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Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane

Anyone with Teenagers will know that cereal is almost as important as their healthy five a day! My two boys would live on cereal night and day if given the chance. So when we visited the Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane they were amazed!

Imagine their eyes when they were confronted by Lucky charms and bubblegum milk!


Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane

In one of the most trendy areas of London sits the Cereal Killer Cafe. The walls lined with every imaginable cereal you can find from all over the world. This place is sheer magic and you most definitely feel like a child in a sweetshop (or should I say Cereal shop?)


Cereal Killer Cafe

With so much choice its a big decision! You first choose your Cereal then your milk followed by your topping. You can also choose one of the already designed wacky mixtures like Unicorn Poop! which consists of Ricicles, Party rings, Fluff, Marshmallows and 100’s and 1000’s milk.


brick lane

If cereal is not quite your thing don’t panic, you could always grab yourself a Pop tart or a peanut butter iced coffee! the list is endless.

I quite fancied the Sticky monkey with Banana milk, toffee crisp and toffee sauce!


brick lane

Needless to say the decision making took quite some time! Owen opted for Lucky charms and Bubblegum milk, Darren had the lion king complete with Rolo’s and Harry had Krave chocolate roulette with chocolate milk.

I opted for total overkill on peanut butter and had a peanut butter Pop Tart ( which reminded me of my teenage years ) and a peanut butter iced coffee.


brick lane

The walls are adorned with all sorts from old retro character cereal packets to serial killer portraits made from cereal.


brick lane

And when you go down stairs its 80’s and 90’s paraphernalia galore! Sit on retro chairs and kids single beds, watch cartoon videos ( yes videos ) whilst eating your all day breakfast!


brick lane

It was a total mish mash of retro styling and old cereal memorabilia.



And the best thing is that brick lane has so much to offer you can make a day of it! With Street markets, food stalls, chocolate shops, and amazing street art for fantastic photo back drops.


brick lane

See how cool it is?  even the kids were happy to pose for photos.

London has so much to offer if your stuck for somewhere to snack or the kids are bored, head over to the Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane and enjoy being a kid again.

Its get busy at weekends so be prepared to queue, good news is that whilst you queue plenty of tables become available so not a problem getting seated.

We are so glad we tried this super funky place we would like to try the others too.

Thanks for visiting D x

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Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane


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  1. My teen is a strange human being as he doesn’t eat cereal, but hubby and I often indulge in a bowl at night time lol. This looks such a cool place but I think I would take forever choosing which one to go for x

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