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My Favourite Books Based on True Stories.

True stories that leave me feeling humble and inspired!

I love reading and what I find really interesting are books based on true stories or people’s lives. Historical and biographical fiction based on real people that existed gives an insight in to how they lived. Sadly some of the most horrendous true stories of some people’s lives also make good reading material. Many of these stories are harrowing whilst some are uplifting and thought provoking. I also love getting that little bit of real fact thrown in and I always feel like I have learnt a bit more about real life when I have finished them.

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When I am busy and I cant use my Kindle app I use Audible. I can even do my housework while listening to my favourite books!

So here is a list of books that are based on true stories. 

My Favourite Books Based on True Stories.

The Darling Strumpet by Gillian Bagwell

The darling strumpet is based on the life of Nell Gwynn. Nell Gwynn was the long time mistress of King Charles the II and the first women to grace the stage of the theatre Royal Drury lane. With snippets of London and history throughout you are absorbed into Nells fascinating life in London. From the frivolous Playhouses to some of London’s slums the Darling Strumpet will take you on a tale of Royalty and the Arts. It is one of my favourite biographical reads and although the conversations are largely fiction the events are based on her life and London at the time.

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

Prior to a visit to Amsterdam to visit Anne Franks house I read the diary of a young girl. The diary is one of the saddest  stories I have ever read. The diaries are Written in an Amsterdam attic by Anne whilst her and her family are hiding from the Nazis. It serves as a first hand testament to the lives of these people and what they endured during the war. Her vulnerability in her secret world are evident and so touching as is her relationships with those within. The diary is also a well preserved piece of history and it is a miracle it survived.

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

The tattooist of Auschwitz by heather Morris 

A glimpse in to the lives of the people that endured horrific events at the concentration camp in Auschwitz. This true story of one mans life inside the camp and his means for survival are extrordinary and horrific. The story of  Lale was written by Heather who was commissioned to tell his true tale of being the tattooist during his stay at at one of Polands most notorious concentration camps. The story is full of hope and anguish and is something that will stay with me forever.

A street cat named bob 

A street cat named bob is an autobiography by James Bowen about a cat who saved him from a life in the gutter. James was a busker in London who walked the streets of Covent Garden and took Bob the cat under his wing. This uplifting tale and memoir shows how just how you can change your destiny even if you feel like you are at the bottom of the heap.

This is going to hurt by Adam Kay

The diaries of a junior doctor serve as a insight in to what goes on behind doors in the NHS. Each story is individual some heartbreaking and some funny but all equally true. This book made my laugh out loud and cry with Adams witty humour and honest reality. Written from the actual diaries that Adam wrote whilst training it makes for a fascinating read.

Before we were yours By Lisa Wingate

Before we were yours is based on the true stories of the notorious real life scandal of the Tennessee Children’s home society. Sadly children were kidnapped and sold from all walks of life. Many children even died during a period of around 30 years from 1920’s. In this riveting tale we follow the life of Avery Stafford as she attempts to unravel her families secrets.  A heartbreaking tale giving an insight into what some of these children went through and what evil Georgia Tann covered up. 

The Wild: from lost to found on the Pacific crest trail by Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl’s book the wild is a memoir of her journey across the Pacific trail and finding herself. From packing her rucksack and leaving what’s left of her life behind to a self healing mission to find her soul. Seeking self discovery at just 26 Cheryl story is uplifting and inspiring. 

Still Alice By Lisa Genova

Alice a university lecturer who begins to suffer memory loss. Follow her journey as she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Then you see the effects it has on her life, family and friends. By the end of the book she has her family around her but is unaware of who they are, although she knows she feels very loved. It is a well written book which gives you a true in-site of the effects this terrible condition has on all close around her. This book was written by Lisa’s experience of having a grandmother with this terrible disease .

I hope you enjoyed My Favourite Books Based on True Stories.

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