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Mulberry Effie satchel oak spongy pebbled (large) review.

This is my first mulberry purchase! However technically a very good one seeing as most of it was payed for by my husbands points! ( thanks dear! )

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The feeling of owning this little beauty was very exciting still is every time I open the dust bag.

I chose the large Effie  satchel mainly for the colour and size , I wanted a tan bag, and the size is great for the daytime. I can fit long wallet, sunglasses , kindle, cardholder and lots more bits and bobs.

It’s a lovely soft rounded shape which is casual and fun and one which I have enjoyed and will enjoy carrying around. Bought as a summer (and or) holiday bag it’s fitting it’s purpose perfectly, it will be out of the dust bag again soon and being used as soon as the sun comes out.

The spongy oak leather is exactly that! its lovely and soft and does wrinkle slightly with wear, in saying that I do feel it needs protecting and worry that it may easily get scratched, albeit in the 5 months I’ve used the bag it hasn’t .

The bag has been used during the summer and stored in a dust bag for a few months over winter with paper inside to keep it in shape.

I love the fact the inside of the bag is brown and not cream as the Mulberry website still shows, every mulberry shop i saw it in it was brown, so much better than a cream for marking . It did put me off buying it online because i was not sure what colour it would be, but the new Effie satchels are definatly brown.

The under side of the flap is a soft what feels like suede , all of the brass has the distinctive mulberry tree.
The other plus sides for purchasing were the double straps! One long one great for handsfree shopping or travelling and a short handsomely braided strap which is great to grab on the go or carrying by hand or shoulder. Both can be removed I haven’t done this yet as I like the convenience of them both.

I have one gripe about the bag itself the mulberry tree embossed emblem has more or less disappeared I know the leather is soft but it’s hardly noticeable.
My second gripe and not a good one is the price!
Mulberry seems to be bumping up prices £50 to a £100 a bag a year. Scary! 
The Effie is £55 dearer now than when I bought it last year. I not sure who they are marketing to?
 I’m lucky enough to have a lovely home, homes abroad and a decent lifestyle . Mulberry may be outpricing a large portion of the market. I’m not sure this will be my last bag, but the outlet stores and sales may be revisited by me. After all for the price of a leather bag it’s a small holiday with everlasting memories for some people.
Having said that my piece of good old mulberry is, and I’m sure a bag I’ll have for a very long time which is exactly why I bought it in the first place.


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