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Terrible Thames Cruise London

Take a Terrible Thames Cruise in London with the kids and learn about Londons Gory History!

Did you know that there is now a kids river tour in London! The Terrible Thames Cruise tours are a London sightseeing trip with all the fun of horrible histories on board! Whilst viewing the sights of London from the Thames River you are transported back in time by a talented team of actors.

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What children do not love Horrible Histories? It’s perfect for London theatre lovers and history lovers and anyone who like’s a gory story! You will hear stories about the history of London and see where these actually took place! 

Terrible Thames cartoon banner

What is Horrible Histories?

Horrible histories are a series of books for children that makes history come alive! Horrible Histories is designed to make history fun! Instead of boring facts the subjects are often gruesome and gory but funny at the same time.

What is Terrible Thames all about?

Terrible times it’s all about the history of London from the River Thames! Climb on board a boat at the Tower Bridge and cruise along the Thames. It is basically a theatre show and also a cruise tour onboard a ship. A team of two actors a school child and their history teacher tell you stories of people such as King Henry the eighth, Anne Boleyn and even Queen Boudicca! However they will not leave out all the nasty bits!

The whole time you are immersed in a theatre show horrible histories style! Hearing facts about all the famous landmarks and all the famous history points as it happened since London first became Londinium 2000 years ago.

Did you know there was an execution dock on the river Thames? No; well they will show you exactly where it is and what happened there!

Terrible Thames Cast London
Terrible Thames Cast

Where is the Terrible Thames Cruise tour in London?

The Terrible Thames tour is situated just outside St Katherine‘s dock right near Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge Quay is situated on the north bank of the Thames. The pier is approx a 10 minutes walk from Tower Hill Underground station.

The postcode is E1Q 1LD.

The terrible times tour in situ just outside St Katherine‘s dock next to Tower Bridge
The terrible times tour is situated just outside St Katherine‘s dock next to Tower Bridge

How long is the terrible Thames Tour in London?

The Terrible Thames tour takes about 45 minutes cruising along the River Thames from Tower Bridge to the Houses of Parliament and back. There is a one hour turnaround this means children are kept enthralled the whole way through but also learn lots of facts all about London. It is a quick paced and funny show full of information to ensure the children do not get bored.

Where does the Terrible Thames Tour London take you?

You can see below a map of where you will sail on the Terrible Thames cruise tour. You start at Tower bridge and sail past places such as, The Tower or London, HMS Belfast, The Globe theatre, The London eye as well as the Houses of Parliament.

map of where you will sail on the Terrible Thames cruise tour
Map of where you will sail on the Terrible Thames cruise tour

For more London Theatre tripes see my guide to Londons Theatre here.

This was in collaboration with Terrible Thames tours. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Terrible thames London Cruise for kids


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