New holiday clothes and Michael Kors plate thong sandals

Seeing as I was going on holiday I thought I’d get some new holiday clothes  and after a day of sunning myself I popped some on .

This is my first go a clothes photo pics so I had help from my son . I figured I would try some real pictures rather than pictures of clothes piled up, I’m not one for photos of myself but here goes.
It’s still a it chilly in the evening so jeans go down well with a cardi.

I picked up some new bleach wash jeans in next they are so comfy with a high rise. Here
The cardigan is also from next and my favourite summer colour! Here
Micheal kors sandals which I purchased from the MK store in Peurto Banus last time I was here .Seen here
My vest top was from warehouse last year but they do different colours every year and wash well.
Last but not least my Mulberry Effie satchel .
I’m loving the sandels I’d been after a pair or tan thongs for a while . However they had so many colours I could not decide. The foot bed is padded for comfort and they stay well on your feet, and don’t swing around .
Hiding my right toe due it having not quite grown back yet!


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