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Childs Bedroom for Work and Play

How Can I Create a Child’s Bedroom for Work and Play?

Trying to design a Childs Bedroom for Work and Play can be hard if your child’s bedroom is small. When space in your home is limited, or you don’t want children’s items strewn about your living space, you may be considering how to keep everything in your child’s bedroom. However, you may be struggling with how to create a space that will allow them to complete schoolwork, yet also enable them to enjoy times of play. Not only that your childs Bedroom for Work and Play also needs to be relaxing and soothing enough that it promotes a good night’s sleep. By contemplating each aspect included in your child’s bedroom theme and making sure you don’t overcrowd the room, you should be able to achieve the best results.

Choosing the right the Bed frame for kids 

Ultimately, your child’s bedroom exists to help them to get a good night’s sleep, which is vital for them to be able to engage with both work and play. Choosing a  mid sleeper beds for a kids room can help you to increase the amount of storage your child has available to them, without compromising on space.

This is due to the use of some of the vertical space that a higher bed frame will provide which maximises the space you have. 

Not only that, some of these also have desks attached as well as space underneath which can be great for both studying, painting or drawing. The space underneath the frame can be turned into a den extra sleeping area for sleepovers. These midi sleepers are great for creating work and play spaces all in one.

A child’s mid sleeper bed ideal for designing your childs Bedroom for Work and Play
A child’s mid sleeper bed ideal for designing your childs Bedroom for Work and Play

Making homework space in a child’s bedroom 

If you want your child to be able to undertake their studies in their bedroom, you may want to consider the ways that you can enable this. As detailed above, having a desk can help them to write properly, especially when combined with a seat that offers the proper support for their body, and promotes good posture.

Even some of the decorations that you use can help with their learning. Posters that show young children the alphabet, times tables, information on spelling and grammar, or even the periodic table of elements may prove invaluable for learning. They may also be helpful if you want to support your child’s learning, but are not confident in your own knowledge. Consider wall decals on the walls or even maximise the wall space by using a pegboard for even more workspace storage.

Big Ben wall decals on bedroom wall
Consider adding wall decals to your childs bedroom walls

Promoting a play space in your child’s bedroom 

Having space to play in a bedroom can be important for children of all ages, whether that is a young toddler using building blocks, or a teenager playing on a computer. They may opt to have pictures of their chosen hobbies around, as well as favourite books, board games, jigsaws, and even soft toys. Play can help a child to develop their language, skills, and even assist with emotional regulation, so should not be overlooked.

Combining Your childs Bedroom for Work and play within a single room may seem like a challenging feat yet, by considering your budget and the space available to you, it is feasible. This will allow your child to reap the benefits of an education, while still allowing them to be a child and enjoy the fun times that play offers. Using a good bedtime routine can help them to understand when work and play must stop, and that they should stay in bed until morning.


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