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John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.

As everyone knows this year John Lewis did their Buster the Boxer campaign. It had people talking for months about the delightful boxer that saw the wildlife bouncing on the trampoline out of the window. On Christmas morning the children were delighted with their new bouncy toy but maybe not so delighted that Buster thought it was his. So here we take a look at the John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.

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The John Lewis windows depicted this advert perfectly in the most magical snowscape of wild woodland animals having their own underground Christmas parties. I simply love Christmas and London does the window decorating so well. It used to be a few shops like Selfridges and Harrods but now all of the department stores do it as well as the smaller stores too.



John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.


There is nothing more adorable than a woodland scene. I always used to dream about what the animals used to do in their little burrows.

It reminded me of Brambley Hedge books, where all the mice had their own little homes underground which were all dressed in little outfits having tea.

The attention to detail is fantastic check out the squirrel drinking the champagne swinging from the lights.



We get squirrels in our garden that hang upside down to get the birds fat balls, I love the fact that the squirrels are portrayed as mischievous .

The foxes are getting in to the party spirit pulling crackers while the squirrels are rallying together to steal more food, and yes that is a hedgehog in a martini glass!


John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.


Poor old badgers eyes aren’t so good, think he’s looking up a recipe in the kitchen.



What’s not to love? You could spend hours walking around London just looking at the windows. It is no wonder that I have hardly any Christmas presents yet.



Poor old Buster really wanted to get in on the action and is instantly recognisable peering in to the burrows to see what the woodland creatures are up too.


John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.


It all seems so cosy and full of Christmas delight. Thick snow, Christmas decorations and even squirrels dancing around a disco ball.


John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.


I hope you get the chance to see some of the lovely windows this year. You can take a look at the Selfridges windows here. 

Thank you for reading my John Lewis, Buster the Boxer Christmas Windows.


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  1. Aw love this Donna and I really can’t decide which window display out of John Lewis and Selfridges is my favourite. It must have taken you ages to get these shots when nobody was in your way. I really really want to visit London at Christmas. Everywhere looks so beautiful x

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