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{Flag book instructions}

Well here it is the flag book we made at the kit, we had a fabulous day and everyone enjoyed making there book! the papers are gorge! and 56 PHOTOS is incredible, I found some instructions on line there are a few going about, i rewrote mine and have posted them here if any one wants a go at one!


Flag Flip Book – APRIL 2007
bone folder wet glue2 pieces 3-1/2″ x 9-7/8″ (9cm x 25cm) mat board 1 yard flat ribbon 3 Sheets 12 “ x 12” Cardstock
1. First cut the piece of cardstock you wish to use as the spine to 9-7/8” by 9-7/8” ( 25cm by 25cm) Determine the grain direction card spine by holding the paper on the edge. The grain direction can be found by the amount the paper dips down.
2. Fold the book spine in half, working with the grain. Flatten the fold with the bone folder.. Keep folding each fold in half again until you have eight mountain folds and seven valley folds flatten each fold with the bone folder. The width of each fold will be approximately 1/2 inch. It will look like a paper fan when complete.
3. Take first sheet of cardstock you are using for interior, cut this into four 3” x 12” strips, put one strip aside for later, and cut the remaining 3” strips into 2 3/8” (6cm) x 3” rectangles. You will have 15, put one aside, you will only need 14. Do the same for one other sheet of cardstock.
4. From your patterned paper cut two pieces 5” x 12”. Brush glue onto a mat board and position in the center of cover piece. Repeat with the second cover. Use scissors to trim each corner of the covers, leaving about 1/16 inch on each corner this will create a mitered corner.
5. Put glue on the outside edge strips of your folded paper and adhere to the inside of the matt board covers.
6. Use glue to attach ribbon to the inside of each cover.
7. Take four inside pages (two of each colour) stick first one to the top left hand side of the first fold, stick the second one just below the first one on the right hand side of the fold. Stick the third one below this, on the left hand side of the fold, stick the forth one below this on the right. Repeat for every fold, until you have 28 pages, this will make a two way fan shape.
8. With the remaining strips, cut them to 9 3/8” (24cm) long, and adhere to the inside front and back covers.
9. Add photos, decorate your book using quotes and words, inking edges as required. Glue flowers and diamantes to front using wet glue. Punch out any additional flowers.



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