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Here are all the written instructions to make an exploding box out of paper! Use these exploding box instructions to create a treasured keepsake for a loved one. An exploding paper craft box makes the perfect gift for someone who love memories. Fill your paper box with photos quotes and embellishments for a loved one. It is great to give as a gift for a special occasion or just to make for fun.

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All you need for a paper scrapbooking exploding box is a few sheets of 12 x 12 card stock and a bit of time to make the box. Open the lid the box falls open then embellish at your hearts content.


Basic tool kit for exploding box

Glue (acid free, pritt stick is fine)
Black journaling pen
Ink pad (brown or black)
Double sided tape

Card 12 x 12


Card Exploding box instructions

These exploding box instructions show you how to make a box a box by cutting paper and card to size this is an easy way to make it using a ruler or a trimmer. all it takes is a bit of measuring.

For the box you need:

3x 12×12 sheets of cardstock to make the box

For the lid you need: 1x 12×12 sheet of cardstock (though this can be A4 )

We will start off measuring in inches and revert back to centimetres to make it more accurate so double check!

Measure as you go and double check

1. Firstly decide which colour you would like your lid to be and set this aside (you will want this a different colour to your ribbon and not the red as you wont see your hearts)

2. Decide on the colour for the outside bottom of your box and cut this to 10×10 inches,
Cut the next piece 9×9 inches.
And the last piece 8×8 inches.

3. Take your 10 inch piece and score 8.5cm in from each side to create a cross shape.

4. With the 9 inch sheet score 7.5cm in from each side.

5. With the 8 inch piece score 6.6cm in from each side

6. Cut out the corner square out from each sheet and round all of the corners. You should be left with a cross shape.

7. Cut the piece of cardstock set aside for your lid to 16.6 cm square. Score in 4cm from each side. You will have four small scored boxes on the corners; on each corner score these diagonally from the inner corner to the outside corner. Fold all of the score lines and fold the corners inwards and glue with wet glue. Secure this with a paper clip until dry.

8. Taking your smaller square fold all your score lines and cover the centre square with the paper of your choice, affix brad and flower.

9. Fold all of your score lines on the other sheets. Secure the three pieces of cardstock together on the middle square only using double sided sticky tape.

10. You can now decorate your box!
Tip if you cut all of your patterned paper to 3×3 inch squares they will fit nicely on the bigger squares and will only need a bit of trimming on the smaller squares. You will have plenty of cardstock left over to mount your photos and quotes. Punch out your hearts and arrange around your mothers day heart. Put the brad and flower on to the lid before you add the paper and the photo to the inside.
When you’ve finished you can make another one!



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