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Bistro cherito benevista Estepona review

Having just bought out place in Spain we are trying out the local restaurants , it’s really hard finding where to go so I thought for the people who stay in our apartment and for others in the area I thought it would be a good idea to review  them as we go. 

So restaurants , cafés, big , small and the odd day out. 
So first off last night we visited bistro cherito in benevista. I think it’s owned by the same people as the Golden sum Chinese.
First breakfast where we had coffees and English breakfast . 
Full English is €5,95 and was a fair size. Lots of outside tables and seemed pretty busy in the morning with locals. 
I actually had a tuna sand which for a change which was toasted but good .
Orange juice was lovely.

The evening they do a 3 course menu for €13.95 good choice , and we thoroughly enjoyed the Thai curry.
All large portions, nice big fat chips. Lovely prawns . 
The waiter was a lovely fellow very nice and attentive.
4 starters , 5 mains , about 8 drinks , 2 coffees was about €90 euros so not bad.
Downsides as with all the restaurants along this road if you sit outside it’s along a busy road so you hear and see traffic.


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