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A trip to summer hill garden nursery

Last Sunday it was a beautiful day first bit of sunshine for ages, so what do you do? We’ll you follow the hoards of people and plod off to the local garden centre.

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Summerhills on the a127 in Basildon is one of my favourites they always do it up so well.

Stunning displays of indoor plants, but I was interested in some spring colour so I popped outside and spotted these beautiful camellias .

This is jury’s yellow camellia .


This beauty is Japanese desire .


Although I really wanted to purchase one I felt what with the build our gardens took a back seat so maybe when we are nearer to the end and it can have a nice spot where it won’t be moved.


Some people weren’t so impressed with the flowers!

Until we bought him some sweets from the candy bag shop!

Behind is a pretty little heart basket with some primroses I bought whilst there.





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