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List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety.

List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety. 

Over the years I have suffered with a fair amount of anxiety. Ranging from mild to quite intense. I find this always increases when I have a lot to do.

The problem with anxiety is because you spend so much time worrying its hard to actually get anything done because you can’t switch off. I love being busy and keeping myself occupied so trying to juggle the things I want to do with the things I have to do can become a tedious task. Then my brain get’s in a muddle and I can’t focus on any one thing.

The Benefits of writing lists is evident, It will clear your mind and release you from the burden of constantly thinking about it. Its good for the Brain, It will make you feel more in control and worry less about the tasks at hand. Marking the job as completed is very satisfying. You get a sense of achievement when you see all the little things ticked off.

So lately I’ve taken to writing lists to prioritise and organise my jobs, it’s a great way to organise your thoughts and structure your days.

List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety.


So here is my List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety.

  1. Choose your medium, good old pen and paper? or notes on your phone.
  2. Start your day with your to do list.
  3. First write down everything you need to do.
  4. Then organise these in to the things that take a few minutes and the things that take a lot longer.
  5. Prioritise your list in to what needs doing now and what can be done at a later date.
  6. Leave it out on the side visible all day (can you fit in a 5 minute task?)
  7.  Organise your list in to whats helpful or what will be a massive relief when done.
  8. Use a different colour inks to define the urgency of tasks.
  9. Tick off the jobs when done.
  10. If you wake up in the middle of the night worrying, write in down.
  11. Can’t manage one big task? do a small one and start easy.
  12. If you miss a task add it to the next day.
  13. List what not to do, for instance check email only once or social  media only  after 6pm.
  14. Break down each job, instead of delete all emails delete 20.
  15. If all else fails make your list smaller only do whats important and don’t overwhelm yourself.


I personally struggle with lists on my mobile phone and I one of those people that still has a written diary. I’ve found using a different colour pen in my diary is also very helpful , marking appointments, reminders and birthdays for instance in different colours and using red for urgency. It just looks clearer and is easier at a glance too. I use the Sheaffer pen which can be purchased from the pen shop with different coloured inks and a handy phone stylus too. It a great quality multifunctional pen perfect for popping in your bag and not taking up much space.

List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety. 3 ink pen from sheaffer

Thank you for reading my List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety.

There are many different ways for dealing with anxiety but I find organising your thoughts can be a great help. Thank you for reading.

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List Making Tips to Help Ease Anxiety.




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  1. Sorry to hear you have suffered with anxiety over the years. I am definitely an old fashioned pen and paper girl too, and I find lists really help when I am feeling overwhelmed with life x

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