Oklahoma! Revival Review of the Musical

I went to see the stunning reinvention of Oklahoma!, the musical Rodgers & Hammerstein’s masterpiece and here’s what I thought! Without changing a word of the text and with the same original songs the musical has been reinvented as you have never seen it before. This Oklahoma! Revival Review of the Musical looks at changes made without spoiling the plot!

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I never thought such a classic musical could blow me away; it has been adapted to be Intense, dark and yet sexy keeping you on the edge of your seat! Who would have thought a musical first performed 70 years ago could be so captivating? So if you want Theatre Tickets for this fantastic show take a look at our Oklahoma! Revival Review of the Musical for 2023.

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Oklahoma! Revival Review of the Musical, Everything You Need to Know

This timeless classic, originally composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, continues to captivate audiences with its endearing characters, unforgettable music, and heartwarming story set against the backdrop of the Oklahoma Territory in the early 1900s.

Yet it has been adapted to our modern times with a new set of modern cowboy costumes and funny wit. The stage was transformed into a vibrant world of cowboys, farmers, and love-struck couples with Bud lights and colourful streamers.

What is Oklahoma about?

Oklahoma! is a classic musical set in the Oklahoma Territory in the early 1900s. The story revolves around the romantic entanglements of two couples, Curly McLain and Laurey Williams, and Will Parker and Ado Annie Carnes. The central plot focuses on the blossoming love between Curly, a charming singing cowboy, and Laurey, a headstrong farm girl.

Curly and Laurey face obstacles and misunderstandings, including the intervention of Jud Fry, a menacing hired hand who also vies for Laurey’s affections.

Amidst the romantic turmoil, the musical also explores the broader themes of community, perseverance, and the pursuit of happiness. The characters’ dreams and aspirations become intertwined with the hopes and dreams of a developing nation.

Oklahoma! showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love to overcome obstacles. Through its iconic songs, lively dance numbers, and charming, funny characters, the musical captures the essence of the American West and the indomitable spirit of its people.

Oklahoma! poster on a wall in Londons West-End with cast on the cover

How have they changed Oklahoma! the Musical?

Oklahoma! has been brought into the 21st century using stunning screens, modern on-set filming, interesting compositions and lighting effects. The set is light and airy and the audience are almost part of the stage with bright lighting to include them. There are loud gunshots and, at times very dark, intense scenes which make you hold your breath. Overall the adaptation is well suited to bring a new fresh audience to one of the most classic musical masterpieces of all time.

The New set of Oklahoma! Revival the musical on in London

The Cast of Oklahoma West End Revival Review

The cast was exceptional, delivering stellar performances across the board. The chemistry between the lead actors was exciting and raw and their voices soared through the theatre. The acting was intense, filling the space with powerful emotions. The standout performances by the protagonists, Curly McLain played by Arthur Darvill and Laurey Williams played by Anoushka Lucas, were particularly noteworthy. Their portrayal of young love and their challenges resonated deeply with the audience, evoking laughter, tears, and a strong sense of empathy that brings tears to your eyes.

Whether you’re a fan of musicals or simply seeking an evening of intense acting skills that are still funny yet dark, this production of Oklahoma! is an absolute must-see.

Where is Oklahoma playing in London?

Oklahoma is playing at the Wyndham Theatre in Charing Cross Road, London. It is perfectly central with plenty of places to have a pre-theatre dinner nearby.

Picture of Oklahoma playing at the Wyndham Theatre in Charing Cross Road, London.

What is the running time of Oklahoma in the west -end?

The Oklahoma running time is approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes with a 15-minute interval. The first half is approximately 1 hour and a half and the evening performance finishes at around 10.20 pm.

The cast of Oklahoma! the Musical in the West-End

The Oklahoma! were absolutely outstanding with many of the Cast having done multiple previous West End productions. West End cast of Oklahoma includes;

  • Arthur Darvill as Curly McClain
  • The fantastic Anoushka Lucas as Laurey Williams
  • Liza Sadovy as Aunt Eller
  • Patrick Vaill as Jud Fry
  • Stavros Demetraki as Ali Hakim
  • James Patrick Davis as Will Parker
  • Greg Hicks as Andrew Carnes
  • Rebekah Hinds as Gertie Cummings
  • Georgina Onourah plays Ado Annie
  • The talented Marie-Astrid Mence as the Lead Dancer
  • Raphael Bushay as Mike
  • Phillip Olagoke as Cord Ela

The ensemble feature Andrew Berlin, Arthur Boan, Anna-Maria de Freitas, Brianna Ogunbawo, George Maddison, Finlay Paul, Helen K Wint, Shani Cantor.

The Oklahoma! Musical Songs in the first and second half.

Oklahoma! Act 1 songs:

  • “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'” sung by Curly
  • “The Surrey with the Fringe on Top” sung by Curly, Laurey, and Aunt Eller
  • “Kansas City” sung by Will Parker, Aunt Eller
  • “I Cain’t Say No” sung by Ado Annie
  • “Many a New Day” sung by Laurey
  • “It’s a Scandal! It’s a Outrage!” sung by Ali Hakim
  • “People Will Say We’re in Love” sung by Curly and Laurey
  • “Pore Jud Is Daid” sung by Curly and Jud
  • “Lonely Room” sung by Jud

Oklahoma! Songs Act 2:

  • “Out of My Dreams”/”Dream Ballet” sung by Laurey and Dream Figures
  • “The Farmer and the Cowman” Sung By Andrew Carnes, Aunt Eller, Cord Elam, Curly, Gertie Cummings, Will, Laurey, Ike Skidmore, Ado Annie.
  • “All Er Nuthin'” sung by Will and Ado Annie
  • “People Will Say We’re in Love” (Reprise) sung by Curly and Laurey
  • “Oklahoma” sung by all Company

Oklahoma! is running until Saturday 2nd September 2023.


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