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Christmas Jumper Colouring page

FREE printable Christmas Jumper Colouring page. This Winter Colouring page has a wooly hat, snowman sweater, gloves and christmas stocking to colour in. The colouring page is easy to use and is free. Just PRINT and COLOR in these sheets with your favourite pens or pencils. Everybody loves a christmas jumper so why not coloring in your own. We even have a design your own jumper or sweater coloring page too so you can do your own drawing. When you have coloured in this Christmas sweater and woolly hat why not try out Autumn Sweater coloring page too.

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This Christmas Jumper Colouring page pictures make great colouring activities. Use them for planning winter lessons in class and fun art projects in the home. They are perfect for the budding clothes designer!

The coloring page is filled with all things Winter and christmas! Holly, Christmas These are great for Christmas craft activities for kids and adults alike and perfect for Christmas Cards and winter art lessons.

Winter jumper colouring page, stocking, wooly hat, gloves and penguin jumper to colour in

Get the Free Autumn gingerbread wreath SVG and PNG here

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Free Winter Clothes and Christmas Jumper Colouring  Page

Ideas For Using These Christmas Jumper Colouring pages

  • Winter and Christmas sweater Themed Art, colouring
  • Colour in your Winter Clothes Pages in felt tip pen or pencils
  • Print on watercolour paper and use watercolours
  • Make home made Winter banners and Christmas Jumper wall decor
  • Use at home, in school or nurseries
  • Take these Winter Clothes Colouring  Pages on your holiday vacation
  • Use them as a rainy day activity for kids
  • Great for multiple copies of the same picture, as you don’t need to buy duplicates of the same book
  • Use for children birthday party activities and print in bulk
Christmas Sweater coloring page with a stocking, gloves and wolly hat to color in

Coloring in tips for Winter Clothes And Christmas Jumper Colouring Pages

Coloring in tips for Winter Clothes Colouring Pages;

  • When coloring in your winter clothes pages make sure you have fresh pens with no blunt nibs.
  • Test permanent markers or felt tips before to check if they will bleed through the page
  • Sharpen coloring pencils
  • Color in the same direction to keep it neat.
  • Start from the outside of a section and work your way towards the center as you color this will prevent you coloring outside of the lines
  • Keep straight and in line so strokes look neat and tidy
  • Go over again with pencils if you want a darker colour
  • Use lots of different colours
  • Use Winter colours
Christmas coloring page, stocking, gloves, wooly hat and penguin sweater to color in

The Best Tools for Coloring

What are the best tools for coloring in pages? Try some of our favourite tools to get the best results when coloring in your drawing;

How To Get Your Winter Clothes Colouring Pages

Click on the photo below to get your free Winter Clothes Colouring/Coloring downloads in PDF You can either send to the printer or upload to the pc and then print.

You may need make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Winter Coloring page with stocking, gloves, wooly hat and penguin sweater to color in

More Home coloring Autumn and winter Inspiration

If your children love Autumn colouring/coloring and you are looking for a rainy day project try these Autumn themed coloring pages;

Winter Colouring page, colour in your own penguin sweater, wooly hat, gloves and stocking

If You’re Having Problems downloading your coloring page?

Check out our trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

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