in to false sense of sleep and you can wake up later feeling anxious.

Check the temperature of the room. Being to hot or too cold does make sleeping harder.

Cut down on caffeine during the day as it can keep you awake at night.

Who deserves the gift of sleep in your family this Christmas ? 

The gift of a brand new comfortable pillow is the perfect gift. If your partner has aches or pains or wakes up uncomfortable in the night the gift of a TEMPUR® pillow might be just the thing they need. I mean who wants more socks for Christmas?

This post is a sponsored post in conjunction with TEMPUR®, but all thoughts are my own.

Thank you for reading the gift of sleep with a TEMPUR® pillow this Christmas.

If you like my snowflake Christmas cushion covers take a look at my snowflake Christmas cut file here.

Give the Gift of sleep this christmas with a TEMPUR® pillow this christmas


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  1. I’ve been waking up with terrible neck pain and referred back pain and I wonder if this could help – it sounds a dream

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