Winter Holiday Car Care Tips – Safety in Pandemic

Truth be told: this year has been very difficult for all of us. Now when the holiday season is here. So if you are going to go ahead and travel after looking at the latest government advise this are my Winter Holiday Car Care Tips. It is very important to pay undivided attention to your car before you head out. No one wants to be stuck on the road and you can avoid unfavorable circumstances just by being cautious around few things. The ideal situation would be to avoid large family gatherings but if you really have to go out then a smart action to take is follow these simple tips below for your road safety:

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Not only can they help keep you safe but its also illegal to have poor not functioning or faulty tyres. So you should check your tyres regularly to avoid accidents and also a hefty fine.

Plan your route properly

Research before you plan your destination. Are they in a high tier area? You should try to find out the area you are going to – is it safe? If the location has seen a recent rise in cases, then it is not a wise move to go there as it will trigger your exposure. Keep a safe distance when travelling at al times.

Get a tyre replacement if required

Driving with bad tyres is not at all recommended. Check your tyres before you travel. Many local areas have tyre garages where strict safety protocols are being monitored. Common localities in Scotland – for example, have numerous such places. If you are driving from Dundee or a similar area for instance, you can book your tyres online and get either a mobile fitting or tyre fitting without compromising the safety protocols. Fife Autocentre can help you to book tyres in Dundee and you can ask them for a mobile fitting aswell.

Stay alert during your travelling

It is important to be well-rested before you go out. Drowsiness causes road accidents and a good night’s sleep will help you concentrate on the road better. Being alert on the road can save you from any dangerous turns. Take sufficient stops at regular intervals.

Vehicle safety 

You should check your car lights and other aspects like mirrors, brakes, wheel alignment and engine efficiency. Most of the times we take these things for granted and they can trigger problems on the road if they are overlooked.

Check the weather

Check the weather before you travel, Icy roads can be treacherous and can add to travel disruption. Make sure you have checked your tyres!

Travelling abroad during a pandemic?

Check the government website for the latest travel advise to each country. It is changing all of the time. If you are planning on taking your car and driving to Spain for instance you will need to do your homework and research first.

Thank you for reading my Winter Holiday Car Care Tips.


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